Back blogging again! ITV 60 Minute Makeover saga and Catherine Gee! (I also review Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, reveal how Madonna’s MDNA sales have slumped… but is it a problem? & Paloma Faith returns! Also my Random Irritations of the week.

Well, hello!

I feel I must somewhat give reasoning behind my impromptu absence for the past 4 weeks (yes FOUR weeks since my last visual communication with you all!) my most lengthy blog writing break to date. 2 whole weeks of illness (which I eventually established the cure to be Manuka Honey and Lemon thanks to my favourite radio presenter Steve Allen coming up with the idea on LBC 97.3) which I’m still addicted to 3-4 weeks on, but purely for the pleasurable effect it has on my taste buds. Unfortunately, the downside is that it doesn’t have a positive effect on my wallet coming in at an astounding price of £12 per jar!!! Though at least I learnt a lot about the stuff during the process. Anyway, 2 weeks of illness, followed by a week of recuperating and having no time whatsoever, and then of course last week was Easter… of which I hope you all had a good one! My house is still filled with Chocolate rabbits, Easter cake and Cream eggs… though I’m not complaining of course! I must commend the supermarkets specifically ASDA for how promptly they have disposed of their Easter eggs, it seems they haven’t even bothered to reduce them, just simply disposed of them… let’s hope it is just a case of a bunch of early birds catching the worm so to speak in obtaining some cheap eggs for 20 pence or so, rather than them all going to waste… especially when the majority of the eggs are 50% packaging!

I digress, and it is brilliant to be back to usual and getting the chance to do some blogging again. Thank you very much for everybody’s support on my other writing project which is at Published World which I have still forced myself to do on a weekly basis, and you can get a link at the top right hand corner of the page to give it a read if you haven’t done so already. 

There has been so much media occurrences I could have commented on during the last 3 weeks to boot! I’m not going to chat on about The Voice on Britain’s got talent too much on this blog either, as to be frank I’m sick of reading articles on them now as I’m sure you are. Lot’s to get through this week so let’s jolly well get on with it, and once again it is brilliant to be back… though I am feeling a little rusty, maybe that WD40 which has been hanging around under my kitchen sink could finally come to a good use?

Random irritations of the week:

It’s the popular part of my weekly ramblings were no celebrity wants to see themselves. I declare who has really got on my goat this week and just who are my random irritations!

Dominated by the North! BBC Breakfast to start a slow decline.

<<< Is it just me that thinks that is the most irritating picture ever? All smiles yet no substance, and unfortunately the same can be said for the programme. BBC Breakfast has this week moved to Salford and it’s diabolical! The show has turned into a North West guest dominated affair which now seems to lack any form of significance in a morning, talk about a bad decision! Boring Bill and Susanna seemed a little nervous on their first show, probably knowing that it is the start of a slow decline. I’m a media lover, but am I excited about this? No! It oozes cheapness and budget cuts, and I know one of the people who is working for the show backstage… and if they are employing people like that, then I simply WISH it to fail!

Holly... Where Art Thou?

It seems I am not the only one to notice the astonishing editing (or lack of in Miss Willoughby’s case) on BBC’S The Voice. It is no secret that she is being paid a six figure salary, yet only appeared on last weeks show for a duration of just over a minute, unbelievable! In all fairness the show isn’t bad and far outweighs anything ITV have managed to create, but the show could certainly do with some polish here and there, getting rid of anybody who is surplus to requirements may be a good start!

Katie ends contract with Sky... there is a god!

Despite my major dislike of Ms Price, I have to admit she has to be admired! She certainly doesn’t give up does she? Either that or she just likes flaunting her overly large fake assets in our faces. Her latest venture is a column in the ghastly Sun on Sunday, which between you and me I certainly don’t think she writes it herself! Anyway the latest goings on is that she has ended her Sky Living contract, since the disastrous ratings of her show last year… there is a god! Let’s hope no other channel are stupid enough to sign her up, though I am worried about Channel 5…

Gabby is well missed on Channel 5!

As much as I admire Channel 5 for their “wild” programming commissions, letting Gabby Logan go from her morning chat show “Live with Gabby” is quite simply a mistake. She was refreshing, energetic and a professional… quite unusual for a sports presenter and I liked her! She has been given the chop, owing to her Olympic commitments at the BBC… who has replaced her? Mylenne Klass, Jenny Frost and Kaye Adams… dull!

60 Minute Makeover saga and Catherine Gee!

60 Minute Makeover presenter Catherine Gee is an asset... so who cares about the personal life?

Last year 60 Minute Makeover returned to our screens with a brand new presenter, former Escape to the country, Through the Keyhole and No place like home star Catherine Gee. As a former Estate Agent herself and her mount of television experience, it seemed only right that she would be the new face of the show… following a series of a voice-over rather than a face!

She isn’t the typical presenter you would imagine, but I can safely say she is my favourite, a television gem. She is professional, she’s well spoken and comes across as somebody who has more genuinity than pretty much any other smiley faced faked presenter thinkable. The trouble is with the programme is its time slot, it’s a slot which is only going to be viewed by people out of work or possibly on a quick-lunch break, thus no full concentration is needed. It is perfected daytime television for sure, however is it claiming its full potential as a programme? Unfortunately not. Catherine Gee doesn’t have enough mass appeal, she’s far too well spoken for the everyday lout who has nothing better to do other than watch daytime TV, for the record I tend to pop the show on my Sky Plus to watch in the evenings, hopefully as many workaholics do!!! The shows format has remained the same over the years (aside from they no longer do bathrooms!) and the only change made is the presenter and a few of the designers. The show feels as fresh as ever, and aside from a few too many sob stories is an excellent past time.

When the show relaunched last year I did one or two blogs on the show and a discussion of Catherine Gee and a few simple observations, and it seems since the show has returned to our screens those blogs are getting hundreds upon hundreds of views all asking the same question.

“Does Catherine Gee have anorexia?”

is the main question, however others such as “Is she pregnant?” have appeared of late.

I had a rather abrupt message from somebody last week called Debroah Smith who had read my blog on 60 Minute Makeover, asking the question of basically “Who am I?!” well Debroah, for the record publicly, I am a rather successful showbiz blogger, journalist and writer who has been commended for his work by many top journalists in numerous publications. Clearly far superior for you to be reading my work anyway!

I digress, and the observation field has been in full force as it seems we are all interested in the personal lives of TV personalities and the everyday celebrity. I of course shall admit that I read article after article on many a person’s love life on an almost daily basis or even the personal life in general… but should it be the case for all media personalities to remain private? Well, another reason why I admire and commend Catherine Gee is that we hardly know a single thing about her and she hardly does a public interview!!! Good for her I say, and if you’re reading this Catherine, again you are an utter asset to our screens for all the right reasons… to have a presenter with sheer class and sophistication, rather than somebody who would prefer to show off their assets (such as Susanna Reid) is certainly an unusual occurrence in today’s fickle television world.

It is a natural reaction for us to gain an opinion of somebody, just one of those funny things in life and one thing I for one identified last year with Catherine Gee and indeed thousands of you reading this, specifically in relation to her weight. For me she does look uncomfortably thin, too thin for comfort… a possible result of an anorexic past condition? Quite possibly, but do we have a right to know? Certainly not! Though of course for us casually glancing at our televisions whilst we are munching through our daily calorie intake, it isn’t the most pleasantest of sights is it? But, there again none of our business. Should we even be discussing the issue? Should it be on our radar? She’s on the television to present the programme, and that she does more than adequately. She may be naturally thin, but then again maybe not… who knows? Just an observation! Another observation for the public record would be that yes, in a recent episode she seemed to be pregnant… maybe she was, or maybe it was a trick of the light? Television never flatters after all, or maybe just simply her pullover needed pulling down somewhat. It is important to remember the series isn’t broadcast in the order it was filmed, that is the case on every pre-recorded television show… so maybe we shall notice again in a few weeks time. Another observation would be the fact she is no longer wearing a wedding ring, seemingly she was last year… isn’t it strange how many things we can identify?

I must say Catherine is doing an even better job than she did last year in terms of presenting, this time round she just seems to be showcasing more of her elegant personality and even has a bit more to say! Keep it up Catherine, you are a truly superior presenter, of which we need more of, you’re in a minority. Yes, she’s well spoken and for that it can only be admired further. She may lack the general appeal, and some may brand her an irritant (I do wish though she wouldn’t’ try to shout in a room over the sound of a drill!) but what I brand her is an excellent television presenter with an image and personality of which you don’t see in anyone else. If anyone has any complaints then maybe the likes of Christine Bleakley or Jenny Powell are more your cup of tea, though that kind of presenter we see far too much of!

60 minute Makeover continues every weekday with Catherine Gee on ITV 1.

Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch is a step up from its predecessor!

The show stacks up to be a good one... but where's Louise?

I may be a little late in declaring my thoughts of Channel 4’s reincarnation of the BBC’S Something to the weekend owing to my 4 week absence, however I can simply say that it is a step up to that of the BBC’S efforts.

When the BBC announced that it had axed Something for the Weekend, it prompted nothing but outrage by devoted fans through Facebook and Twitter and even celebrities got involved. One of the worst decisions in BBC history… for Sunday morning television, Something for the Weekend was better than paracetamol! What was clear though towards the final stages of SFTW, was that it needed updating, the format wasn’t broken but visually it needed at the very least a minor spruce up. Don’t get me wrong it was far from perfect, never running on time, the presenting skills by Tim Lovejoy and Louise Redknapp were appalling and some of the shows features were nothing short of embarrassing, but it worked!

Shortly after the show announced it was to end Channel 4 wasted no time in buying the shows format, thus keeping Tim and Simon, however for Louise Redknapp her time as a presenter was finally put out of its misery (though she was somewhat likeable wasn’t she?) the NEW Channel 4 show “Sunday Brunch”  is now in its fourth week and already its clear that it’s a vast improvement on its predecessor. Visually pleasing, more polished and it basically just seems to work. The lack of a female presence on the presenting team, however is noticeable… which leaves me wondering exactly why Channel 4 didn’t at least bring on Louise or the far superior Amanda Byram who proved herself perfect during her guest stint on the BBC show when Louise wasn’t on air (most weeks!) Tim and Simon’s friendship is clearly a real one, though the OTT laddish approach and outlook does become somewhat draining after half an hour, with numerous mentions to football and sports every microsecond… which is ever so tedious as I simply ask the question as to why Tim Lovejoy ever left Soccer FM on Sky 1 in the first place? I bet he regrets it now!!! Simon Rimmer’s multitasking of presenting and cooking works quite well, though the strange arrangements of moving from one side of the studio to another whilst in camera shot is amateur to say the least.

To be perfectly honest I’m quite impressed how the shows format has managed to ever so elegantly change so easily into the new surroundings and way of doing things at Channel 4. It may be the same production team backstage but it all seems a lot more relaxed and free than the BBC show which had ended up a little stiff during its last few months. Of course some things haven’t changed, such as Tim Lovejoy’s arrogance and blatant ignorance. Whilst feature wise, the new wine tasting segment doesn’t come close to Wayne’s cocktails on Something for the weekend and the trends woman is utterly ridiculous. In general though it all comes together quite nicely such as one of Simon Rimmer’s strange but wonderful concocted recipe’s. Sunday morning TV as it should be (just with adverts!)

Madonna’s MDNA sales slump isn’t a problem.

Sales of her twelfth studio album slump in America.

I’m quite frankly sick of hearing negativity surrounding Madonna and her latest number ONE selling album “MDNA” which happens to be her twelfth studio album overall. Madonna is one of those people who has had an astounding career since her début in the 80’s. I have recently just listened to her entire discography, album by album and if you do the same, you shall soon discover exactly why Madonna is the face of the music industry without a single question or mutter.

Yes, she has had a certain varied career with numerous highs and just as many lows… (Erotica anybody?) but whatever era of her career over the years she has managed to gain people’s attention in ways other people would dream of. Her latest album has been controversial by title. the music videos associated with it, though whatever criticism Madonna quite rightly so sticks up her middle finger to the haters. She is proof that she can sell albums on her name alone.

Her latest studio effort broke iTunes records, UK Chart history records and became number one in so many countries with very little promotion… leading to prove that Madonna can sell records (let alone tours) by simply ever letter equating to her name. Yes, her sales figures dipped here in the UK for the second week thus meaning she dropped to 7 in the UK charts, and the latest statistics reveal that something similar shall happen in America, making her break another record of one of the biggest sales dips on the US Music charts. But at the end of the day, shall Madonna be bothered by this? Certainly not! A tour is upcoming and without a doubt it shall break her own record from her last tour in 2009. For an age of 53 she is doing things other artists could only dream of and that is something to commend… yes the album hasn’t been promoted right, but let’s just embrace each era as it comes… this is Madonna were talking about, though I do wish she would give up the films!

Paloma Faith Picks up the pieces in new single!

New single has a cinematic quality...

Sticking on the music scene this week, and I thought it would be wrong not to mention the astounding new single from one of our UK’S most underrated artists… Paloma Faith! She oozes individuality and character like no other, the artwork for the single as pictured above hasn’t been touched by any form of computer and it is clear that for her upcoming second album Paloma is taking her career to new levels.

Her new single Picking up the pieces is full of a cinematic vintage quality which only Paloma herself could create so stunningly, the video which is linked below shares some form of Downton Abbey inspired scary theme, and it just adds to the songs uniqueness in today’s charts… one to watch!

The video for her new single can be seen below:

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Blog update: The week of the “New iPad” and queues! I discuss my despair at Royal Mail & Parcel Force & also “That’s Entertainment”, a company which is reliable and affordable! Topic Wise: – Katie Price wins Celebrity mum of the year, Sian Williams leaves BBC Breakfast & The Apprentice returns on BBC One!

Another week draws to its natural conclusion!

For me, this week has been a long one! I didn’t think we would ever reach Friday, talking of which it seems that Friday’s at the moment are my new days of blogging, which is all very nice as by the time you first see this it shall be Saturday so at least you have a good weekend read at hand! The big buzz this week of course has been the iPad 3 launch for all us gadget lovers, or as Apple themselves are branding it, simply “The new iPad!” I myself, possibly ashamedly am upgrading to the new model, must have toy, however I’m perfectly happy to wait for a week or two. Who on earth are these silly idiots who queue for hours on end in front of the shops in tents? One woman in London reportedly paid somebody £300 to jump 14 places in the queue! Ridiculous and downright despicable. Of course, if it’s your own money you can do what you please with it, however to pay to jump a queue is just jaw dropping.

I think some people rather simply just need to get a life, I mean honestly… queueing more than 24 hours for a device which shall be out of date in 12 months is more than bloody outrageous! Just to annoy, I would have simply sold it to everybody first, who had the common sense to order from home from the comfort of the computer! Anyway whenever I get mine it shall be business as usual, isn’t it funny how everybody flocks to something as desirable as the new iPad when it is supposed to be stretched financial times? The highest price of the new iPad is £659 which doesn’t include any form of accessories (which of course you need!) so clearly we are all a wealthy bunch, that or we embrace debt. Still, I have no room to talk as I’m one of those that must constantly upgrade to the latest and greatest or else I feel immensely sick to the stomach… which of course isn’t a good thing really is it?

All that aside, without a doubt it is the best gadget of its sort on the market at the moment and once I have it firmly gripped in my hands, the happier I for one shall be… again, sad really isn’t it?

Oh it’s Mother’s day this week isn’t it? Hopefully we have all bought something of interest for our beloved parent. I have, although it unfortunately hasn’t arrived. Well, I bought 3 things and just the one has arrived… meaning that there is one more chance that the blasted things shall be delivered in tomorrow’s post. I’m sick to the back teeth of Royal Mail. If anybody ever wanted to know of a company that needs the strongest kick in its proverbial backside, it would be them. It’s a very easy concept… you buy something, the seller wraps it up and puts it in some form of jiffy bag, they then take it to the post office… then all what needs to be done is the parcel going through the sorting system, transported to the appropriate branch/area then eventually delivered to the recipient. How hard can it be? Clearly for Royal Mail, impossible! I have had around 5 parcels this month alone which have disappeared into thin air, it’s an absolute joke, either that or it takes around 3 months for a 3-4 day delivery. So my dear mum, I have ordered you some very nice hand crafted pieces of jewellery, but unfortunately you shall only be seeing them depending on if Royal Mail have followed the easy steps of the delivery process… a simple joke!

That may be the case, however it ISN’T just Royal Mail. I recently ordered a parcel which wasn’t even delivered to my house or a neighbour, but somebody on an entirely different street! Now the street where I live has a similar name to an adjoining one, so yes from time to time you may expect a little confusion, however the utter IDIOTS at Parcel Force didn’t even deliver it to the same house number on the other street! Good job the person who did get my parcel was decent enough to admit possession of it, good lord what is this country coming to!

I feel I should mention a company which I am ADDICTED to at the moment, an online retailer and high street retailer called “That’s Entertainment!” just tremendous. 99% of their stock is second-hand but either in “excellent” or “Very good” condition. You can buy CD’S and Blu Rays from them for as little as 0.99 and even with free delivery! Friendly customer service should there be any problems and just overall a pleasure to purchase from. They shall be having plenty more custom from myself, so do yourself give them a try… you won’t be disappointed! A company which I’m sure won’t be turning up on Anne Robinson’s Watchdog anytime soon!

[VISIT THEIR WEBSITE HERE – That’s Entertainment!]

Random irritations of the week:

It’s the popular part of my weekly ramblings were no celebrity wants to see themselves. I declare who has really got on my goat this week and just who are my random irritations!

The fact is... they can't sing!

JLS really are commercial rubbish aren’t they? I’m sick of seeing “Teasing images” in the papers of the lads upcoming UK tour. It looks set to be all stunts, dance and basically quite naff as they are all swinging around, basically hiding and avoiding from the fact it is supposed to be a SINGING concert and the fact they CAN’T sing! A complete charade. They are even trying to drum up interest by sharing the fact band member Aston was hospitalised due to injuring himself whilst practising a stunt… simply why bother?

Is there anything she won't do?

This is the SECOND time Miss Vorderman has made my random irritation list and this week she has out done herself! She filmed an episode of Piers Morgan’s life stories (to be broadcast soon) and revealed how she felt “pushed out” of Channel 4’s Countdown after they were looking for someone younger and she didn’t think. Really Carol? The fact is my love, is that you were getting £4000 per episode! Who honestly gives a four x? This aside from the fact she was pictured at the Cheltenham festival looking like nothing else other than a tart. Just what has happened to her? The mature and elegant numbers girl from Countdown, turned into a general slapper! Go away!

It's only a storyline!

I’m absolutely sick of hearing about the Coronation Street murder plot. I honestly could not give a monkey’s. Anyone would think it is real life. I used to be an avid fan as an out-and-out Mancunian, but the storylines have gone from DIRE to diabolical. The producers have even had advice from the real Greater Manchester police, so it can be as accurate as possible. Such a shame GMP have nothing better to do! It’s a fictitious soap opera, and a rather naff one at that!

Bring on the plotline!

Never has there been a worse actress, other than that of Eastenders’ Cheryl Fergison (A.K.A. Heather!) Finally, her dire acting is put out of its misery next week when she gets murdered in a high-profile storyline which I’m sure shall blow Corrie out of the water! Eastenders need to get a grip and sack their rubbish cast members, because it really is spoiling those that deserve further recognition.

Katie Price wins “Celebrity mum of the year!” How

A worthy winner? I think not!

Can somebody, and I mean anybody explain to me how on earth Katie Price managed to achieve such an award such as

“Celebrity Mum of the year?”

Stacey Solomon was of course dropped from the competition, and quite rightly so, and yes ok Katie Price has and is a lot quieter in recent times… but mum of the year? Surely not. These days, the former glamour girl as she is always so regularly referred to brands herself as a business woman and author. Unfortunately she is neither and no matter how much she tries, she always manages to look cheaper and cheaper with every public appearance. A column in the failed Sun on Sunday isn’t even enough to brand this woman a success story. She oozes cheap and tackiness and she goes through more blokes than I have had jam tarts! “Tart” being quite apt I would have thought… far better than a flan!

She has been through 2 very highly publicised relationships, and now ever her third one with the foreign broke is looking questionable to say the very least. Now, maybe we can’t hold that against her, everybody has the odd failed relationship, however Katie’s career has relied heavily on her selling her private life to the newspapers and she is now trying to keep her third relationship somewhat private, which is fair enough… but really she shouldn’t be allowed too! Owing to the fact she has dominated the showbiz papers over the years, she simply and suddenly cannot just push the media circle out of her life, it just isn’t going to happen… but worse than that it seems no one these days is interested in her.

The newspapers rarely feature her any more, not because she has grown up overly in her attitude or she has suddenly turned into a media favourite… but quite simply as she is looked upon as a “has been” and somebody whose media career has flopped dramatically, thus now attempting to forge a career as a writer. Her new column is laughable and her last TV show “Signed by Katie Price” was one of the biggest televised flops of 2011, with hardly any viewers and the winner of the show recently hitting out at Katie in the media for breaking all promises and stating that her career has gone nowhere, the show got panned and it just went to prove that Katie Price’s fan base is hanging on by a thread of the very thinnest. In fact the show was that bad, it oozed desperation and had “last attempt” written all over it. Yet any fans of hers, do not fear as she is returning her reality show exclusively to Sky very soon… but the big question is, shall anybody watch?

It isn’t just a case of Katie having had relationship after relationship, but the fact is they weren’t (I presume) just for the cameras. Peter Andre and Alex Reid during their times together where a real couple. Katie welcomed them into her home, introduced them to her children and thus playing a fatherly figure in their lives to boot, so to one minute for example Alex Reid to be in her children’s lives, only then suddenly not to be may be an occurrence for the stereotypical Jeremy Kyle wannabe, but it’s hardly a prime example of how to live is it? How on earth can she be a celebrity mum of the year? Her children have grown up forced with cameras following their every move, up to a point where I wouldn’t rule out one of her own children suing her in future years!

When looking at the facts how on earth can she be mother of the year? Along with the fact she hasn’t been a celebrity over the last 12 months, there is just no foundation as to why she deserves the title, not even come top 5.

It is just another prime example of how the media is incredibly influential in portraying these so-called celebrities who believe they are incredibly clever and amazing role models, when the fact is they are far from it… but the worrying thing is, many look up to and aspire to be of the same calibre as Katie Price… and of course as we all know, they don’t need to look up to being much of a calibre should they wish to be her!

Sian Williams leaves BBC Breakfast with a tear or 2!

Sian Williams leaves Breakfast after 11 years!

The end of an era! Sian Williams said goodbye for the final time on BBC Breakfast this week after deciding (quite rightly so) that she didn’t want to move over to The BBC’S new playground at Media city in Salford. As a result of her decision, ex stand in presenter Susanna Reid shall be taking over full-time.

Sian unfortunately couldn’t help but shed a tear or two on her final appearance as numerous emails and even a poem were read out as she bowed out from the long running breakfast programme.

Ending her stint on the programme she said:

‘Thank you to the viewers for being loyal and passionate and caring about the programme and I’ve had two babies on this sofa – not literally, you know what I mean. You’ve been such a wonderful audience, thank you very, very much, I will miss you hugely.’

Overall it is a tremendous shame that effectively Sian was pushed out by BBC bosses. They simply did not seem to understand the fact that relocating to Salford wasn’t as easy as just packing up a suitcase and jumping on the motorway. Their lives, friends and more importantly families are more than likely going to be around the area in which they live, then of course there are children to think about and schooling arrangements to be altered and that is something Sian didn’t wish to endure, and for that I say good on her! Because, let’s be honest financially she shall now, be far worse off than what she has been owing to her decision. Susanna shall not even be relocating to Salford, instead coming in on the train EVERY DAY, which in a way has to be commended… but is it practical? Certainly not! Ludicrous and eventually it shall have an exhausting effect on her. The BBC are incredibly deluded in thinking this was a good idea, statistically around 55% of staff DIDN’T and HAVEN’T relocated to Salford, and thus now the BBC are trying to find replacements. Don’t get me wrong this is one of the best things to happen to the Salford area in its history but the practicality of the whole shoddy affair as I have said previously is just simply non-existent for staff and indeed for any form of celebrity guests, the heart of our country is London and LONDON is where the BBC should be prioritising itself.

The British Broaadcasting Cooperation were supposedly going to axe local BBC Radio stations, yet invest more in the local counties! How on earth does that make sense? Maybe if the BBC got a grip of their finances and stopped wasting their money on naff programming and having numerous departments for everything then we all may have some restored faith in the organisation which truly is a shadow of its former self!

Sian Williams shall continue to be contracted with the BBC presenting on radio and the Olympics coverage, she has denied all rumours that she is to join ITV’S Daybreak… good lord that would ruin her career wouldn’t it?!

Excited for Apprentice return!

Lord Sugar to return with another 12 wannabes!

If there’s one show I cannot wait for its that of BBC’S Apprentice. Lord Sugar shall be returning with another 12 hopefuls (one being a wrestler!) and according to the recent press launch of the show it is going to be the best series yet!

Luckily, Nick Hewer shall be returning, despite him now being the main anchor of Channel 4’s long running and established game show that is Countdown. Karen Brady shall also be returning, and since her arrival to the show a couple of years ago we can now deem her to be the female face of the programme after Margaret’s departure to focus on studies. The series in an excellent insight into the world of business and is brilliant for some jaw dropping moments with the confidence that some of these contestants have, some deluded and some spot on. Despite my favourable view of the programme it is a little unsettling to know that NONE of the former winners of the show are now working for Lord Sugar. Some have left on their own accord, Yasmin from a few series ago left recently owing to permanent maternity leave and 2010’s winner Stella English is currently in a legal dispute with Lord Sugar over her axing. Is the show all front? I sincerley hope not, I do hope the prize is real and that this now long running BBC gem of a programme cannot be simply deemed as just another reality show, as that would be a shame, a true shame. Last series the shows prize altered slightly, with instead a job working for Sugar as the prize it was a financial investment and one which for last years winner Tom seems to be paying off.

His new “S” shaped nail file has been branded as “fantastic” by some consumers and business leaders and I believe is on sale now in stores such as Superdrug. Maybe that prize is a better one after all?

Whether it be a charade or otherwise, it is unquestionably addictive viewing and pretty much television at its best. I for one cannot wait for it to return and I shall become overly obsessed with it in approximately one weeks time!

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Blog update: Back with a boombox! I discuss Pauline Quirke and her weight loss, has her personality gone with the pounds? I also bring my Random irritations of the week. Topic wise: – Sally Bercow and Matthew Wright AXED as columnists from the Daily Star Sunday, Alesha Dixon set to takeover from Kelly Rowland on X Factor, Should Robin Gibb keep his battle with cancer more private? & The world goes mad for Madonna!


yes, it’s me Matt! How are you all doing?! I ask on the basis of feeling that I am having to reintroduce myself to the blogging world after my absence last week, and even this weeks instalment is late! My beliefs that I am good at time management has clearly been put into question, or it could just be the fact that people in my life and my humble abode is as made as a box of frogs! Either way I’m back and it’s indeed a pleasure!

Well I’m wide awake, owing to the fact I have been up since 5am on a Saturday morning! Yes, believe me that time really does exist at a weekend, I have had 2 consecutive weeks of experience as last Sunday I was up at 5 also! Madness. Considering I’m having extended days here, there and everywhere I’m still feeling that I’m not getting much done. My Published World blog is resuming on a weekly basis (every Monday if you’re interested!) and I’m afraid I haven’t even had time over the last week to resume working on my new column site, but don’t worry I promise you all that it shall have launched by Christmas 2012! Or at this rate maybe not. My Wednesday’s resume on being tied up with my radio course, which I am thoroughly enjoying though I cannot wait to get on air and starting a conversation with all my lovely listeners, the sooner the better, then the happier I at least shall be. I have been that busy I feel that I have even somewhat abandoned my dear Twitter account, just simply shambolic! I am trying to fulfil promises that I shall resume, so I promise to make those 140 characters a priority!

I now have yet another hair colour to add to my backlog of “different looks” this time it’s some form of weird metallic brown colour, though I have to say I am very impressed with it. I haven’t got the time to post a pic of proof I’m afraid though do keep an eye on my twitter profile (@mattmediamyster)

Anyway besides getting up at 5am on the basis that I set myself the goal of wanting to get some writing done today, I also was forced owing to the fact I was waiting for a courier, and my parcel has indeed come and it weighs a ton! I adore my music, and do consider myself a wannabe DJ, thus I have invested in a rather swanky modernised Boombox (based on those iconic machines from the 70’s/80’s!) courtesy of TDK, and it is absolutely amazing, sound quality and visually… just stunning, a music lovers gem. Needless to say I shall have hours upon hours of entertainment with it, whilst I’m sure the neighbours won’t approve! Owing to the fact Boomboxes are stereotypically supposed to be carried around with you on the public streets… it might even be a case that my dear town and indeed Greater Manchester are no longer safe and shall have to invest in some form of sound proofing or padding. Better than those irritants that sit on the back of buses with their mobile music speakers on loud though, I could certainly blast them all out now!

Who would have believed we are in mid March already? Unbelievable! Not that I’m complaining, and television wise there are lots of essential programming you would be a fool to miss over the coming weeks, I must ask the question to all ITV executives to just when 60 Minute Makeover is returning to our screens? I believe it is only a few weeks away, but good lord I was obsessed with that show back in 2011, for no other reason other than the delightfully elegant Catherine Gee, who must be one of the most under appreciated television presenters to ever been in existence. BBC’S Watchdog consumer programme returns next week and also many exciting dramas, so do keep your eyes peeled!

I watched a tremendous programme the other day on DVD with the amazing actress, albeit very much fatter Pauline Quirke and that was “Down To Earth” I absolutely loved it! About her family who ended up moving to a country farm in Devon, it was well acted, the cast were 100% right for their characters and the story lines were written with sheer class. I then do my research to discover that only the first series has been released on DVD!! For any form of company reading this either Network DVD or Acorn Media, please release all further series immediately! In my opinion, ALL televised programming these days should be available on DVD. We live in a time were we cannot always necessarily park our bottoms on the sofa at the allocated broadcast time of these shows, and so the option of a disc to watch whenever the hell we like should quite simply come natural. Pull your socks up!

Sticking on the subject of Pauline Quirke I just ADORE her on every level, Birds of a feather was one of the best programmes ever made, however I’m afraid to break the news that she is this week a “Random Irritation” see further details below… believe me it wasn’t an easy decision!

Oh and sticking on DVD releases and Pauline Quirke, my mum told me about another programme she starred in called “Maisie Raine” not long after filming Birds of a feather, after research not only did I find an episode on sky which was thoroughly enjoyable (especially for playing the game “Where have I seen that actor before?”) but then found out that this has NEVER been released on DVD! Can these companies please get a grip and release some forgotten British gems for us all to enjoy over and over again please? Is it really too much to ask… bugger the copyright, if a naff Sky channel can show it, how difficult can it be to organise it to be pressed onto a digital disc?!

Right well allow me to digress and indulge you with my opinions on this weeks showbiz happenings. A pleasure to be back in action and doing what I do so best… I think!

Random irritations of the week:

It’s the popular part of my weekly ramblings were no celebrity wants to see themselves. I declare who has really got on my goat this week and just who are my random irritations!

Weight loss has done the same to personality! (Copyright applies to image)

I adore her, I cherish her, she’s an incredible actress… but recently she has turned from a loveable lump into an out-and-out irritant! Her autobiography has been released on the back of her OTT weight loss, she is shoving it in front of her faces on adverts, newspaper and magazine interviews and quite frankly she has lost some of her personality along with the weight which she has shred! I know about all the health benefits, which is fair enough… however she has just changed and not for the better. She suited the larger image and quite frankly her new image makes her face look saggy and “lived in” maybe she should just get on with her career for a while instead of being interviews all the time… disappointed!

Who is he? Go Away!

I really don’t think I can stomach any more of Will I Am whose turned out to be an irritant of all irritants! I’m sick of hearing quotations that he’s done this, this and this and he’s managing Cheryl Cole! I couldn’t give a Four X ladies and gentleman, I would have thought he would need to prove himself as an artist first… and I can also safely say that BBC’S The Voice is becoming to look increasingly unappetising!

Out of touch!

Ann Widdecombe is the most disillusioned person within the media. Her new Sky game show “Clever Dicks” is beyond embarrassing, and how on earth this got commissioned is beyond me. She comes across as arrogant, abrupt and even more deluded than we all thought… she quoted “I was nearly PM” No, Ann… you certainly were not! I think dressing us as an old hag in Pantomime is going to be the long-awaited climax to your career!

Lowering the tone of the music industry!

I simply cannot abide Marcus Collins. Luckily for us all, he went quiet for a few months and then suddenly has popped up everywhere owing to the fact his début album is released next week. It has taken him just a few months to record something which I can imagine only to be cheap, tacky and rushed… it certainly won’t be critically acclaimed! Let’s hope he disappears just as quick as he came!

Daily Star Sunday AXE columnists Sally Bercow & Matthew Wright from paper to compete with The Sun on Sunday!

Pushed out... Bercow's column axed after just 6 months.

Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow and Broadcaster Matthew Wright have both had their columns axed at The Daily Star Sunday. The pair only joined the paper in September last year when the paper relaunched. Mr Wright is yet to comment, however Ms Bercow replied on Twitter confirming the reports with a simple “Humph” their apparent disposal is owing to the fact The Daily Star has slashed its price down to 50p in order to compete with the new Sun on Sunday which launched just a few weeks ago. Despite promising first start sales, The Sun on Sunday has been widely panned by critics, and its sales figures have dropped by around 20%, however Rupert Murdoch is apparently happy with the sales figures. The Daily Star on Sunday has been quite a successful venture for owner Richard Desmond ever since the demise of News of the World last year. The Daily Star is looking for some “Lesser known” columnists (I’m available!) owing to the fact they are having to keep their costs down.

What a sad state of affairs it is when even one of our national newspapers has to even scrap its own 2 columnists down to that simple thing we call money! Sally Bercow doesn’t have the most positive of media reputations, however for me I’m quite a fan! She of course took part in Celebrity Big Brother last year, and for me was an impressive contender and I don’t think she was given a sterling chance, but since her appearance she has warmed to quite a few.  Matthew Wright of course hosts his very successful daytime talk-show The Wright Stuff also on Channel 5, and it is important that you don’t forget that Richard Desmond is also the owner of the channel and thus the connection. Ms Bercow apparently has other TV projects lined up.

The Sun on Sunday is an absolute disgrace! It’s journalism at its most pathetically weakest. It isn’t gripping, nor is it amusing, informative or even gripping… despite the obvious, those 3 factors most certainly applied to its predecessor from news international, that of course being the News of the World. Sun on Sunday comes across as cheap, weak and almost a feeling that Richard Murdoch is begging in desperation for forgiveness. The fact that Katie Price has a column summarises it without saying anything else, but to have the likes of Ms Price against Ms Bercow and Mr Wright on an opponent paper, to me is no competition! Katie’s column content is beyond ridiculous and it simply proves everything I have said in the past that these days seemingly everybody can have a column, thus lowering the standards of writing in general, just simply no substance.

The Sun on Sunday may need to find its feet, however it really does need to step up its game and fast. The Daily Star on Sunday seems to have been a surprising success the obvious reputation of the brand behind it is the closest you will get for your old NOTW showbiz needs… no other paper can clearly quite cut it at the moment. Matthew Wright and Sally Bercow are close in real life anyway so they shall be able to discuss their sudden axing together at the very least, however to say I am shocked is an understatement. I really feel this is a backwards step for the newspaper which up until now has been a surprising leader and overall winner in a now very clogged up and busy market. Let’s see if the Daily Star on Sunday’s relaunch can be any better to pretty much anything News International can come up with of late!

Good luck to Ms Bercow and Mr Wright in their future endeavours.

Alesha Dixon to take over from Kelly Rowland to join The X Factor?

Alesha Dixon to take over from Kelly Rowland?

It’s strange how Alesha Dixon has just suddenly turned into tabloid fodda, despite being at the helm of Strictly Come Dancing for the last 3 years, yet without much recognition. She CAN sing live, she can RAP, she can PRESENT and of course she can indeed JUDGE! Since leaving Strictly, Alesha swiftly headed over to Britain’s Got Talent and my thoughts on Simon Cowell aside, with his influence there is no doubt at all that Alesha this time round could truly make it big! Yes she has been number 1 in the singles chart and had a top album, but her last album shockingly flopped, despite a performance on Strictly, in fact it was probably the biggest musical shock of that year. Alesha has been doing some promo for the new up and coming series of BGT already, and it looks like the show shall finally be getting back on form and even I may be watching purely ONLY on the basis of Alesha’s arrival, I have always been a fan of hers and her consistent lack of recognition has always astounded me.

The latest reports are, that unsurprisingly Kelly Rowland shall not be returning to the UK judging panel, therefore should Alesha prove successful on Britain’s got talent she shall be given a chance to be on The X Factor! Will it happen? I’m not sure, however for Alesha that would be the best thing to happen for her career, she needs that recognition, she truly deserves it. Some don’t seem to warm to her, either to the laugh (which is a little grating at times!) or some brand her ignorant, I brand her successful and full of life, though she did show herself up on the Alan Carr New years show on Channel 4! I’m sure Alesha shall fully benefit from her new opportunities, and with a new album out later in the year what better time could there possibly be?

The real annoyance is BBC’S The Voice, which I have dramatically gone off after seeing the promo’s. Tom Jones who is completely ridiculous and nothing to do with today’s music industry, the ignorant Jessie J who cannot take criticism and that Will bloke who comes across as a right prat. Then of course the one who nobody knows! Will Young should 100% have been given the job on the programme, only the other day I saw him being interviewed and he came across with so much class and sophistication, he was able to string a sentence together with etiquette and pride, a sincere pride he is to the music industry as a result! The BBC don’t have a clue what they are doing, I’m now pondering whether to not even bother tuning in! The American version is far superior.

Robin Gibb has gone down in my estimation… should he publicise his cancer so much?

Should Robin keep his illness private?

Undeniably, and without a question Robin Gibb has had it tough over the last few months. His life simply hasn’t been his own, with the constant treatment and constant battle against the disease which is everybody’s nightmare and one wish never to have to go through, but of course the reality is not everybody is so lucky and Robin Gibb has been one of many high-profile Cancer sufferers of recent times. Despite his battling and his intense illness, Robin was determined to perform and some charity concerts and he forced himself, despite feeling dreadful to perform… and perform he did. He may be well-known for his Bee Gees days, however Robin has recently secured a reputation of being known for being nothing other than remarkably strong and a spirit like no other.

Of course, if you disagree then please do tell me otherwise, but I believe with Robin making his illness public it will have given some other suffers hope, and in a time of need, hope is something which you rely and depend upon. We have seen Robin at his most strongest back in the days to something recently which has been weak and extremely gaunt… but am I entitled to say that Robin has now slightly gone down in my estimation for a recent in depth Sun interview he has done stating that his cancer diagnosis is “Payback for Bee Gees fame.”

The 62-year-old is now thankfully in remission, however these comments have caused some controversy, and I think this would have been an interview which would have been better left unsaid and in my opinion he should have made his illness ever so slightly more private, as to publicise every little detail, aspect and problem of your life in the media is usually always perceived and cheapened in a way which is never good for anyone’s perceptions.

Robin spoke to the Sun and said:

“I sometimes wonder if the tragedies my family has suffered are a kind of karmic price for all the fame and fortune the Bee Gees have had.”

Robin also related to the fact his brothers Andy and Maurice also died of similar conditions.

The full interview can be seen [HERE]

This is a topic which I have discussed time and time again. In a way Robin shall have helped plenty of fellow Cancer sufferers and given them hope in knowing that one of their idols is also going through the same ordeal as they are, but of course others shall look at it sceptical and perceive his comments in a different manner. I think I have to sit on the fence on this one, but I do think Robin should probably concentrate on relaxing rather than speaking to numerous magazines and newspapers for the time being at least. It’s a difficult one, however all with a severe underlying message. For awareness purposes though, I think it’s safe to say his bravery is treasured!

Madonna’s new “MDNA” album proves popular with critics!

The album everyone's waiting for!

I do love Madonna! I’m not sure if that’s the thing to admit to or not, but I think she truly is somebody who you just HAVE to admire. She’s 53 and quite frankly she is the only 53-year-old we approve of (in a weird sort of way) if she were to strip down to nothingness! She knows the media like the back of her hand, she plays it well, she has the privacy and despite her recent film not being received in an overly amazing manner she truly is a star. She’s getting ready for a big return to the music industry with her 12th studio album “MDNA!” even the album title is controversial!

She returned in February with “Give me all your Luvin” which admittedly was panned by many a critic, along with the video, however it soon became clear that the song was FOR her outstanding Super Bowl performance, which was without a doubt a true spectacular. With the criticism of the song in mind, it seemed to give people the conclusion that her album would just be the same, throwaway pop with no substance! But how wrong were they? Well we shall find out on March 27th, however Music critic officials have all been previewed the album in full at Abbey Road studios and every single review has been amazingly POSITIVE with the only criticism being her leading single “Give me all your Luvin” not a true reflection of the rest of the album.

The critics have acclaimed it so much so already never has anticipation been as high. Madonna’s last album “Hard Candy” was panned for lack of originality, but it seems that “MDNA!” shall wipe away any bitter taste which the last album may have left in people’s mouths. Madonna’s second single from the album “Girl gone wild” has already had its preview video, and has immediately been related back to Madonna’s highly controversial Erotica era… and for that I’m sure we can expect more from this 53-year-old than we have ever had before!

I have a feeling March 27th shall be a VERY exciting day for the music industry!

If you wish to respond and comment to any of my topics this week… please either comment below or send me an email too:

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Latest Blog as I discuss inspirational people and how my life has changed, I also bring my Random irritations of the week. Topic wise – I give my review of the Brit awards 2012, and reveal why it was quite apt for its shrove Tuesday broadcast! After a fortnight since the announcement, I bring my thoughts onto why I think Whitney Houston’s death is a real shame, yet unsurprising. I reveal my appreciation for American chat show host Wendy Williams, The Chawner family have me stunned & BREAKING NEWS Channel 5 sensationally axe Suzi Perry, Jon Bentley & Ortis Deley from The Gadget Show!

I am astounded this week that February already is drawing to its natural conclusion… how sad is that?! More than once this week I have thought back to how 2011 Christmas day seems like it was just yesterday, before we know it Summer will have been and gone and I won’t even have had a chance to show off some of my new designer attire I have had delivered to my door this week! I bring that to your attention purely on the basis that I would again this week like to share how much I am enjoying my ability to buy things online again! I have had the up most of pleasure buying clothing, DVDS and even some food essence… and there just isn’t a finer pleasure in life is there? God knows how I will ever be able to afford a house or even a car in future years, I shall probably resort into selling off my mother’s Steiff bear collection, which I’m sure you shall agree would be a great shame all round.

I have had a truly wonderful day this week whilst at my radio course, meeting some lovely new people and allowing my creative juices to flow even faster than before, amazing what we can all do when we have a passion and focus. I feel in a very good place at the moment and in a position in my life where say 3/4 years ago even at the mere age of say 15 I would never have thought I would be in, and quite simply for that it means the world to me and inspires me more than anything else. This is exactly why I have a complete issue with the likes of Andrea Mclean, who is unfortunately STILL struggling to present on ITV’S Loose Women… which just why it hasn’t been rebranded into “Old hags live at 12” I have no idea. Andrea Mclean has released her autobiography purely on the basis of 2 failed marriages and a Hollywood star who apparently “came onto her” in the back of a taxi in Los Angeles. He was of course clearly desperate, but just why on earth anybody would be interested I have no idea. The fact is I don’t wish to sound completely self-absorbed, but if I was offered a publishing deal right here and now even at the age of 18, I would be quite confident in writing some form of autobiography of my life so far. I don’t say that likely, but purely on the basis that I feel with my vast amount of unbelievable things which have happened to myself in my past years, an unbearable amount of bad on reflection, yet with some truly tremendous golden moments to boot… I honestly believe that I could help and possibly even influence those who are going through some chronically awful bad times and for them to read some of my stories in order to help them get through it. My use of words, my honesty and I would hope to bring out my apparent “fabulous personality” onto the pages. I’m quite comfortable in releasing that statement publicly for all to see, because that is what I truly believe. I have met some rather interesting people throughout my life and some ghastly to the bone, yet from every person I meet and come across I try my best to engage with and relate to. People who have been through extreme manic depression, people who have resorted to the abuse of solvents or alcohol and just some people who believe life isn’t worth living. The likes of those people who I meet who have come through the toughest of times, simply inspire me and I sincerely feel take me forward into my next life steps and simply make me think and reflect. I have certainly had it tough to get where I am today and so I am certainly intending to resume onwards and upwards, yet should you ask me where I would like to be in 5-years-time I couldn’t answer that without getting into a complete state of panic!

That’s my hardcore deep blogging done for this week, I broadcast those thoughts on a week where my website hits have been larger than ever! I truly thank you all for the support and I have had some very exciting meetings and mentions this week, so I am certainly walking around with an overly large grin! Let us all finish February with a smile and some much valued positivity and see what the next month has in store…

Now let’s get down to business… the celebrity world!

  • My fascination with BBC’S Alex Polizzi returned this week, when she was in my neck of the woods in Greater Manchester! Who would have thought her family owned the luxurious Lowry Hotel… of which I have been in! How thrilling. Her all leather outfit efforts I’m sure didn’t go unnoticed by any male in the population who was watching…
  • How saddened I am to see Charlie Brookes (Janine) taking a 6 month hiatus from Eastenders. One of my favourite actresses, however she is set to be on this years Strictly Come Dancing… where there’s a negative, there’s a positive!
  • Surely nobody is surprised by the lack of interest everyone seems to have with ITV’S Dancing on Ice? The show is past its sell by and quite honestly I blame Christine Bleakley… the sooner she emigrates the happier we all shall be!

Random irritations of the week:

It’s the popular part of my weekly ramblings were no celebrity wants to see themselves. I declare who has really got on my goat this week and just who are my random irritations!

Lack of talent... proven!

I must APOLOGISE for having the unbearable Olly Murs as a random irritation for a third week and special apologies to Irene Harris! What can I say about Mr Murs this week? Untalented, out of tune and quite simply naff! All that was proven at this years Brit Awards. Last week, he was annoyed for only being nominated for 1 Brit! His live performance certainly revealed why, HE CANNOT SING LIVE! An absolute embarrassment. Never have my ear drums bled to such an extent. His apparent talent is purely fictitious, and it was this week proven that he must clearly be edited a HELL of a lot in the studio because it was purely DIRE!

A blessing in disguise?

Now, I don’t mean to be rude… but am I the only one who is secretly glad that Lorraine Kelly got stamped on by a horse? As a result we now have a series of stand in presenters on her show, however that’s the norm for Lorraine these days! Once in a blue moon it seems Lorraine presents on her own mid morning programme and when she does it’s nothing other than cringeworthy… at least her forced absence from the show has put her dreadful insincere interviewing at an end… at least for a week or two!

PLEASE go away...

You would be hard pushed to find anybody else who are as deluded as One Direction. I seriously believe their appeal is dwindling. We have seen it all before, a group of irritating jumped up teenage boys, of which I have more talent in my little finger than they do overall as a 5 piece. Anybody heard them sing live yet? Their embarrassing gaff at the Brits just polished their dumbness to an entirely new level, even the Eurovision song contest would be to good for them!

Just get on with it!

Never has anybody milked a career as much as Cheryl Cole. She has been in a war of words on Twitter, she has had a film role… MINOR to say the very least and pretty much nothing else other than hang around with the ghastly Her career is as stale as an old loaf, and she is attempting to drum up as much interest as possible for her upcoming third studio album, but just no one is interested. Instead of hogging the magazines for a week or 2… maybe she could just GET ON with her career? Whatever her “career” actually is…

The Brits was an embarrassment to the music industry!

The Brits fell flat.

What can I say about this years Brit Awards?

Other than “Shambolic” I would struggle to find another describing word throughout the Oxford English dictionary. Quite appropriately the show aired on Shrove Tuesday, quite apt as the show was literally as flat as a pancake < talk about a good metaphor! The show didn’t seem pacey, interesting or even worthy to be an awards ceremony. In-fact the only saving grace was the fact that the actual awards given out (pictured above) were actually decent and innovative! James Cordon, though to give him his credit surprised me. He was looking presentable and actually gave off the odd decent joke and actually proved himself to be a bit of an asset to the dire proceedings, at least he came across to be likeable! Other than that it was an absolute joke.

Aside from the fact I disagreed with most of the award winners, that’s quite simply personal preference… but what I will say is the fact I adore Adele. She’s original, she has a USP and most importantly has a TALENT! The only unfortunate downside is, despite her album, “21” being iconic and memorable for all the right reasons, she has quite simply fallen the major victim of being dramatically overplayed. Every radio station and TV channel these days seem to be playing her music on a constant loop, and again albeit a very talented lady “Rolling in the deep” for me has turned from an amazing ditty into a simple annoyance. In-fact if I hear it once more I may actually have an emotional breakdown, which would be a shame all round as to be honest I like her! But maybe… just ever so slightly overrated? Another godsend which I nearly forgot to mention was the appearance of the divine woman who simply oozes class and sophistication, that of…

Kylie Minogue!

Yes, okay she may have had a little bit of botox, but what the hell? These days you can get botox like a portion of Fish & Chips these days! To say she looked stunning and divine would be an understatement, what a legend! I certainly can’t see her turning to drugs can you? Despite her lack of major appearances in the music industry these days, she proved that her 25th anniversary of being in the business this year shall certainly be a good one with many treats in store.

I talk about Kylie ever so much in detail, as I have nothing positive to say about the rest of the ceremony. To put it  frank it was just bloody embarrassing! The camera work was ghastly, the live acts (minus two) were a disaster and the speeches were even more of a cringe.

Olly Murs was the worst live act of the night (he was REALLY awful) Rihanna showed how much you can stretch out a career with very little ability… yet she had some clothing on which is always a pleasant surprise. I was very impressed I have to say with Bruno Mars. I haven’t been much of a fan of his until then, but undoubtedly he impressed live, and of course Adele speaks for herself. Blur’s finale was the most overhyped junk I have ever seen. I got that bored half way through, I walked swiftly into my kitchen to rinse out a mug. How on earth they won an “outstanding contribution to music” I have no idea. I simply ask were one earth they have been for the past 7 years? Dire, dire dire!

The woman I felt sorry for was Emeli Sande. She is currently in the papers expressing her disappointment of being snubbed and not allowed to do a speech at the award ceremony, despite winning the acclaimed critics award. No recognition, yet a wonderful voice and talent! Instead we had to put up with a tedious earache of a speech from Blur’s frontman, which further adds to my argument of why on earth he won an award? He certainly couldn’t string a sentence together that’s for sure!

The camera work throughout was just unprofessional and naff. We hardly saw Rihanna throughout her performance as the cameramen clearly deemed seeing her dancers far more of a priority. Don’t get me started on the irritating so and so that continued to be in front of the camera when James Corden was doing his links from award to award… if you don’t know who he was, he was the spitting image of Dragon Den’s Theo Pathitis! A right old irritant who added to the overall amateurish efforts of the shows production.

The nominee announcer’s were as bad as ever, with even a footballer announcing one of the poor awards, and comedian Jack Whitehall was clearly to drunk to read out one of the awards, which by that point just simply went over my head and I accepted it. Then of course the finale, the whole show was clearly in aid of Adele’s talent, which is all very sweet, however after the complete 2 hours of over hype… it finally gets to her big moment and the biggest award of the night, where she is then embarrassingly cut off by James Corden who didn’t even have time to say any pleasantries, as they then simply cut to Blur’s finishing performance. Of course Adele, good for her shoved 2 fingers up to the cameras and quite honestly was a naff ending to a naff show!

Of course, it wasn’t James Corden’s fault by any means, instead the deluded producers who were clearly overrunning. You mean to say a dreary speech from Blur was more important than Adele’s award speech? If some dopey so and so would have got off their backside to get James Corden to shove the utterly boring Blur off stage when his speech was dragging more than an episode of Loose Women, then there would have been a whole extra 5 minutes which would have been ample. Of course you should have expected no less from what had been an overall embarrassment, but if I would have been Adele I would have been furious. James Corden and Adele have shared their annoyance and I can’t blame them. Surely the news wasn’t that important that it had to be on air at precisely 10pm? ITV News at 10.01pm I’m sure would have been acceptable just this once! But no! This is ITV we are talking about, which is clearly run and managed by a bunch of media students because the show certainly didn’t portray polished perfection, not even shabby chic… just quite simply shabby sh*t!

It was that bad, I am forced to use an expletive. My advise? Next year show it on the BBC! The Brits has never been perfect, but this year it didn’t even show up on the radar of “Bad!” Let’s hope the standard of music improves over the next 12 months before the ITV show up the industry again in 2013!.

Whitney Houston’s death a true shame… yet expected.

Whitney's death...expected

After watching a rather informative Whitney Houston documentary this week on Channel 5, with the excellent edition of showbiz writer Ashley Pearson, it has only just hit me how much of a shame Whitney Houston’s death actually is.  The documentary was abrupt, to the point and after the programme it simply left me feeling not surprised that the star of yesteryear now truly is a thing of the past.

The music industry as all musicians constantly seem to bang on about is indeed a tough one! It seems being able to sing really isn’t enough for these label managers, instead they want a product, perfection and a package which portrays stardom to its finest form. Whitney’s roots were gospel, yet was forcibly turned into a popstar… and yet albeit a good one, it wasn’t her original desire! Whitney struggled with the stardom and pressure, that was the route cause of her dismay and turning to drugs… and albeit totally wrong, it was remarkably and staggeringly understandable. The press were one her best friends, yet swiftly turned to sworn enemy. To see a fine singing sensation turn into nothing but a naive, weak and feeble woman was quite simply saddening. To see this fine woman’s vocals deteriorate in such an aggressive way was also a simple shame.

The woman who had the upper class upbringing, who once was a shy girl, given a record label and a chance to unleash herself by the iconic Clive Davis, turned into nothing but an aggressive and sad old woman at one stage during her career and to see such a transformation was overall, extraordinary! Her rants in the media were jaw dropping and then her sudden insightful interview with Oprah Winfrey was astonishing.

Despite her life having more ups and downs than the general yo-yo, I am proud to announce that I have discovered her back catalogue of albums and I am slowly obtaining her each and every release. Even her lesser known and appreciated work such as her 2002 album “Just Whitney” is a gem, albeit not like her iconic earlier work… but still Whitney, and of course there was and there shall only ever be one!

What more is there to be said? Her music shall live on forever and a day, though let us hope she is known for her vocal ability rather than her downfalls.

Wendy Williams is an American gem!

Wendy Williams speaks her mind!

Oprah Winfrey may indeed be the American definition of a chat show host, but considering she is no longer a dominant part of the TV industry over in the US, how pleased I was to discover Wendy Williams whilst flicking through the channels on Sky! I have never heard of her before, but already I have sat through 5 entertaining editions and have admired her sheer audacity of saying what she really thinks about the American celebrity culture… good on her! Such a shame the UK didn’t offer such a concept, for anyone of significance reading this… I’m available should you so wish!

The Chawner family leave me stunned!

The Chawners are a prime example of Britain today!

After being unfortunate enough to somehow catch the “Chawners last chance” documentary, I was left bewildered, aghast and amazed. My mum had admittedly been following this family throughout their Bio television series, yet the final episode in the series was luckily the first time I had ever sat down and witnessed this bunch of absolute despicable people before, ever!

To say they are a complete waste of time, effort, space and government money would be nothing other than a severe lie and a major understatement. They didn’t move off the sofa, they had no motivation, their attitude was appalling, they ate and they ate and quite simply that’s it! The point of this series was for them to lose weight? Did they? Certainly not! They were as fat as houses with no intention to be anything else, a complete and utter embarrassment to the UK. This family is not only a major embarrassment, but I felt that giving them their own documentary somewhat encouraged them to resume their abysmal attitude. The fact they are receiving benefits should be stopped immediately, as quite clearly there has never been a more undeserving family, as they weren’t the size they where due to health, but through choices and quite obviously they just needed a kick up their proverbial in order to lose the weight… yet with no effort or motivation, just what is the solution?

Of course Emma Chawner is famous for her appearance on the X Factor a few years ago and that’s it. It’s not as if they had the potential as the other daughter went to fitness camp abroad and shredded the pounds in quick succession, yet as soon as she returned home to Blackburn in Lancashire it was back to the old ways of gauging on whatever food was around. The father got offered a job after impressive work experience, however could simply not be bothered to turn up to the interview afterwards!

The amazing thing is, are they embarrassed? No! They couldn’t give a FOUR X! Something needs to be done and pronto, for this family to be shunted into the limelight and their tragic lifestyle to be turned into a television series is just completely ridiculous. I just sincerely hope this isn’t a regular occurrence around and amongst are continuing dwindling in quality country… proud to be British? Not at the moment!

BREAKING NEWS:Channel 5 sensationally AXE Suzi Perry, Ortis Deley & Jon Bentley from The Gadget Show!

The team as we knew it. Presenters axed as new show sets to launch.


Yes, it’s true. Channel 5 have unveiled a press release and Suzi Perry has confirmed herself that she, Ortis and Jon have all sensationally been axed by Channel 5 and are no longer part of the Gadget Show team. Suzi confirmed her twitter that it wasn’t her decision and she simply left her followers stunned with the Hashtag “Onwards.”

Suzi Perry & Jon Bentley were both original members of the Gadget Show and  presented with Jason Bradbury since the show launched in 2004. There has been a small number of ex presenters throughout the years, however Ortis joined the show in 2009, whilst Pollyanna Woodward was the latest presenter to join the team in 2010. The presenting lineup has always been The Gadget Shows main appeal, but in recent years there has been widespread criticism that 5 presenters was quite simply too much, with the show losing its original appeal.

Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward are expected to be taking over the show together, but that isn’t the only change as when the show returns to screens in April… the show shall be known as “The Gadget Show: World Tour”

Ian Dunkley, Factual Entertainment Commissioner @ Channel 5 had this to say:

“After 16 successful series it felt time for the show to go global and have some more fun. Our love of gadgets remains undimmed, and now the testing will be bigger, better, and in more exotic locations.”

On its travels, the show will be visiting Japan, the USA, the Mediterranean, and the UAE to test the best smartphones, laptops, TV’s, gaming consoles and cameras on the market. In the first episode, the show lands in Tokyo in search of parts to build a winning robot for a robot fighting tournament.

Well it’s certainly all changing, but this has to be one of the WORST changes of Channel 5 history. I’m sure Gadget Show fans wouldn’t mind me saying this… but get rid of Ortis and Pollyanna by all means, but KEEP Suzi, Jason and John at all costs? Suzi and Jason for challenges, whilst Jon could do the reviews! Those 3 are the FACES of the Gadget Show, Suzi especially. It’s quite clear Channel 5 have kept Jason for nostalgia purposes, whilst Pollyanna has been kept for looks alone, because it’s certainly not for personality value! She’s all very sweet, but does she have the knowledge, experience and fanbase Suzi has? Unfortunately not.

The show has declined over the last few years admittedly, with recent series pure focus being on challenges rather than gadgets themselves. If I watch a gadget show, I want to see reviews on the latest mobile, or the cheapest bargains around… not how deep a camera can be immersed in a swimming pool! That being said, Channel 5’s flagship show had and has always had an innocent charm about it. Suzi, especially though was the personality of the programme, and now she’s no longer part of the foundation, the future looks bleak. I predict mass drop of audience ratings and Sky 1’s Gadget Geeks is looking ever more appealing, at least it has Emma Barnett for knowledge, talent and she even has the ability to construct a sentence!

I think I would be safe in saying that the Gadget Show officially ended in 2011.

The best of luck to Suzzi, Jon and Ortis for the future. Such a shame… Channel 5 seemingly had jumped 3 steps forward, but now they are right back at square 1!

In terms of the new “Gadget Show: World tour!” I for one WON’T be watching.

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Latest Blog as I reveal my new hate for the apparent leading online retailer & bring you my Random irritations of the week! Topic wise – BBC’S Something for the weekend to turn into “Sunday Brunch” on Channel 4, Big Fat Gypsy weddings is a disgrace & Melanie C confirms The Spice Girls shall NOT be reuniting!

I think I’m going to resort to the old technique of throwing a glass of cold water over my face, if not submerge my face ever so delicately into a basin of water… basically anything to wake me up this week! I seem to be going about my business zombified and not fully alert, which isn’t really ideal is it? Anyway, I have somehow managed to suddenly get a burst of energy and thus I am here for another week!

I would like to publicly document my disgust for Amazon. That website where you can apparently “buy things” from. In my experience over the last day or so, it couldn’t be further away from false advertising! Bloody useless. I have clicked, I have complained and I have tried ever so hard, however now I shall stop and simply admit defeat, what a naff website. The customer service is simple DIRE and non-existent! As a result from my ghastly experience, I am now enjoying the wonders of a far superior website on every level, please don’t let me down!

As I type, now, in between writing this very blog I am surfing the stock of and having much pleasure adding many an item into my virtual basket! Isn’t it a pleasurable experience? I’m going overboard so to get over the previous stressing. A random thought, but why on earth is Soul music not commercially successful? Also R&B? My two favourite genre’s yet somewhat unexistent in terms of airplay here in the UK! Instead we have a vast range of generic rubbish which is quite frankly now becoming unbearable, aside from Madonna of course. I’m discovering many a new artist which I’m sure I shall enjoy relaxing to at some point.

Unbelievably, or not as the case maybe… have NO Whitney Houston CD’S in stock! How annoying! My mum is in desperate need to obtain a “Greatest Hits” collection, or similarly an “Ultimate Collection.” Unfortunately, she won’t be getting any just at the moment, but what a lovely touch it is that people are buying her music after her death which of course is yet another tragedy within the music industry. I do wish the press and media would just leave the stories and the speculation alone now, and simply just respect this tremendous artists back catalogue… must we know at all what she died of? Albeit probably a self-inflicted cause, it is without a doubt an utter waste of a talent and aside from all that just a general great shame. A woman who shall so desperately be missed, yet whose music shall live on. That of course only being if any online retailer have any in stock!

In other news, I thought I would put myself up for criticism or even positivity by posting my fictitious news broadcast on here, and giving you all a chance to give it a listen. I had to do this for my radio course which I am currently studying, not bad… if I do say so myself!


Random irritations of the week:

It’s the popular part of my weekly ramblings were no celebrity wants to see themselves. I declare who has really got on my goat this week and just who are my random irritations!

Who does she think she is?

Who on earth does Cher Lloyd think she is? Yes, she was somehow weirdly likeable the other week, when she revealed her traumatic times of being bullied… but the fact is she is coming across as nothing other than a spoilt little girl! She apparently wants to “swear more” on her next album, as it makes you sound “mature” and she has been criticised for Twitter comments. The sooner she buggers off to get engaged at 17 the better!

Career hanging on by a thread...

How on earth has Jeff Brazier still got a career? This week on Valentines Day, Jeff spent his evening in a Tesco cafe in London hosting a speed dating night! Clearly his career is now certainly taking a downward spiral, but gosh what an irritant! He apparently wants to move his presenting career to sporting programmes… lets hope that works out for him, so then I at least won’t ever have to see him again! Let’s see how he will go down with a bunch of raving drunks!

Olly Murs is ungrateful!

I’m afraid this isn’t the first time Mr Murs has appeared in my random irritations. This week, Olly has stated that he feels “let down” and “disappointed” over only being nominated for one Brit award… that being “Best single” he apparently at least wanted to be up for “Best male” what an obnoxious and ungrateful idiot of a man! He oozes ignorance and his lack of talent is beginning to show… how much longevity can such a person have?

Hinting for a job? Steve Jones

Steve Jones was unsurprisingly axed from hosting season 2 of The X Factor USA. His Welch accent & his shaving foam advert like characteristics just didn’t wash with American audiences. Despite the embarrassment, I think Steve is on the lookout for another job with Mr Cowell after declaring numerous times that he has “No hard feelings whatsoever with Simon” in interviews. He also stated that he would work with Simon “on the moon if given the chance” delusional? I think so!

BBC’S Something for the weekend to become “Sunday Brunch!” on Channel 4!

Tim Lovejoy (left) and Simon Rimmer (right) to have Sunday Brunch with Channel 4!

Channel 4 are about to finally add a decent programme to their cluttered up schedule. BBC’S Something for the weekend is pretty much basically just being promptly and ever so elegantly moved to Channel 4 on Sunday mornings. The new show shall be featured without Louise Redknapp who is currently co-hosting and also minus long-standing wine expert to the current BBC format “Wayne” plus there shall be no gadget format, however the main thing is the show (in a way) has been saved, thanks to a Facebook campaign to save the show which had thousands of supporters, along with a celebrity backing.

ITV had also been in talks to resurrect the programme after the BBC axed the show back in January owing to BBC cost cutting to its BBC 2 daytime slots, DESPITE the show getting large viewing audience numbers.

Channel 4 head of formats Dominic Bird said about the shows acquisition:

“Simon and Tim have brilliant on-screen chemistry and their partnership will be at the heart of Sunday Brunch. They’re a great fit for Channel 4 and we can’t wait to get going on the new show”

Reacting to the new deal, Lovejoy and Rimmer both released a statement which went onto say:

“We’re chuffed to be joining Channel 4. We have a great laugh working together and we’re very pleased we can continue that in our new home.”

Well done to all involved! The BBC are rapidly turning into a complete laughing-stock… “The Royal Bodyguard” need I say more? Quite frankly I would be astounded if the BBC had such a back catalogue of decent repeats which would pull in the same audience to what Something for the weekend currently does.

As I have previously stated, it certainly isn’t polished television, nor is it a programme which is worthy of an award, however what it does do is fit its slot perfectly, it’s likeable and a pleasure to watch! What more could you want from a programme which is supposedly there to provide entertainment? Tim Lovejoy is irritating, nauseating and one of the most arrogant blokes to be on the telly, however suits this show perfectly… along with Simon Rimmer, it makes a perfect coupling! Louise Redknapp I adore dearly, and in my opinion is an asset to the show, but due to her BBC contract it is unsurprising that she won’t be joining the new show. Louise brings her personality to the forefront week in week out, yet can she read an autocue? No! Plus, don’t get me started on the way she ever so lightly scrapes her fork over the plates at Simon’s cooking then states she can’t eat it due to being a vegetarian… neither use nor ornament, but secretly loveable!

The gadget section shall also apparently not be returning. which is a shame, although what is more of a shame is the fact that at the moment they keep using a rather ditsy woman who has no idea about the gadgets at all, never mind even getting them to work! A lovely lady by the name of Nikki Dean who I know has done the slot a few times… and done it to perfection! Surely the bosses could have seen that themselves?

Let’s hope Channel 4 and Princess Productions work well together and give the show a new lease of life which it ever so desperately needed… but with not losing the genuinity and appeal which it has at the moment.

Sunday Brunch is expected to launch in March.

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings is a disgrace!

All performance and no substance!

If ever a programme shouldn’t be allowed on the television, then it is this… a show based around a bunch of Gypsy’s TRAVELLERS! Which shows nothing other than what a ghastly bunch of people seem to be within the travelling community, and the amount of money they waste e.g. £20,000 for a wedding dress, is nothing other than quite frankly obscene!

The people who are branding people “Racist” for criticising the show are to put it abruptly moronic. The show does not paint a pretty picture of the travelling community and to be honest it tends to confirm a lot of people’s perceptions and original thoughts. The men are potentially violent, abusive and attitudes to women are nothing other than repulsive, whilst the women are simply lacking any form of brain cell. Of course the main point of the programme is to follow that of families weddings within the community, however can they even officially be branded as a “wedding” when in 99% of the cases, seemingly they are nothing other than sham? What I want to know is, where on earth do these families get the money from in order to pay for the stereotypical ostentatious affairs? Maybe that’s a question which is purely meant to be pondered upon.

The show is without a doubt jaw dropping, for of course all the wrong reasons… yet it just makes you think more than anything that the travelling community are clearly worlds apart from you and I. The show should NOT be called “Gypsy” when they are “Travellers” no wonder the Gypsy community is in outrage. How on earth this has been commissioned for a second series is beyond me.

The male attitude to women is historic and simply vile. Why is this allowed in 2012?  Never has there been such a high amount of unbearable people, plonked onto one television show, and seemingly it applies to pretty much every family, we only have to look at Paddy Doherty for a prime example of idiocy. The violence within and related to these people is astounding. They resort to fists rather than the law, and why on earth the police just seem to sit back on their backsides is nothing short of staggering.

I shall leave this topic with a quote from 16-year-old traveller Sammy Jo, from the first episode of the second series.

She admitted to using the Sunbed up to 3 times per week so she can “prepare” for beauty contests and the sort… she said:

“If I get cancer, I get cancer. At least I’ll look good.”

Beggars belief doesn’t it?

Melanie C confirms The Spice Girls shall NOT be reforming!

Spice Girls promo from their reunion back in 2007

The rumours have been burning like a well-built out of control fire for the past few months that the Spice Girls would be reforming for the Queens Diamond Jubilee, however after months of speculation, this week, member Melanie C speaking on Lorraine (without Lorraine Kelly as per usual) confirmed that they shall NOT be reforming.
Speaking to Helen Fospero she said:
“It’s such an incredible opportunity and what a wonderful thing to be able to do, the concert looks like it’s going to be out of this world. But unfortunately we don’t plan to perform or reform, so I’m sorry to disappoint anybody.
“We often have things that we talk about and it was something that we discussed, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen.”
“We have to respect each other’s wishes. We reformed in 2007 [for a tour] and we had an amazing time, the show was incredible. That kind of feels like our final farewell. “It would be such a great thing to perform for but, sadly not.”

I cannot understand the immense deal of them reforming for the Queens Jubilee anyway, haven’t we all moved on from the “Wannabe” group? Don’t get me wrong I adore the girls, what they did for the music industry was legendary and I highly doubt there shall be a girl band of the same calibre in the near future at least.
The fact is though, they have been there and done it. and they all now have numerous solo projects. Of course we all know Victoria was the least talented singer of the group, but now she is a multi million fashion designer! Is she really going to put that on hold again to take 3 steps back? I think not!
Geri has her new fashion range and a new album to come this year, whilst Mel C resumes the most successful singing solo career… yet what I want to know is, despite her releasing THE best album of 2011, why was it not successful? Where was all the Spice Girls fans supporting Melanie’s career? Nowhere!
They reunited in 2007, it worked, yet wasn’t an overwhelming success. Their comeback single “Headlines” failed to set the chart alight and they ended the tour short… so why would they do it again?
All things have a time limit and I think we can safely say The Spice Girls time is truly up, let’s not further ruin the band’s career… which remains to be one of the most successful within the music business, besides I can hardly imagine The Spice Girls releasing a new ditty over a dubstep beat, can you?

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Latest Blog as I reveal some career changes & My Random irritations of the week! Topic wise – Denise Welch is infuriating, Alex Polizzi is a darling, Simon Mayo brings back Countdown, Saddened by actor Ben Richard’s cancer diagnosis & TV presenter Lisa Brash creates a company which CARES!

Does anybody have any advice on what I should do when I am apparently “burning the candle at both ends? The advice I want, being anything other than forcibly snuffing out one of the proverbial candles against my will! Not only am I currently circulating and basing my days around 5am get ups, but I’m currently robotically producing numerous amounts of paragraphs and sentences! Luckily, I love it! But, in terms of relaxing these days, I’m finding it a complete struggle! If I haven’t completed something, I’m finding that I have to do it as an emergency. I cannot leave anything incomplete. Is that a personal fault or a quality? Saying all that, I’m still finding my time to wade my through some trashy American television, so at least I’m not completely possessed!

This week, there has been further changes and advances in my career. I have joined an organisation called “Published World” who now employ me for writing a weekly blog (but with more things to come!) and another change is that I am no longer writing my weekly column for Atherton Online! Why? I hear you say. I could brand it as “Creative differences” but I shan’t, I shall simply say because ownership of the site is taking over, and with new ownership meant changes! The site is relaunching in March with a new image etc. and quite simply with that has come with new briefs and rules! The new brief was incomprehensible, and I simply wasn’t prepared to compromise my commended working format. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my town of residence… but it’s hardly the capital city! Owing to the fact I don’t wish to compromise my writing or reputation in any way, shape or form (especially when it has been commended by many in the profession) I came to a mutual agreement to leave.

Shall it get me down? Certainly NOT!

Shall I cry? Don’t be stupid!

What I shall be doing, however is enriching my career, enhancing it and even polishing it somewhat. I shall be launching a NEW column on a shiny NEW website, which I shall get working on ASAP with a hope to launch in say 4/5 weeks time. That website shall include a weekly column, running the same format to what it was on Atherton Online – simple! There was a clear interest and following with it and thus I cannot let anyone down, or more importantly myself in letting my apparent “skills” go to waste. Once the website goes live, you shall all be the first to know, and I thank you all for the ongoing support and interest. I would like to thank the person who has put lots of effort into me and my writing, also for his confidence in me, his trust and for all the opportunities so far… here’s to many more!

I shall be commenting “Straight from the heart” again, very soon!!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate one of my regular readers Jan Ellis. I shan’t specify why, however Jan, you know why!!! Well done, you did amazing!!

Random irritations of the week:

It’s the popular part of my weekly ramblings were no celebrity wants to see themselves. I declare who has really got on my goat this week and just who are my random irritations!

Jorgie Porter - Hollyoaks!

Who is she?!?!? Jorgie Porter that’s’ who! Still no nearer? I shall simply say Hollyoaks! All this bimbo seems to do is talk about herself, sex and Hollyoaks, very dull and dreary! No personality whatsoever  and simply poses without wearing pretty much any attire at all. A right classy bird isn’t she? I have seen more likeability and genuinity in the latest range of Barbie dolls!

Josie Gibson gets engaged! Bothered?

If ever there was a deluded individual, then Josie Gibson is he finest of examples. She won Big Brother, had her own Channel 5 show (not that, that means anything) and has a column, dull! To make matters worse she has a ghastly accent! This week she revealed she’s engaged! Bothered? No! The sooner she realises NOBODY is interested, we shall all be certainly better off!

Marcus Collins is an irritant!

The X Factor ended only in December last year, were in February and ALREADY Marcus Collins is getting set to release his debut album. His debut single has been criticised for being a cover (and not a very good one) and the only thing he keeps droaning on about is that Gary Barlow has written some songs for him! If it has only taken him 2 months to record an album, then it’s a cheap and tacky way of making a quick buck! It shall be a dire album with no heart or soul. All Marcus keeps moaning on about is people’s perception of him and racist abuse! Good lord, anything to sell an album eh Marcus?

Alesha Dixon has got her game wrong!

I’m an absolute lover of Alesha Dixon, so I am gutted that this week she has turned into an irritation. Quite frankly though, I am sick of seeing her in interviews banging on that she WASN’T stolen from BBC’S Strictly by Simon Cowell, but instead left on her own accord. (Well of course she isn’t going to bad mouth Simon is she!) plus… of course it was money! 10 times more than what she had on the BBC, it would certainly influence me anyway. She did 3 solid years at Strictly, but never seemed to get the exposure… she’s certainly now making up for that though!

Denise Welch is infuriating!

All tears... but where's the sincerity?

Honestly, who would have thought Denise Welch could get any worse? I may have the reputation of saying what I really think about all these so-called celebrities, but cross my heart and hope to die… Denise has to be my personal least favourite of Z-list existence! Never has there been such an infuriating, wreck of a woman. Tedious and a general ignoramus. Denise has managed to amplify her blackened reputation even further this week, by announcing her “separation” on the ghastly Loose Women.

How many times has Denise unveiled an apparent revelation on this continued flop of a programme? Once again, the spotlight was on her as she began to spill her heart out for all to see… “Tim” this “Tim” that, whatever comes from her mouth these days is that embarrassing it tends to all go over our heads. The drivel went on for seemingly ages, as she then announced it was “some time ago” when they actually split.

The reason for this apparent admittance was owing to the fact that the weekend prior’s newspapers were full to the brim of stories claiming that she had been having an 8 month affair with a 39-year-old who is clearly as deluded as she is. But, dismissing the affair claims Denise went onto say that it has not been an affair owing to the fact herself and Tim had separated… speaking on the show she said:

“Tim and I separated some time ago and so I’m not having an affair, we’ve been living our own lives for some time now, “But the press furore, if that’s the word, after I came out of Celebrity Big Brother naively took us by storm but there has been nothing in the papers that my family didn’t know about. “We’ve actually become better friends since we made the decision but we wanted to have Christmas with the family without telling anybody… I’m not having an affair, I am officially separated.”

So she spilt her heart out (apparently) yet the media is speculating as to whether or not it was even a sincere, genuine admission? Could it have been staged so the media would back off her apparent affair? For me personally, I wouldn’t put it past her! Yes, she went on about her kids but quite honestly it’s a right OLD sad affair! Old being the operative word for 53-year-old Denise, who quite reasonably you would imagine would know a whole lot better.

She drank her way through the Celebrity Big Brother house and wondered what the big fuss was… she was even branded “emotionally disturbed” a little harsh? Maybe, yet possibly not. Her drinking was quite clearly out of control and that, quite simply cannot have helped matters. As much as her apparent EX husband is vile on every level, you cannot help but feel sorry for him and just wonder how the hell he coped! Why is Denise even allowed on our television screens? Is she a good role model? No! To be honest, I was astonished that she didn’t life up her top during the process of spilling her heart out onto the overly sized studio desk.

The thing which really got my coat was Andrea Mclean patting her on the back and whispering sweet nothings. THEN referring to her own marriage breakup, clearly she is trying even harder to sell copies of her rather naff autobiography. Furthermore, the other irritant better known as Coleen Nolan (or the “fat one” as she is so regularly referred to) then approached a newspaper and said how “proud” of Denise she is and how “hard” it must have been for her! “Hard” how? it’s all a con let’s be honest, don’t get me started on Coleen who is yet to do anything in the slightest bit interesting in her career.

Overall… was she believable? No! Was it sincere? I’m doubtful. But Denise once again managed to get herself plastered (all over the newspapers I mean… this time not via liquid!) and has yet more publicity for being nothing other than a bad acting irritant. I have no idea what shall occur next in Miss Welch’s career, but whatever it may be I’m sure it shall be surrounded and engulfed in tackiness and mutton!

Alex Polizzi is a “Darling!”

Alex Polizzi is a true fixer!

Isn’t Alex Polizzi a darling? I don’t mean that in a female patronising manner, but that is Ms Polizzi’s favourite expression whilst in mid conversation with folk! Best known for inspecting hotels on Channel 5, she has now moved over to the BBC fixing family businesses!  With her despise of procrastination & her loveable & elegant blooming personality, Never has there been such a brilliant programme!

The Hotel Inspector was becoming to look a little dated on Channel 5, as there is only so many times one can brand ones hotel a complete disgrace! This new venture, however fits Ms Polizzi’s unique personality and charm perfectly. The series started off in a Bridal shop run by a mother and 2 daughters, the business was run with no substance whatsoever, however to cut a long story short, after Polizzi got involved and gave some excellent advice… the business was bringing in some rather decent profit! But the programme wasn’t just a monotoned, boring “you do this, then do that” oh no, it was full of Alex’s personality, who undoubtedly makes the show… dare I say it in a far more effective way than Mary Portas. Her elegance, charm and professionalism is apparent and she certainly doesn’t hold back on the opinions! Saying that, I found it immensely funny how on more than once occasion she had to hold herself back so not to resort to using the ever so commonly used four letter swear word! Clearly holding herself back, she resorted to the use of “friggin” clearly the BBC, have influenced her expressive mouth, whereas of course Channel 5 who take any risk possible allowed her to go all out wild!

Forget meeting any of my celebrity idols, having a Starbucks and a chat with Ms Polizzi would satisfy me far more! She may come across a little insincere with her overly dramatic kisses in the air to say goodbye to her business owners, but without a doubt she is the best of the best! I do hope the BBC take note of the series openers impressive ratings, and that she is widely used in other TV projects. Oh and before I forget she has the most outrageous fashion sense! Last week were treated to  seeing her in an outfit which had many similarities to a Canary! in-fact forget the programme, just watch it for pure Alex Polizzi TV gold!

The series “Alex Polizzi the Fixer” airs Tuesday’s at 8pm on BBC 2 and HD… it’s a must watch!

Blockbusters revival to be host by Simon Mayo!

Simon Mayo promoting the new Blockbusters.

It isn’t an irregular thing these days for classic TV shows to be reincarnated and brought into the recent times kicking and screaming. So many have tried, and many of them only to fail ever so badly on their proverbial!

This time, however I am feeling ever so positive about Challenge TV’s attempt to bring back the classic “Blockbusters” into the year 2012. Yes, I wasn’t born when it aired, but I know about it through repeats, and undeniably Bob Holness was an out-and-out legend. Since Bob’s sad death only a month or so ago, Challenge then made the decision to bring back the programme after repeats of the originals have been a phenomenal success. This time round, the show won’t solely focus on students and we have Radio 2 presenter Bob Mayo taking charge of the proceedings, and overall I feel it couldn’t have been a better decision! (Aside from LBC Presenter Steve Allen, who for me would have been perfection!) even despite Challenge’s failed attempts in the past to bring back TV shows, the worst being that of the classic darts based quiz show Bullseye, of which they decided to drag Dave Spikey in for… this time I am holding out all hope that the all new Blockbusters, even though not as good as the original, shall be a commendable effort.

Simon Mayo, only apparently agreed to the presenting job owing to the fact that the revival format’s spirit of the show “will be exactly the same”.

Speaking about the show he said:

“No-one needs to worry, It will be exactly the same – same set, same board, the same theme tune, although slightly updated. The prizes will probably be the same too, although you don’t win a dictionary, you win an e-reader.”

Mayo also revealed that the game show will feature contestants of all ages rather than solely students and revealed that “there is a lot of talk about a celebrity edition”.

“It is a feel-good programme,” he said. “It would be nice to do Bob proud.”

Apparently the show has even been recreated twice prior to this, once with Michael Aspel for BBC 2 in 1997 and then again with Liza Tarbuck on Sky 1 in 2003, however none of them gaining the same popularity as the original.

I think we should all give Simon and the shows new format a chance! Yes, it won’t be the same asking for a “P please Simon?” however the spiritual fun of it all shall all be there, and I’m sure Bob would be proud that his television baby is being given a chance to see the light of day once more.

Good luck to all involved.

Saddened By actor Ben Richard’s cancer diagnosis!

Actor Ben Richards, as his character in The Bill.

How saddened I was to hear about former Footballer’s Wives & The Bill actor Ben Richards, being diagnosed with the dreaded cancer at the mere age of 39. He happened to be my one of my favourites in both of those programmes, and for him to go through such an ordeal. albeit only words… I must send him all the best wish messages I possibly can, a real tragedy and my heart goes out to him.

Taking to Twitter, Mr Richards said:

‘After getting scariest news yesterday, I have to now postpone my LA adventure for at least six months. I was born a fighter and will fight this.

A day later, he then added:
‘Great meeting with oncologist today, lovely guy, v. positive, I was terrified he’d give me bad news.’
He then went on to thank his wife Helen, stating that she is the ‘rock by my side.’ Following his appointment, he took to twitter once more to confirm,
‘Yep, time to battle the big C. Prognosis is good gang and should kick this into touch in about six months, well this should be a different journey xx’.
This isn’t the first time tragedy has struck for Mr Richards and his family, as since himself and his wife Helen married in 2003, owing to a rare medical condition they have lost four babies, all stillborn. Devastating and unimaginable to wonder what he must have gone through.

Mr Richards, who starred as PC Nate Roberts in The Bill and Bruno Milligan in Footballer’s wives, has not revealed which type of cancer he is suffering from, but has supported several cancer charities for years, including Teenage Cancer Trust.

He is also a patron of the Chestnut Tree Hospice and ran 10k for Cancer Research UK in 2009.

I sincerely hope Ben gets himself through this ordeal, owing to everything else he has been through, he is seemingly made of the strong stuff! Let’s hope we see him back on our TV screens or indeed the Theatre stage very soon!

TV Presenter Lisa Brash launches a company which CARES!

Shopping channel favourite Lisa Brash, launches the Caring Candle Company!

For shopping TV fans, you may know Lisa Brash as the “gobby” one, the “loud” one or even the “crude” one from Bid Tv & Price Drop. Since her joining  the channels in 2005, she has become the favourite amongst many and has secured herself an extremely loyal fanbase. Despite her brashness, underneath the frontage lays a family loving 38-year-old whose life in recent years has changed forever.

Lisa’s mother Freda was diagnosed with cancer over 12 months ago, whilst the year before Lisa lost her father Les, following a stroke brought on when he developed deep vein thrombosis during an airline flight. A tragedy, and unthinkable to most of us.

Her 59-year-old father spent four weeks in a coma in South Korea, but died of a brain haemorrhage. Following the loss of her father, Lisa then was diagnosed with Bipolar after self harming.

A true saddening experience, my heart goes out to her. But this woman is an inspiration. She had dealt with her dads death the best she could, 12 months later, yet then to be given the news about her mother’s condition, must have been to say the least… destroying! Lisa wanted to do something for her mum, she admits to not being great with words, and thus ended up making a candle for her. A candle with all her heart and all her soul.

“I really wanted to get her something to show my support, but I didn’t want to get her flowers, as it wasn’t a celebration, which is why I made her a candle,”

said Lisa speaking to The Shields Gazette.

“I made it with soya wax with the scent of baby talc – something which she could light when she came back from chemotherapy, to relax to.”

Naming it the Candle of Hope, Ms Brash then went on to make a candle in memory of her father using different scents.

She added:

“As I was making the candles, I realised there was a business opportunity, as well as a way of raising money for charity.

“After my dad died, my way of dealing with his death was to do as much research as I could on what took his life and I was shocked to discover the impact strokes have on people each year. I decided to set up a business making bespoke candles, with money from each sale going to a charity nominated by the buyer on the website.”

After setting up her company, which cares… she now hopes to raise thousands from the venture.
The Caring Candle in my opinion is something which can only be commended. The love is apparent, the personal aspect is overwhelming and her efforts are admirable. A true great cause, yet so simple.
As well as individual candles for sale, Ms Brash has also designed a deluxe basket containing a collection of candles, to raise money for the Les Brash Foundation.

Cash collected through the foundation will be distributed annually.

Local cancer charities including Cancer Connections, the Charlie Bear for cancer charitable fund and St Clare’s Hospice are also set to benefit.

The glasses containing the candles can also be refilled and engraved to personalise them.

I would like to sincerely congratulate Lisa on all her hard work and efforts going into her new company. She is an inspiration to us all, a real woman, with real stories… who shows that life really isn’t a bed of roses at all. She has touched my heart, and I’m sure many others. Her simple admission of her downfalls is something which in my opinion adds to her overall wonderful persona.

I wish Lisa, the very best of luck and I urge you all to visit:


She continues to present on the shopping channels at certain times, however, now her main focus is simply caring & candles!

Below is Ms Brash’s Youtube video appeal as she goes all out to promote and advertise her new caring business.

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A new month, a new start? Random irritations of the week, National Television Awards were laughable, BBC spend £22 million on new singing show “The Voice” & The Big Breakfast set to return in time for Olympics!

February is HERE! A new month, a new start, a new outlook. Looking back on January… it has been an eventful one hasn’t it? Never has there been a month filled with so much opportunity and excitement, for myself at least. Only a pinch of negativity, and that came from just one single day and albeit probably the worst day of my life to date… I can for sure say that they other 30 days were bloody brilliant! Another busy month I’m very pleased to say, it really is worth getting up in the morning when you are so busy isn’t it? I’m looking forward to a few more exciting ventures and getting the broadcasting aspect of my career off to a good start! I wish everybody reading this a happy February and I’m sure you are all going to be far more financially well off, now that you have paid off a few pounds from those credit card bills!

How thrilled I was the other day when I was congratulated by one of my old college friends for all the work I do in terms of writing. She is at university studying journalism, and she could not envisage doing all the writing projects I am currently involved with at the moment. She’s at university, she’s enjoying it and getting the full benefit… yet is she getting professional experience? No! Could I see myself in university, sat there with my Parker pen twiddling it in my mouth? Not really! Do I feel I should have gone to university? Certainly not! I thought about it when I had the option, but it just wasn’t for me. I thought to myself when my friend said that, why on earth are you putting yourself through so much financial strain? In order to obtain a degree? What use is certification and a gown, if you have no job? Shall you have a job when you have finished university? More than likely not! How ridiculous. Yes, for sure it is nice to gather experience from professionals, however why build up your hopes if you aren’t necessarily going to get a job after all your efforts? It sounds like a waste of time to me! Rest assured, I am fully confident that I am doing the right thing. I am working hard, I am striving and have learnt how to touch-type right on my very ownsome! I am churning out writing projects as if I have been mechanically built to do so and I am absolutely loving it! Yes, I would like to learn shorthand albeit not a method used much these days, but it is a nice traditional skill to have. There is always night schools, or even the option to teach myself via the internet when convenient. Education now revolves around us rather than through a government system. Quite frankly, leaving the likes of college was the best thing to happen to me. since leaving I have achieved far more than I ever did at college, however I shall not grumble as it;s a formal qualification. One of those qualifications everyone seems to moan on about having. Professionally and career wise, my experience is ever-increasing and I am getting glowing reviews… what more could I want?

One thing which irritates me is the ongoing thought that I feel I must prove myself. Some people do simply not give me justice. They expect the less from me, they expect me not being able to construct a sentence, how wrong they are! Just because I am not waving a formal paper in-front of their face, they think I am as thick as a brick. As much as I find it extremely nauseating, I suppose it is my job to simply prove those doubters wrong, of which I am. Nothing like surprising somebody is there? All about the confidence and believing in yourself, something which I am learning by myself. Let’s hope the rest of 2012 allows me to spread my wings further, but not all at once mind. I don’t wish to be overwhelmed to an unbearable extent!

Random irritations of the week:

It’s the popular part of my weekly ramblings were no celebrity wants to see themselves. I declare who has really got on my goat this week and just who are my random irritations!

Be quiet! Daniel speaks out...

Don’t get me wrong I’m a lover of Harry Potter! Daniel’s acting I liked and quite frankly I think he is an idyllic casting for the film franchise. Daniel is now promoting his new film “Woman in black” and good lord he’s an irritant! Suddenly we find out he was dependant on alcohol, he doesn’t mind getting naked, he likes his women in a certain way and he doesn’t talk much to Rupert Grint! Plus he shrugged his shoulders when asked about his apparent £51 Million fortune. Be quiet Daniel, your suddenly becoming an irritating so and so!

Tulisa... Who is she?!


I’m quite honestly sick of the sight of Tulisa Contostavlos. She turns up here, she turns up there, she parties here and she parties there. She just seems to always be in the papers coming out of clubs, and this week whining over a relationship breakup and stressing over her upcoming solo album! Were simply not interested! Go away and take your Little MUFFINS with you!




Caroline Flack craves publicity!


I cannot stand any more speculation about Caroline Flack’s love life. I couldn’t give a FOUR X if she is with 18-year-old Harry Styles, Olly Murs or Prince Harry! This woman craves publicity like no other. The age difference of her relationship isn’t an issue, however if she doesn’t want to discuss it, then keep it private! Her presenting is weak and she has been round the block a few times. Another example how you can gain a career through looks alone, because she certainly hasn’t got the tiniest molecule of a brain cell!


Ant & Dec need bringing down a peg or two!

At first Ant & Dec have it all. The genuinity, the likeability and the gimmick of being smiling Geordie buddies! Now, however fame has gone to their heads and I for one don’t like it. Unbelievably they got another award at the NTA’S for yet another consecutive year and why?! They certainly don’t write their own jokes on I’m a celebrity! Then, they have the audacity to blast Alexandra Burke’s guest X Factor appearance. I’m sorry lads, but I don’t think you could do much better! Those smiley grins are rapidly turning into smugness!

NTA’S were laughable!

National Television Awards were embarassing.

 Is it just me or were the National Television Awards this week on ITV completely laughable? The whole show seemed to be an entire mockery of the television industry, rather than that of an award celebration. For a start, the attendees… who on earth invited Kerry Katona and Amy Childs? Why? What on earth have they got to do with the supposedly iconic NTA’S? Kerry Katona looked as desperate as ever, Amy Childs was as embarrassing as usual and simply do not get me started on the Loose Women lot that turned up looking like old age saggy mutton. Never has there been such a visual display of drooping flesh in the history of television. Aside from the guests, the event seemed to be specifically based around Simon Cowell. The X Factor won, Ant and Dec won (who work for Simon Cowell) the musical entertainment, or in this case the musical embarassment was provided by Little Mix who managed to successfully sing every note out of key and any of the other awards were an absolute joke. Along with the fact that no other network programming aside from ITV’S seemed to get a look in. Don’t even get me started on Dermot O Dreary! Seemingly the ITV have held any other presenters aside from Phillip Schofield and Dermot hostage, thus we have to suffer with them on every single programme.

The Best Serial Drama was awarded to Coronation Street – Why? How? Eastenders has far better acting and storylines, whilst Coronation Street is laughable and has now had a genre change to that of a comedy show! All the characters are one-dimensional and have no structure whatsoever.

The Best Talent Show – The X Factor! How? The ratings were dire and Strictly come dancing beat them pretty much every single week, ridiculous. Dare I say Simon Cowell could have influenced votes? Possibly not. Either way, a mockery and it just goes to show with the last series that the interest in the show has severely declined.

The Best Reality programme I’m a celebrity! How? Purely on the basis of Ant & Dec? Because the contestants themselves last year were as dull as yesterday’s dish water!

The Best Factual programme This Morning! Why? The show is a shadow of its former self and it now relies on Jeremy Kyle like guests with crazy stories to tell and something which is best suited for Take a break magazine! Don’t get me started on “The Hub”

The Best Newcomer Jacqueline Jossa! How on earth? She is one of the worst in Eastenders! in-fact, get rid of around 6 characters in Eastenders and you would be fine, for a teenager to play an alcoholic is easy! I know myself, I got an A in drama GCSE!

Gary Barlow was given an award for charity work… why? Yes, don’t get me wrong he did amazing for the Children in Need rocks concert in Manchester, however must you receive some form of certification for organising charitable causes these days? How naff! You shouldn’t need recognition for such things. Then of course Jonathan Ross as a “Special Recognition” why? He shouldn’t be allowed on the television at all after his actions over at the BBC, what a disgrace!

The whole event just showed what a shambles television is in the year 2012. Is it a wonder Alesha Dixon snubbed the awards? We have seemingly lost all understanding of what good quality television is all about, then again I should have suspected it owing to the fact Geordie Shore has been commissioned for a second series. That being said there are some wonderful hidden gems amongst all the guff! Prisoner’s Wives starts this week on BBC One, plus a rather interesting programme about family run businesses presented by the delightful Alex Polizzi. Shall they be recognised as decent programming? Certainly not! The only worthy award was for Downton Abbey, such a shame not all television is in its league!

BBC Spend £22 Million on “The Voice” to rival Cowell shows!

BBC put their money on the voice!

You may actually wonder why on earth you pay your TV license? What does the BBC do for you? It’s supposed to be our network, as of course taxpayers own it, however realistically the BBC do as they please and provide whatever THEY like. You may be wondering recently just what the BBC are spending our money on? Well, of course recently it was the large Media City complex at Salford Quays, however in terms of programming of late it would seem not a right lot! I hardly imagine David Jason’s flop (apparent) comedy show “The Royal Bodyguard” cost more than a cent to produce… and I’m sure the script was written on the underlay of a Heinz Soup tin!

Should you not be aware of the latest goings on at the British Broadcasting Cooperation… they have spent £22 Million to provide us with their new upcoming TV talent competition “The Voice” to rival that of any of Simon Cowell’s programming, specifically Britain’s Got Talent, which looks set to broadcast at the same time as this new highly publicised singing show. “Another singing based programme” I hear you say, however for me personally, from what I have seen from the American version, it shall be a show you certainly should not miss! The judges, for our show are… Tom Jones, Will.I,Am. (William) Jessie J & Will Young sorry I mean Danny O’Donoghue. Will Young was snubbed by the BBC and replaced at the last minute, instead we have a none entity seemingly nobody has heard of, which indeed is a shame as I’m sure Will would have brought something different to the proceedings.

The concept or gimmick is that the judges shall not be able to see the contestants during their time on the show. (Until the final of course) the judging needs to be purely based on THE VOICE rather than the look and apparent “overall package” what Simon Cowell always drones on about. Of course, us clever people know that what Simon Cowell means by “Overall Package” is basically somebody who has good looks, not overweight and the ability to sing is last on his checklist. Have we ever seen someone overweight or of a certain age winning the X Factor show? No we haven’t! That could be set to change with BBC’S far superior competition as again, the judging is based purely on the VOICE. A simple, yet elegant concept which simply makes sense. Clever!

The BBC are seriously putting risk and a lot of hope and praying that this really is the ratings success they envisage, and I for one hope it is! The only downside is the presenters, Holly Willoughby & Reggie Yates. The latter being incredibly annoying and deluded, however we shall surpass that and hope that the shows format speaks for itself, which for the gimmick and the price the BBC have paid lets hope it does!

BBC executives are apparently,

“Under Pressure”

to out perform Simon Cowell’s BGT. Which if anything should be taken from last years performance, it shouldn’t be a problem, however with the addition of Alesha Dixon and David Walliams… and of course Simon himself this year, this battle looks to be an interesting one! For me personally, I shall be watching all of The Voice, even if I despise it! It cannot be worse than X Factor, and I would simply watch just to damage Simon Cowell’s precious ratings. Spiteful? Most certainly! Then again, I’m a fan of Alesha Dixon, so for the first time in 3 years I may just force myself to at least watch the opening episode of BGT. Nothing like a good ratings battle!

The show is currently filming its initial stages and a source, speaking to the daily mail said:

“There is an awful lot of pressure, given the money spent on the format, for the ratings to be good, But at the moment all signs are that it will be cash well spent.”

Even Simon Cowell is worried about this new concept. Recently in an interview he branded the show as a “challenge” he said:

“The BBC must be confident because they have put it up against this show,” he said. “They want to make a competition out of it. So we’ve got to make [Britain’s Got Talent] better. Everyone benefits because of that.”

Maybe this shall be the show to destroy Simon’s empire! Okay, I’m not that mean, but Simon has been in need of some stiff competition for years and I think this could be the show which has worried him the most since his reign of the TV schedules!

Are you happy that your license fee has gone towards such an expense to fund yet another singing based reality show? Shall you be watching The Voice or BGT? Vote in the poll below:

The Big Breakfast to return to Channel 4 for Olympics?

The Big Breakfast to make a shock return to rival Daybreak?

Breakfast television is something of a tricky problem. You need serious news, but not too hard-hitting. You want it fun, but without it taking the Michael! BBC’S Breakfast is the best we have to offer in the UK, but even that is a little too news focused for its own good. We had GMTV, which albeit needed adjusting in its latter stages, it worked. Anything, however  is better than “Daybreak” which we have at the moment, which still to this day is failing to impress, falling flatter than a pancake and is basically dying on its proverbial!  Bleakley & Chiles were at first the problem, however even since their removal the show has gone from bad to worse. Kate Garraway is still struggling to find a personality and Dan Lobb is as thick as two planks. The format is a complete yawn fest and the presentation is dire. Give them thumbus up for efforts to attempt to improve, but the fact is… the Daybreak brand is destroyed forever. Their mindless attempt of changing their logo from purple to orange is a shambles, no matter how much they attempt to morph back into its prodecessor, it just isn’t working.

Back in the 90’s there was an array of choices to have your cornflakes with, the leading being Channel 4’s Big Breakfast. Originally fronted by Chris Evans and Denise Van Outen the show pulled in millions day after day and had a solid fan base, thus making it one of the most successful TV shows of all time. Yes there was news, however games, frolics, fun and basically didn’t take itself too seriously and yes, it worked! Despite it seeming to be quite nineties in this day and age, it looks set to make a return on either Channel 4 or Channel 5 in time for the Olympics and to rival the struggling Daybreak. The show wouldn’t be fronted by Chris and Denise, however one of the former hosts Amanda Byram (who sometimes stands in for Louise Redknapp on Something for the weekend) looks most likely to be returning. When asked about the claims she said:

“There’s a big gap in the market.”

The producers have gained permission to use the original house and should it be a ratings success, it may even become a permanent morning fixture once more!

What a fantastic idea this is. To bring back such an iconic show, which even I know about (even if I never watched it) would be one of the best ideas and should Channel 4 or 5 get it, then without a doubt it may bring back popularity to the drivel that is Breakfast television. Of course it would have to be modernised so not to look dated, but it could be exactly what we needed!

Let’s hope it is true and that some “frolics” return to our mornings once more.

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Opportunities really do knock, Sick of Coronation Street, Random Irritations of the week, Celebrity Big Brother becomes unmissable, “Celebrity” Coach Trip Scrapes the Barrel, Geordie Shore is an embarassment & Rachel Adedeji to become a club sensation!

Another week passes us by and what a brilliant one it has been, but my how quick it has gone! This week, I can truly say has been inspiring, exciting, thought provoking and career led! Lots of exciting things to come over the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share as you follow my journey into my dreams. Writing is dominating my life ever so much at current times, yet of course I love it dearly. Even though writing is my passion and niche in life… I also have been exploring opportunities in terms of broadcasting. Sometimes it is nice to give the typing fingers a break! Many things to come in such a small amount of time, do keep checking out the blog for updates as I document my journey into an already launched career!

My mum has just been telling me how she has just spoken to a friend of which she hasn’t seen for years. How filled with joy she has suddenly become. I always find it amusing when people meet up for the first time in ages and start to simply swap gossip and successes in each of their lives, ever so nearly turning it into a competition of just who has achieved the most and who has done the most. Friends of course come and go as I have experienced myself and this week, I am back in touch with an old friend from college and how lovely it was to hear from her. A good old Starbucks and a meet up is on the horizon… I just need to find time in my now somewhat packed diary!

I was sick of hearing the fuss surrounding Monday night’s Coronation Street. I’m presuming it was the wedding of Steve and Tracy? Both of which the characters are completely one dimensional and the actors are even worse. Never has the once loved Mancunian soap been so naff. The story lines are unoriginal, the acting is diabolical and quite frankly the cobbles need a good scrub. The sooner the show employ some actors who can actually ACT, the happier we all shall be. Eastenders on the other hand in terms of acting have some real gems on the show, but then again just as much have some real turkey’s! The new actress who plays Lucy, mumbles through most of her script, whilst Ben Mitchell is quite simply weak. Emmerdale isn’t even worth considering and the fact is if we were just left with Eastenders as our only soap then that would be perfectly adequate. It is no wonder in America they have dropped around 8 of their long-running soap operas in the space of around 2 years… what we need are more high-quality, well acted gritty dramas such as Casualty, then we really shall have some decent television on offer!

Random irritations of the week:

It’s the popular part of my weekly ramblings were no celebrity wants to see themselves. I declare who has really got on my goat this week and just who are my random irritations!

Andrea is simply fame hungry!

Originally on GMTV she was acceptable as the “smiling weather girl” but since joining Loose Women has turned into a smug, irritating little madam with a dull personality! This week she has revealed to be going through a second divorce and suffering post-natal depression. Why? She has a book out! Who on earth is interested? Andrea, you’re boring, boring, boring. Stop wasting everyone’s time and seeking free publicity!

Vile. Jodie Marsh is repulsive.

Jodie Marsh needs her head examining. Not only has she got the most repulsive of personalities, but she looks as if the cat has just dragged her in… literally from a skip. The new turned body builder is ghastly, arrogant and unbelievably unpopular. I couldn’t give a monkey’s about her past, botched boob job or anything else. Her constant bickering with TOWIE stars is becoming as tiresome as looking at her roots… Pete Burns’s opinion of you maybe somewhat graphic… but at least it’s somewhat right!

Simon Cowell's Ego needs altering!

Simon Cowell unquestionably is good at what he does. He’s made a career on bringing us some “leading” and “innovative” entertainment shows. Now, however, they are nothing other than tacky, boring and a case of same old, same old… but that doesn’t seem to stop us all from watching! That being said, they were a flop last year and his arrogance was nothing other than an annoyance. Last year he had a failure on his hands with all of his UK shows and this year he is trying to make a difference, but unless he can show his genuinity without me seeing pound signs in his eyes, I won’t be watching!

David Walliams - Not entertaining nor funny!

When Simon Cowell is employing the likes of Mr UNfunny himself > David Walliams, then in my opinion he has no chance of trying to make a success of things. You may disagree of course, but never has there been such an unfunny irritant in this world. Little Britain was funny for all of 5 minutes and quite frankly without his sidekick Matt, he is as entertaining and as dull as dishwater. The editors of Britain’s got talent are apparently have to do ” a lot of editing” owing to his sexual innuendos and foul mouth on the show. Is this man really suitable for family entertainment? I can confidently say I have more talent in my little finger. Who would have thought he would have a super model as a girlfriend to boot? Saying that who would have thought he was Heterosexual?

Celebrity Big Brother row, made unmissable TV!

Denise Welch and Nicola Mclean ROW over "pantsgate"

Channel 5 really are trying their best with Celebrity big brother and this year it seems to be working. The ratings are impressive and I would predict that it is pretty much signed and sealed that the shows producers shall sign another contract with the channel to enable future years and future series. This week we witnessed unmissable television, something which trended on Twitter worldwide and something which proved that Big Brother is a psychological challenge for all involved.

Denise Welch (star of Loose Women) was once again under the influence of alcohol and singing happily and merrily to Karaoke with fellow housemates and twins (“stars” of the playboy mansion) Kristina and Karissa Shannon. Mid-song and from seemingly nowhere, Denise then proceeded to pull down Karissa’s trousers slightly, thus resulting in the start of a very large house uproar. Karissa began to show her disapproval and upset to Denise, demanding an apology of which she received straight away. Problem solved? Don’t be silly! Karissa then stormed into the diary room threatening to “sue” producers, should they show her backside on television. This being from a playboy model who has shown her backside more than she’s eaten anything with 0.01% of a calorie in it. She demanded, she insisted, she screamed & she shouted. Big Brother then called in her twin Kristina in order to try and bring some much needed calmness to the proceedings. The threat of suing the producers of the show continued and how surprised I was in Channel 5 actually showing us that footage. Things were far from over though. The twins then left the diary room and started to argue with Denise, resulting in Frankie Cocozza getting involved in trying to stick up for Denise, proving himself to unbelievably be a decent person and has since become the bookmakers favourite to win the reality show. EX Glamour model Nicola Mclean then attempted to intervene, however Denise told her to not get involved owing to the fact that she was an EX glamour model who used to get her bits out for a living! This of course didn’t go down well and so a screaming match began to start between Nicola and Denise.

Mid argument, Denise then stated she was saddened that Nicola (as part of a previous task) hadn’t hesitated in shredding a letter from her loved ones so that Nicola instead, could get her letter from home. Resulting in further tears, tantrums and explosions! The argument continued thereafter as the on-going slanging match between The Twins and Frankie was heating up. After Denise had left the lounge, and the twins had gone back into the diary room… Nicola then started to have an on-screen tantrum and breakdown near the doors insisting she wanted to leave, along with slamming things, crying and basically seeing a repeat of Vanessa Feltz’s breakdown from all those years ago. Big Brother had to calm her down through the microphone as she was unable to enter the diary room due to the twins being in there. As things went on, the twins stated that they would sue Frankie for “Sexual harassment” and they continued to protest that their manager wouldn’t be happy with the nights events.

The ambiance was bleak, depressing and a pin could be heard should one of dropped… things only began to end when Denise returned into the house from the garden, when fellow house mate Gareth Thomas insisted and demanded that she should go to bed, despite her efforts of wanting to see Nicola.

Never has there been such dramatic moments. The nights episode was one of the best from Big Brother from recent years and it just went to show how well Channel 5 are doing in terms of editing and making the show its own, compared to that of when Channel 4 had the rights to it.

My thoughts? Where do I begin! Denise of course started the night of war with her foolish action of pulling down a playboy bunnies trousers (Of course I’m sure she has experienced that sensation many times!) however, Denise cannot be blamed for the drama unfolded. Yes she was stupid, but she apologised immediately, of course it wouldn’t have occurred should she have not been drunk for the umpteenth time. The twins are, to say the very least, mind blowing. Their confidence is so much, they are unable to identify reasonably what is going on in-front of them. They cannot sue the producers because they have signed a contract, they cannot state they don’t want their backside to be shown when they are EX members of the playboy mansion and to say that they will sue Frankie for “Sexual Harassment” is nothing other than laughable. He has behaved in a childish manner, but certainly nothing overly expletive. Nicola Mclean is simply vile. Her attitude stank more than Frankie’s left overs and her behaviour towards Denise was despicable. 2 Faced and a repulsive and vindictive liar. She has no consideration for others and is one of the most ghastly people to walk this planet. Herself and the twins showed themselves up to be utterly idiotic. In defence of the twins, undoubtedly they are a clever pair! They have previously said they have many ideas of how to get “more airtime” and they did just that. They aren’t thick as you would simply imagine by their appearance, but in-fact have their wits about them and are incredibly intelligent businesswomen. Not to be messed with!

I cannot believe I am saying this, but Frankie Cocozza came across as the only one out of the bunch to be a decent human being. He was reasonable, he made sense, he defended Denise who people were overreacting to without reason and unsurprisingly he is now the bookies favourite to win. He seems a decent lad at the root, I feel should he not hang around with lowlifes, he may just have a decent career at his finger tips. It just goes to show how Alcohol is one of the most dangerous things when somebody sips too much. Denise needs help with her drink and Frankie just needs to grow up! Seeing these adults behave in such a way after a glass or 2, further adds to my reasoning of why I don’t drink and never will and why any of you that does drink too much need to seriously get a grip and have some basic intelligence!

It was a show which proved that Big Brother can still be looked at as a psychological test for these celebrities, it may be a little intrusive at times… but it really has stepped up its game, well done Channel 5!

Channel 4’s Coach Trip is scraping the barrel!

"Celebrity" Coach Trip is utter tripe!

Maybe we should be used to these naff Celebrity orientated tacky shows by now, but quite honestly it never fails to shock me just how much they can scrape the barrel. The concept of Channel 4’s Coach Trip is actually a good one, however it has been ruined by having none stop series and quite frankly this latest celebrity series is the worse to date. Just some of the passengers to have taken part in the latest series are those of:

Comic duo Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball, etiquette expert Jean Broke Smith, Big Brother 5’s Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace & Nikki Graham. Also EX Politician Edwina Currie and her husband John Jones. The worse of the lot though has to be that of Paul Burrell who isn’t only the biggest wuss I have ever been unfortunate enough to see, but has come across to be nothing more than a bully and a little obsessive with Princess Diana.

A second doesn’t seem to go by without Mr Barrell referring to the late princess. The trouble is, he can now say exactly what he likes without comeback, owing to the fact she is no longer here. He is a wuss, a bully and quite frankly you just wish he would shut up and disappear never to be seen again. Tommy and Bobby bring nothing new to the table and in-fact their humour feels so old and out of date it makes them appear to be completely out of their depth. Ex Big Brother contestants Nikki and Aisleyne funnily enough were my favourite of the lot. Not just because of their age but they had something of a likeable charm about them… something which none of the other housemates unfortunately had. Nikki had one of her signature outbursts and tantrums though, which was slightly embarrassing… yet to be expected. Yes, she needs to grow up but that is of course what she is known for and at least it brought far more humour to the Proceedings than one of the apparent comic duo of Tommy and Bobby’s naff jokes!

Edwina Currie I for one rather like, but my lord isn’t she a miserable so and so? Quite frankly during her lifetime she has probably cracked far more eggs than smiles! Talking of eggs, I’m sick of all the jokes surrounding her to do with hem. Yes, I have just done one but good lord how irritating. Maybe that’s why she goes around looking like a bad egg all the time?!

The show in general in my opinion is just craving out for a rest and a refresh. How many more series filled with Z-listers can they commission? It’s an absolute shambles! Brendan is fantastic though, however he simply deserves more. Come on Channel 4 we need some new ideas!!! Something fresh and exciting. Don’t get me started on Deal or No Deal.

Geordie Shore Cast are an embarassment!

Geordie Shore cast are simply a bad influence!

I make it a regular occurrence with my numerous writing platforms, to mention that these days our youth simply have no DECENT celebrity idols. The youth undoubtedly are influenced by the likes of the cast of TOWIE, however quite simply are not the kind of idols to have!

The bunch of prats above are the cast for the upcoming series 2 of the reality show based in Newcastle which is that of Geordie Shore. It’s astonishing to think that people look up to these bunch of buffoons whose wild antics are that explicit I couldn’t possibly write about them! I’m no prude by any means but quite simply the lads can do nothing other than drink and have sex, whilst it is exactly the same for the girls! Classy! One of the cast, Gary Beadle (pictured in the middle) recently got into a spat with a fellow male cast member over “bedding a girl!” how delightful. He has been warned by bosses of the show and as a result has been axed from one of the shows episodes. Yet they still allow him to be on it! If you want to watch something which is low rent, then this is the show for you… not one of the people pictured above have a single brain cell, in-fact if they had any intelligence they would be dangerous. Never have I seen such a bunch of untalented idiots on a TV programme. Unless these days you count the fact how many spirits one can consume within a certain time limit is classified as a skill to have, then this bunch haven’t got a chance of achieving bugger all (except a Hangover!) To think these people are classified as a “Celebrity!”

Rachel Adedeji is a talent to watch!

Rachel to become club sensation!

Anybody who gains a record deal through Simon Cowell after the X Factor in my opinion are nothing more than “Generic” and “Boring” with a severe exception to Rebecca Ferguson of course. Alexandra Burke is set to return in a few months time under a new record label, thus meaning I’m sure her music shall be of a more “Exceptional quality” that her last few songs were. Think back to 2009 and Rachel Adedeji may not have won or come second or third, but she was without debate a talent to be had. She hasn’t yet signed to a record label, however has filmed a video for what is hopefully her upcoming single “Club Lights!” the video can be seen below, and if it is anything to go by she shall be a club sensation without a doubt!

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Career coming to plan & opportunities embraced. Random irritations of the week, Antony Worrall Thompson GO AWAY, Hotel Shambles on Channel 4 & Fern Britton brands Doctor Who “Dreary!”

Well I’m wishing you well this week as I present to you  my second column of the somewhat seemingly exciting year that is 2012. I am fully back into the swing of all this writing malarkey at the moment as not a minute goes by were my hands aren’t going 90 to the dozen on my laptop keyboard. The past 7 days have turned out to be a very exciting one. Last year I spoke about how much I would strive and endeavour to embrace and experience every opportunity which came my way and believe you me that is exactly what I am doing. A very exciting opportunity has come my way and I have grasped it with both hands! I’m still keeping it all very close to my chest, however my first piece for this exciting new project has already been typed out and I just cannot wait for it to go online. I have been given so many exciting things I really cannot wait for the rest of what this year has to offer, let me just say that you could be hearing my voice in more ways than one very soon!!!

I can’t believe when I think back to my High School days that I was a really quiet, unconfident guy who never really fit in. I hardly ever uttered a word and just to simply get on with tasks given and lock myself out. Could I go through all that experience again it is unbelievable to think I would be so opposite. Loud, opinionated and confident come to mind and that is something which really gives me a smile… simply to reflect on. Positive comments about yourself and praise really do help in increasing self-esteem. I never look back on times and regret, however I would admit to changing a few things. Funnily enough I have been tweeting somebody who I used to go to high school with and we used to be lets say “enemies” now, however, we have both grown up and I was aghast at to just how on my level he now is! Friendly and unbelievably pleasant. Such a nice thing to see and experience… maybe this could be the start of a very unexpected friendship, whatever it may be it certainly lifted my spirits and added even more positivity to my extremely pleasant last 7 days.

Of course not everything is perfect and there is just some people in your day-to-day real life who you will always find immensely irritating. I had an experience with a person in my life this week via email and quite frankly I have come out of it with my head held up high. Once more Anything one particular person can do I can do better, I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, however do forgive me for being slightly smug… my new-found confidence has to be used to my full advantage very occasionally. Surely?

Random Irritations of the week:

Dancing on Ice presenter... surplus to requirements!

Why on earth have ITV have employed this woman?

Not only are her presenting skills flat but she just stands there and stares blankly into the camera lens! Phil Schofield keeps it all together, good on him!

Denise is vile on Big Brother.

Threatening to punch an American actor I would not consider to be appropriate! This is Denise Welch were talking about. The alcohol comes out and I’m afraid Miss Welch is nothing other than a vile drunk, sheer class!

Paddy Mcguiness... No Likey No Likey No Likey!!!!

Possibly the most tedious prat on TV, Paddy Mcguiness! Made famous by Peter Kay (whose just as naff) this irritant leaves you inflamed with rage with his tacky quotes and cheesy presentation style. Whoever commissioned Take me out are as made as a brush!

Derek Branning - Infuriating!

I am a big fan of Eastenders without a doubt, however the character of Derek Branning is just ghastly. Unlovable character and the actor is naff as well! At least Phil Mitchell is likeable!]

Antony Worrall Thomson – Go Away!!!

Famous thief ISN'T sorry!

Never has there been a man who is more ghastly than AWT. He has committed a CRIME of theft and quite frankly he hasn’t been published, he hasn’t been ashamed… instead he has been given his own BBC documentary and then has the audacity to claim that the media have been to over the top with him. Stealing cheese and wine may be indeed pathetic, however I seems that Tesco have just shrugged their shoulders. Not a caution in site. Maybe if we all start shop lifting from Tesco we would all get the same treatment? Either way he is coming across as a ghastly, vile and arrogant human being who could just simply not give a FOUR X about his actions. He has blamed illness and thus the BBC have given him a programme on helping others. Is he a councillor or something? This has turned out to be the most publicity he has ever had in his career and it just goes to show that there is no such thing as bad publicity! I was just pleased one of his food ventures went bankrupt because I certainly had a jolly good laugh over it! He is showing no remorse, no sympathy or any interest whatsoever. Instead of showing guilt or doing any form of good for the public he is turning up on chat show after chat show stating that he feels he has been put through the “modern-day stocks!”

In the interview he said:

“What I’ve suffered this week is worse than doing a prison sentence,”I would rather have been fined or gone to prison because the Press have been extraordinary.

“It’s just been beyond any relationship to the crime. I mean I wasn’t charged. I was given a rap on the knuckles. I did a crime – I appreciate that. It was very, very stupid and I am very, very embarrassed.”

However, he did not think his actions warranted front-page coverage.

“There are people dying or being murdered and we are pushing them to the side of the page. Is that really right?”

I for one shall not be buying any of his products, food or basically anything which now is attached to Mr Thompson. If I was in charge he would have been locked up and the key firmly thrown a way. Ghastly man, ghastly chef and quite frankly he deserves no publicity and all sponsorship deals to be firmly removed from him. To attempt to steal 5 times from the biggest supermarket is beyond ridiculous. I’m getting really fed up with him now. How anybody can stick up for somebody who has blatantly stolen is beyond me, then again of course blame it all on an illness and you have a free wild card at your disposal.

Thousands of jokes have surfaces online surrounding his law breaking antics, then again why bother when him, himself IS the joke!

Channel 4 Torquay hotel is a shambles!

Torquay hotel is a shambles!

I don’t know if any of you have had the unfortunate experience of catching Channel 4’s new documentary “The Hotel” but it is an absolute shambles, so much so that I thought it was a comedy. Never have you seen such disarray in a place of work in day-to-day life.

We are living in times were businesses are failing left, right and centre. You only have to look at the fashion chain Peacocks which shockingly went into administration over the last week. When respectable businesses such as that are being forced under and out of business, I just do simply not understand how the likes of this utter dive of a hotel in Torquay is surviving. The staff are constantly bickering, there is no team moral, the guests are all very stereotypical and the boss is as mad as a brush and completely unhelpful in the day-to-day running of the place despite his apparent years upon years of experience. “The Grosvenor” sounds alright and looks decent enough at first glance, but once inside you may as well be stepping into Pontins. Cheap, tacky and shambles! How on earth this business is surviving when it is so utterly dire I have no idea. The programme is edited in a way which follows some guests as they have their week or so experience and it is so obviously staged it is embarrassing. Why on earth have Channel 4 commissioned such rubbish? It is nothing more than free publicity for a naff hotel of which in all honesty I would probably stay in Pontins over this ghastly place any day.

Is it too much to ask these days for good service, good food, a good ambiance and friendly staff?

Fern Britton brands Doctor Who “Dreary!” Pot calling kettle?

Fern Britton fights for ever fading publicity...

Fern Britton, she lied about a gastric band, her comeback in 2011 was one of the biggest flops of 2011 and quite frankly since shedding her weight has seemingly become unlikable and cold. To think in her days on ITV’S This Morning she was one of the most popular TV personalities, were as now she struggles to get on the very Z-list of shows. In a bid to gain some form of interest and publicity, Fern appeared on Frank Skinners upcoming new chat show and slated the genre of sci-fi, particularly Doctor Who.

On the show she said:

“I think Doctor Who is the most dreary thing,” she said. “I think it’s… dreary.”

However, Britton confessed that she doesn’t like any sci-fi, adding: “I tried to watch Star Wars three times but I’ve never got past the first 12 minutes as I’ve always fallen asleep.

“I hate sci-fi as it’s not real and all these people who are fans think it’s real and it’s some sort of religion to them.”

I can’t quite believe how quickly we have forgotten about this woman. Her chat show return was beyond DIRE, however I at least thought her regular fans would have supported her new venture, however seemingly not. Could it all be down to telling a few lies over just how she lost her weight? We all remember those tedious rice biscuit Ryvita adverts. She was perfect for This Morning and her on-screen partnership with Phillip Schofield even made him somewhat likeable. Now, however on the very rare occasion she pops up on TV panel shows she comes across as nothing other than a fowl mouthed individual whose public fan base has pretty much disappeared into nothingness. Just what went wrong? She was rumoured to be on Britain’s got talent this year, however luckily for us all it all fell through!

Anyway if she thinks Doctor Who is dreary… I presume that means she hasn’t ever watched any of her own shows she has ever made?

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First blog of 2012… The year of opportunities? Has the definition of a “celebrity” changed? *NEW* Random irritations of the week, Nick Hewer takes over on Countdown, Celebrity Big Brother grips the nation, Dancing on THIN ice & Alan Carr disappoints!

What a pleasure it is to be back doing what I think I do best… blogging! I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas and surely at this stage of January wishing you a Happy New Year is still acceptable? Anyway I do indeed hope that your 2012 is so far proving a fruitful one.

Has my 2012 been a good one so far? Actually not half bad! Already had some very exciting possible future writing opportunities come my way and am currently establishing as to whether or not they shall become a reality, here’s hoping. I have a very good feeling about 2012, aside from the Olympics of course and I’m sure many a Londoner shall be avoiding the capital like the plague when a whole bunch of sportsmen and women hit London like a fly to muck. What a waste of money! Again though, opportunities are coming… I’m ready to receive, embrace and just generally grip things firmly with my somewhat cold hands at the moment. Got many an exciting thing planned and I sincerely hope it is your year just as much as it is mine.

Of course every year brings changes and already 2012 has brought me a day of a non forgettable life experience. It shocked me, however I got through it. I didn’t break down, I didn’t cry nor did I lose the little sanity I have remaining. What I did do however is come to realise a lot about life and people in general. Maybe I should have acted more on my once ambition to become a psychologist! I’m very glad the day happened at the start of January as I can now focus on ME! Not a case of selfishness but acting on the fact I have now finally learnt how to brush things aside completely and reset my mindset at any moment needed. Bugger those that get in my way, try to put their foot in my dreams and ambitions or just those general nasty people in this world… possibly even family members just who knows! What I do know is 2012 is MY year and I intend to make it mine, I surely just need to sign on the dotted line?

I have a blasted ear infection as I type this and quite frankly the only comfortable position I am seemingly able to get in is that of me laying horizontally, unfortunately however, it is not good positioning to type until my heart’s content, thus I am suffering through your PC screens. I demand numerous cups of peppermint tea, sympathy, positivity and another Cadbury’s chocolate coated biscuit from the delightful tin I have left over from Christmas!

I would just like to bring to your attention the fact that I have devised a couple of new pages on the website. At the top right there is now an option for my column and my views on my career within the media. These are now fully accessible and easy to navigate. If you have any questions please email me at

My Atherton Online column is every Thursday.

Has the definition of a “Celebrity” changed? I speculate and enquire owing to the fact that over the last few weeks and over the new year period I have never seen so many non entities appear in newspapers in one way or another trying to flog us their personal lives, sexual relations, drug problems or frankly any form of merchandise with their name attached to it. I’m absolutely sick and tired of seeing the same dreary bunch day in day out. What do these people have to offer this world? A Vajazzle? Quite likely, A sold story about a previous sexual relation? Damn right or maybe an intelligent conversation or basically any form of talent whatsoever? Don’t be stupid! The fact is if you want to become a celebrity you just need to quite simply sell your story to the newspapers or get with Ryan Giggs. I’m thinking of selling my story to The Sun newspaper, my life over a 3 week period. I can assure you now that I would become a millionaire in minutes. Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud hasn’t left one single detail of her dire life to herself, no. Instead just last week we had to see her on the front pages talking about rehab and her ex lover.

Today in the papers the ghastly chef Antony Worrall Thompson has admitted to shoplifting, as a result is on every single newspaper front cover bar one, therefore making him a CELEBRITY! What happened to having a talent? Something to shout about? Something to make you red carpet worthy? As irritating the likes of Madonna is and for sure not everybody’s cup of tea I don’t mind seeing her in the papers… why?. Because she has a talent! I don’t mind seeing actors in papers, proper actors and not bloody soap actors – basically not anybody in Coronation Street why? Because NONE of them can act, in-fact they are laughable. The Only Way Is Essex brigade are without a doubt the most fake people on this planet, a naff little reality show which I’m afraid is on its last legs… we have all just lost interest. A couple of the personalities from the show have tried to build up their own careers, but failed miserably. The fact that ITV’S diabolical breakfast show Daybreak have given Mark Wright a job in fitness pretty much speaks for itself. How on earth they can call him a presenter I have no idea, I thought you at least had to have the ability to string a sentence together. It’s all X Factor rejects, Reality Stars and delusional non entities who are branded as celebrities these days and quite honestly it now seems to have got worser than it has ever been. Even singers in bands now are looked upon to be A Listers. Girlband The Saturdays are just one example, one of the members has been in rehab and milked it for England then another became engaged to a fellow pop star… as a result all over the newspapers. Celebrity split ups have been common in recent times – Katherine Jenkins & Gethin Jones & Katy Perry and Russell Brand to name but two. Are we interested? Certainly not. Especially when they involve the likes of the vile Russell Brand who is as funny as an old mop at the best of times.

Maybe one of these fine days we could be treated to a REAL celebrity. A celebrity which has that fine visible balance between profession and personal, a clear talent and just a nice person. Those three easy yet I would have thought obvious credentials. 2012… could it actually be the year of CELEBRITY?

Random Irritations of the week:

Daybreak logo goes from Purple to Orange!

What on earth are ITV playing at? Daybreak goes from bad to worse. They have finally ditched the gruesome twosome and are pussyfooting around in bringing in a decent pair of replacement presenters. The show has morphed into GMTV with the studio and colour change and the fact we have the ghastly Dan Lobb who has zero intellect and the smug Kate Garraway presenting the show is just yet more reasons not to watch this further sinking ship..

George Lamb's presenting skills

 Channel 4’s ghastly game show “The Bank Job”. The concept was good, however the production element to the show was just embarrassing. Technical problems ruled the show, the iPad broke more than twice, the clock was unreliable and George Lamb’s presenting style was simply a cringe fest! A second series? I think not!

Carol Vorderman - Irritating!

To think Carol Vorderman used to be a classy, intelligent and one of the most respectable TV personalities. Her Countdown days with the late great Richard Whiteley shall never be forgotten. Since joining Loose Women, however, she has turned into nothing more than a cheap tart showing her cleavage! I’m sick of hearing about her party antics and past relationships. Such a shame she swapped the calculator for a wine glass!

BBC axe Sunday Morning Programme!

Astonishingly BBC have decided to axe their BBC 2 Sunday morning flagship show Something for the weekend. The programme pulled in millions of viewers per week, however , owing to budget cuts have axed it to be replaced by repeats. A major online campaign has begun to save the show and I have joined it! We REALLY couldn’t have Louise out of a job now could we lads?

Apprentice Nick Hewer takes over Countdown!

Apprentice favourite is good with words!

How very much I am enjoying Channel 4’s long running intelligent tea time show Countdown, with Apprentice favourite Nick Hewer hosting the proceedings. The show has of course had its fair share of takeovers since the irreplaceable Richard Whiteley, with recent presenter Jeff Stelling being the favourite presenter since Whiteley. In order to focus more on sport, however, Jeff announced he was quitting last year to be replaced by BBC Apprentice favourite Nick Hewer. albeit he is a regular with Lord Sugar and co, Nick has never had a presenting job before and he was given the backing by Lord Sugar himself… as long as it wouldn’t interfere with Apprentice filming, of which it doesn’t. After watching the first few shows with Nick I can simply say that he is the best man to do the job since Richard. Some say he is a little wooden, a little abrupt, however I say his individuality shines through and has given the show a new lease of life! Every presenter is different and Nick’s inexperience in television may be clear at some points, but his sheer raw personality comes through like nothing else and nobody else. Some may say the show should be given the chop after all these years, but why lose one of the only intelligent TV shows broadcasting in recent times? Carol Voderman replacement from 3 years ago Rachel Riley has dramatically improved and has become embedded so well into the show’s workings. Dictionary corner would not be complete without the longest-serving face of the series Susie Dent. She continues to bring fresh input to the show and proves that she really does know the Dictionary from cover to cover!

Give Nick a few weeks and I’m sure he shall polish up the bits in-between. The raw passion, the personality and enthusiasm is there… what’s not to like? Well done Channel 4 on a very good, yet somewhat unusual signing!

Celebrity Big Brother grips the nation!

Big Brother proves successful for Channel 5!

How pleased I am seeing 2012’s Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 doing so well in the ratings. Once more critics panned the long running reality show, yet without a doubt it is holding the ratings and seemingly gripping the nation. The housemates are by far NOT A Listers, however there is the odd gem in there to be thankful for! Natalie Cassidy of Eastenders fame is currently the bookmakers favourite to win the title against Gay rugby player Gareth Thomas. Of course in reality it is a bunch of non entities, but in this close-knit controlled environment is a recipe for success! X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza is showing himself up to be nothing other than a naive, sex crazed and ghastly bafoon… I cannot imagine who on earth would touch him with a barge poll… quite honestly he makes me want to take a long shower every time I have to glance at his laborious face expressions. He may have got through a quarter of the opposite sex in terms of bedding them, however I simply respond to that by saying that I would love to see the girls in which he scored! Then again I suppose I just would need to watch Jeremy Kyle tomorrow morning.

The Only Way Is Essex’s Kirk Norcross is lacking in terms of brain cells and he revealed exclusively that he suffers from ADHD! In terms of conversation he is unfortunately lacking in any form of intelligence whatsoever and aside from sexual references and the odd swear word I’m afraid that’s all we get with him. Very boring and a complete waste of space!

Nicola McLean is showing herself up to be what everybody expected her to be, that of a 2 faced so and so! She brands herself a TV Personality… ghastly woman and I’m afraid she seems to be nasty to the core.

Natasha Giggs… claim to fame, sleeping with her brother-in-law, that of Ryan Giggs! When discussing the affair she had to be careful owing to the super injunction still in place. In all fairness to her she can at least string a conversation together and you can converse with her mildly intelligently. Such a shame her handful of brain cells have been embedded to her bed springs for the last 8 years as I’m afraid as far as talents go it’s simply zilch!

Other than that there isn’t anybody else worth mentioning as they are all pretty much the same in terms of being delusional, no more than Pineappple Dance Studios Andrew Stone who is quite simply as mad as a brush and just something not quite right. Denise Welch is proving herself to be nothing other than a bloody idiot and there is a pair of playboy mansion twins, pretty much it!

Okay, not really challenging TV, however unbelievably addictive and easy to watch. For all the wrong reasons it could very well be the best lineup of a “celebrity” big brother to date!

I must mention Channel 5’s Big Brother spin-off show Bit on the side. Pete Burns (of dead or alive fame!) is absolutely genius! He could not give a FOUR X about absolutely anything which comes out of his mouth on national TV. He is crude, vile, dirty and takes everything to a despicable extra unnecessary level… in terms of viewing however, he is Jaw-Droppingly amazing! How on earth Channel 5 get away with it, with Ofcom it remains unknown and he is certainly not for everybody but I say good on him!

A final niggle of Big Brother is the constant nagging of “obsessed viewers” calling for Channel 5  to reinstate live feed. Why on earth would you want to sit there for hours on end watching the bunch of moronic idiots eat and sleep? All the best bits are edited out for the highlights show and quite honesty is just boring and laborious. Channel 5 are clearly not going to be reinstating the 24 hour surveillance and quite frankly I can see as to why! Just be grateful the damn show is on air, if you don’t like… don’t watch! That is the general ruling for all TV shows. An hour a day is plenty for all of us who actually have a life beyond the kettle chips!

Dancing on THIN ice…

Dancing on ice is THE worst reality show...

I do not and have never liked ITV’S Dancing on ice. Never mind Big Brother it seems that all ITV want to spend their money on these days is one reality show after another. The lineup isn’t overly disastrous, however hardly packed to the rafters with celebrity idols. This year, however the series has had a bit of a revamp owing to the fact the judging lineup has had a reshuffle and there has been a presenter change. The ghastly irritating Louie Spence has replaced that of the refined yet somewhat boring Emma Bunton, but also the professional, knowledgable and intelligent Jason Gardiner. The fact they got rid of him from the judging panel clearly shows that they are trying to dumb down even one of their most flagship of programmes. Louie is beyond irritating, not just because of obvious reasons with his speech… although of course he cannot help that one. He is just far to flamboint for a show of this calibre and it is all very well him being a professional dancer but he knows nothing about the ins and outs of Ice skating. If he had to be shoved onto one dancing reality show it would of course have to be Strictly… but let us hope that NEVER happens. I’m sick of these shows being shaken up to an extent of nausea. Of course the next series of Strictly shall be vastly different owing to the fact Alesha Dixon has scarpered (hopefully not to be replaced again by Arlene) however Alesha has decided to join Britain’s got talent for quite simply… more money! But maybe the show shall suit her more… only time shall tell.

The Dancing On Ice show has also been scrambled with its presenters. No more do we have to suffer the dreadful Holly Willoughby. This time we have to suffer with the dramatically worse Christine Bleakley. My honest thoughts however, was that she was 10 times better to that of Mr Spence. That being said why bring Christine in on a show of this popular scale if she is transparently not liked by viewers? ITV only have to look at Daybreak to work that one out.  Clearly ITV have lost all their touch with their programming because to reduce popular shows such as this to nothing beyond a joke is embarrassing to say the least. I suppose we should thank the lord though that Karen Barber hasn’t been reinstated as a judge… either way ghastly show, ghastly programme and I am already awaiting the series finale then we can all get back to some good quality Sunday night drama.

Alan Carr’s New Year’s Eve Show left me disappointed!

New Year Spectacular left me spectacularly disappointed!

Many a TV show came on our screens over the festive period, some turkey’s and some pheasants (the latter being the far superior bird!) Alan Carr’s chattyman never fails to disappoint with a strong mix of humour only Alan can do and his unique way of interviewing his usually high-profile celebrity guests. I’m a fan of Alan’s standups and quite frankly was looking forward to watching Alan’s New Year’s eve special.

How disappointed and disgusted I was, the whole show turned out to be nothing other than an excuse for sexual innuendos, naff music acts, drunken celebrities and as funny as a stick! Never have I been so deflated and in-fact I skipped through the latter parts of the show due to it being that chronically AWFUL. I’m no crude or take offense at swearing, however to have such a sexually graphic joke at 9.05pm just 5 minutes into prime time I thought to be nothing other than disgusting. So much so that I was shocked. It was literally a bunch of Channel 4 faces and a few other guests in a studio joking about sex, every single celebrity who was on the show apart from Kirstie Allsopp not only went down in my estimation but I feel blackened their career somewhat. Kirstie Allsopp looked so embarrassed I felt sorry for her. The worst guest on the show who made more of a prat of himself than MP Dianne Abbot was that of fashion guru Gok Wan. He was clearly drunk, vile and disgusting… so much so I seriously hope it damages his career altogether. His graphic remarks were beyond repulsive and unnecessary. JLS of course turned up looking as blank as ever whilst Strictly judge Bruno made himself to look like nothing other than an old bag who needed far more than recycling! Channel 4 should be ashamed, again I’m no crude but this supposedly entertainment show would have suited a porn channel far better than Channel 4 at 9pm. The BBC had it spot on, Jools Holland… phenomenal. Full of talent and entertainment exactly as it should be. Nothing better than to count the new year in with some quality soul music!

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Last Blog of 2011… Happy Christmas! But just where has 2011 gone? & Harry Judd wins Strictly!

The final Blog of 2011! I, like I’m sure many people at the moment have no idea as to whether or not they are on their head or their proverbial backside! Never has one week been so stressful and for the use of a better phrase “action packed.” The turkey is running its last few miles across a local farmer’s field, the last few presents are being wrapped to a suitable and decent standard, last-minute panic buying is occurring and tempers are at an all time high and that’s just my family! I find it lovely how you see people at Christmas time you don’t see at any other point throughout the year, Nothing nicer than a quick coffee and a catchup with a mince pie. If you have the time of course. I of which I’m afraid hasn’t!

I am indeed stressed as I type this, however feeling warmth that in just a few days the utter faff shall be over with! I, however am not turning into Scrooge and am very much looking forward to the festivities and already I have once indulged in a tremendous Christmas lunch. It is at these times, however that I do wish I kept a Diary. I am surviving on remembering appointments and things to do, instead of physically writing things down or even keying in dates in my iPhone. I did do a list of presents I needed to buy, however since that task has been completed successfully I am simply at a loss! Would it be too much to ask if I could be selfish for just a few moments and to state that I am very much looking forward to my Salon appointment on Friday afternoon as those few hours shall be the only ones I shall have to myself and to basically do NOTHING other than drink coffee and encourage small talk.

Festivities aside, just where has 2011 gone? It seems only last week we where at this same position 12 whole months ago and going through this tediously tremendous rigmarole of utter faff. I can’t make my mind up as to whether it has been a bad year or a good one… I think I shall go with the latter. Certainly a lot of experiences over the past 12 months, some good, some bad and not just day-to-day experiences but also learnt some things which I shall take through to future years. There has been highs and some lows, however those highs far outweigh the lows by an unbelievable amount. Some people who were once in my life no longer aren’t (good riddance!) that being said I feel my career is ever rising and especially with recent weeks in mind as 2011 draws to a conclusion I have a feeling that 2012 shall be a remarkable one and career wise, one I am certainly looking forward to embrace.

Thank you to all my regular readers for all their continued support and comments, here is a virtual toast to good times ahead. Have a lovely Christmas and let us all firmly grip 2012 with good intentions and with strong hope that the 12 months shall be full of all things positive.

I shall look forward to returning to writing my blog and ramblings from the 11th January, I hope to see you all then… albeit we shall all be a little bigger around the middle! xx

Harry Judd Wins Strictly Come Dancing 2011!

Harry Judd crowned the winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2011, with his dancing partner Alliona (pictured)

I am trembling a little as I type this. Realisation has just kicked in that Strictly Come Dancing has finished. Cease to exist… for another year anyway. The Christmas special may indeed just be a few days away, however a few hours of entertainment cannot possibly accomplish the same heights as what the last 3 months or so of Strictly Come Dancing 2011 has. Never has there been so much entertainment on this show. The best series yet! Unbelievable to think the celebrities hadn’t taken to the dance floor before, because Harry Judd and Chelsee Healey where remarkable, divine and somewhat naturally talented at the fine art. It was like watching professional dancers in the Swan Lake and I’m sure even the stars of that story wouldn’t mind being compared to these celebrities who have trained hard, worked hard and literally put their soul and own stamp on each of their grueling performances… never has a TV show been so elegant, interesting and engaging. To compare this fine show to something as obtuse as ITV’S X Factor is the worst criticism possible. Strictly has been nothing other than high calibre television and those who criticise the show for being for only the maturer audiences are simply unintelligent individuals who simply do not know the finer things in life, comparing this heartfelt programme with an on-screen Karaoke competition is quite frankly absurd. Bruce Forsyth may have indeed proven himself to be a bit out of it over the past few months, however do not let that spoil things… he is the king of television! Maybe he does need to literally hang up his dancing shoes and call it a day, however the replacement really would have big shoes to fill and I certainly do not envy them when that day comes! Yet, rest assured it seems Brucie shall at least be sticking around for another year and another series and despite my few reservations, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Tess may indeed play on her Bolton origins and be a little fake, however she has a certain spark and at least she isn’t overused on TV, whereas the likes of Phillip Schofield certainly is! Then of course Claudia Winkleman! Hilarious. Presenting perfection. Wit, humor and with just the right mix… why hasn’t she got her own show yet? Zoe ball took over on It Takes Two due to Claudia’s pregnancy and has gone down surprisingly well. Not my up of tea, yet acceptable… I prefer Claudia, however if they upped her role on the main show I would be 100% satisfied, who needs a spin-off show anyway.

Regardless of all that it has now come to an end. The final took place in the delightful Blackpool Tower and quite honestly despite never holding the final there before it simply worked. History, elegance and a story about the surroundings to be told. No finer place would hold the Strictly final as well as Blalckpool did. Just a shame Nancy Delusional had to turn up! The final started with 3 contestants – Actress Chelsee Healey, Singer Jason Donovan & Mcfly band member Harry Judd. Jason unfortunately was transparently the weakest of the 3, thus was swiftly voted out of the finals proceedings without hesitation. I simply could not warm to him, he seemed to be miserable, unsupportive of the other contestants and somewhat full of his own self-importance, of course he is just a washed up has been and maybe we shall see him again in a few years time. Somewhere.

Chelsee & Harry stood out from all the rest. They had trained hard and Strictly had been their life for months gone by. Chelsee was a prickly bush off the dance floor but when mid-dance was nothing other than sheer elegant. Harry on the other hand had been my favourite from the start! I have met him before and came across before as nothing other than genuine and quite simply just nice. He certainly came across the way on the dance floor to boot, every twist, turn, lift and shape change was done to such a precise and perfected standard that it was jaw-dropping. He may have come across as a little quiet but that’s just Harry! His new-found fame seemed to somewhat scare him, his new-found sex symbol status seemed to somewhat petrify him and to see somebody as down to earth, grounded and so utterly thankful after being shoved ever so abruptly into the limelight and given A-list celebrity status… is something of which in these times is hardly ever seen. He shall not crave fame or over dwell in his success, he simply wants to spend time with his ever so elegant girlfriend, eat pizza and get back to his day job of being a drummer! Could we want for nothing more? Meanwhile The X Factor winners Little Mix have hogged the tabloids all week and coming across nothing other than bloody fame hungry and as I said last week, peculiar!

Harry Judd has my respect and an idol in the way he dealt with his sudden success… he can be classified as a celebrity and never have I seen somebody who has just been so graceful and respectful in the way he comes across to everybody. Some may say boring, however I say if they want inelegant and abruptness look elsewhere because it is people like MR Judd who this world needs in order to inspire! There hasn’t ever been such a well-deserved winner. The Mcfly boys may have indeed acted unnecessarily in invading the Strictly stage on Saturday evening when the results were announced, however that can be shrugged off… the lads themselves have nothing to worry about, not one criticism. Clearly the best of friends and an unbreakable bond.

We have all just witnessed THEE best Strictly to date. We have just witnessed one of THEE most worthy winners of such a show and such a genuine person which in today’s showbiz and uncultured times we thought the likes was simply now none existent. All that shall probably never be witnessed again, however it was jolly good fun, inspiring and even remarkable to watch.

Congratulations to all involved.

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Little Mix Win The X Factor… Peculiar! Strictly Problems, Leona Lewis lost all appeal & Young Apprentice Zara – a worthy winner!

I sit here in my Dining room in order to update you all with the showbiz goings on, with my thoughts and opinions for another week! Never have I shivered so much. I am contemplating turning on the boiler, however I’m sure my mother would not thank me for it as soon as she unseals the utility bill next month! Thus, I shall freeze… I shall shiver and I shall endeavour to resume in my own sweet way, which so far has proven fruitful at the very least.

What a week! I thought last week was busy, not a patch on this one. I simply ask the question as to whether or not it is Christmas yet? Talk about drag! Never has there been so much prep for one day! I am trying my best not to do my best impersonation of Scrooge at this very moment, but I am finding it slightly challenging. Luckily I now have all presents but one and even the fresh and feather filled Turkey has been ordered. Things must be on the up. I shall be far happier next week when we can officially dig out the Christmas Carol lyric books… I do have a feeling however it shall seem a milestone in order to get there!

I am very much looking forward to starting my new venture this week, I shall not give anything away, however “excited” simply doesn’t cover it! I am beginning to embrace all opportunities and seemingly a few are indeed coming my way… I think 2012 (aside from the Olympics!) shall be a jolly good year! Hopefully not a case of naievity or wishful thinking, only time shall tell… watch this space.

Little Mix Win The X Factor! Aren’t they somewhat peculiar?

Little Mix launch their career with a cover version of "Cannonball"

 Never have I been so glad for something to end. The X Factor finally drew to an overhyped close on Sunday evening, unsurprisingly down by 4 million viewers in comparison to that of last year. The unnecessary 2 night final was milked, dragged and just generally went on far too long that I actually nodded off for 20 minutes. The show and the format itself where as dreary as Dermot O Leary’s effort of trying to present. Never has there been such tripe and overhyped codswallop on British Television. It was utterly repetitive and as dull as dishwater. We had the usual naff live acts on stage which originated on the X Factor… such as JLS, One Direction and the dismal Leona Lewis. Whilst even the none ex X Factor acts seemed to be somewhat predictable… including the likes of Coldplay (who were as monotoned as seemingly ever) and also Michael Buble who has to be one of the most irritating and tedious performers to watch. His microphone remained at around a mile or 2 away from his mouth and his efforts at dancing were unfortunately scuppered owing to the fact he has piled on the pounds… and I mean the pounds! Clearly whilst promoting his new ghastly “Christmas” album, he has indulged in far too many Mince Pies!

What else did the X Factor final offer you? The immensely irritating and untalented individual that is Tulisa. If she referred to Little Mix as “Little Muffins” one more time I would have quite frankly punched my hand through the TV set, what a bloody irritating woman! Apparently the deluded ITV bosses are set to double her salary should she return next year, in all honesty they would be better donating it to a good cause such as Save the Pandas. Gary Barlow persisted with his arrogant and self indulgent face expressions which made you just in the mood for shouting many a profanity and wiping his obnoxious grin off his face… not that I am referring to violence of course. Luckily he was brought down a peg or two when his act Marcus was announced to have lost. I suppose, if I had a gun to my head and was playing Russian Roulette I would have PREFERRED Little Mix to win, of which happened. Marcus on the other hand could not hit a note to save his life (though better than One Direction) and he was made up in terms of make up than any of the other trollops from Little Mix. I’m quite sick of seeing gay people on the television who fit a stereotype. I’m sorry but is it any wonder there is so much animosity and Homophobia in this country? The Media should be portraying the gay community in different ways other than the stereotype, thus it may teach those sad and lonely people who see fit to attack people who are that way inclined that gay men do not always have plucked eye brows and more make up than Joan Rivers.

Before I get onto my thoughts on Little Mix… I see this a perfect opportunity to mention Alex MacGregor. He messaged me as a result of my comments on Olly Murs a couple of weeks ago. His comments can be seen under the “offending article” I have sent him an email back personally so I’m sure he shall not appreciate me saying this, yet bugger him as to be quite honest  Olly Murs was nothing other than immensely irritating and smiley smiley Carol Smiley throughout the X factor weekend. In his comments, Alex referred to Olly as a “good presenter” do we call that fake excitement and gyrating “good presenting” these days? Bloody awful! Never has there been such a cheap, tacky and ghastly man on TV. Caroline Flack I’m afraid has totally ruined her career in the recent weeks due to her linking with One Direction’s Harry Styles and I’m afraid due to her seemingly arrogant personality and not able to take criticism well, I think “low rent” would be the only descriptive I need to brand her.

Despite all the above, all my reservations and all my criticisms Little Mix won. I’m glad they won over their opponent, yet I can only think of them as being simply peculiar. They just look immensely strange and I cannot put my finger on as to why. They are already beating Britain’s biggest girl band of The Saturday’s at the moment as it looks like they are to fly to number 1 with their debut, however that does not make them a GOOD band, it just shows that they have been incorporated into the biggest commercial bubble that ever existed. Their debut “Cannonball” has to be one of the most dreariest songs you shall ever here. Luckily, however we may be saved from them claiming this year’s Xmas number 1 next week. What I don’t understand is… why isn’t an ORIGINAL song used for the winners instead of a dreary depressing cover? Considering Gary Barlow is on the panel and is a song writer along with the ghastly Olly Murs, then to record a cover I see to be purely cheap. The whole show has turned into nothing but a mess and by the viewing figures it seems hardly any of us could give a FOUR X about it anymore.

Just seconds after Little Mix were announced as the winner, the advertisement for next year’s show began… can they really drag this out another year? Surely not. Hopefully Kelly shall see sense and not bother returning but all I can say is well done to the BBC. Strictly is more popular than ever and this has certainly been the best series. The X Factor has had its day, its year. The Voice is set to launch next year and I have nothing but high hopes… for the “Little Muffins” on the other hand, give them an album or 2 then we can bid farewell to the most peculiar bunch of girls in the music industry’s sheer existence!

Strictly problems…

Pictured Holly Vallance & Alex Jones (Picture copyright - BBC)

 BBC’S Strictly Come Dancing this year is quite frankly speaking for itself. Talented dancers (professional and celebrities) gripping and entertaining and quite honestly the best series of their existence. My backing is that of Harry Judd from Mcfly and the fact that the BBC are certainly spending money up in the North can only be a good thing. The final is set to be taking place in Blackpool and I believe it shall be the programme of the year… not once (aside from the Wembley acoustics) have I been disappointed with this series. Last week’s semi final forced 2 unfortunate acts to go, this year being Alex Jones and Holly Vallance. Alex couldn’t dance very well and has admitted herself that she “never felt sexy” on the show… but nevermind! She did well and quite frankly was well received and liked. I wouldn’t have complained if she made it to the final and came across as nothing other than genuine. Jason Donovan on the other hand seems to be coming across as unlikable, abrupt and certainly in it to win it. Holly Valance on the other hand has had a mixed career to say the least. An actress, a singer and a general wannabe? In-fact I couldn’t guess what on earth she was doing before the Strictly opportunity came around.

Giving her credit, she could indeed dance. Her modern twists on some routines left you feeling slightly dubious, however the fact remains… she could dance! Did she deserve to be in the final? Quite possibly, however no matter how hard I tried I just simply couldn’t warm to her. She didn’t seem likable or even talkative and thus I cannot believe how she seemingly managed to sail through yet with us viewers not knowing anymore about her than we did beforehand. Her dance partner Artem seemed to be lacking in interest in comparison to last year (although he did find the dream girl of his life in Kara Tointon last year… how she could be a “dream” I have no idea.) and he therefore seemed as unlikable as much as his celebrity partner. Alex’s professional dance partner James Jordan, however is nothing other than an oil slick. Smarmy, smeary and cocky beyond belief. During Tess’s links on Saturday night he did nothing other than embarrass himself and cheapen the programme somewhat. If I was the BBC I would simply not invite this half-wit back next year. He has been in numerous arguments and his other half Ola Jordan seems to be just as smarmy as her real male counterpart. Craig’s comments when discussing a clip of Ola on Sunday night saying that she is “just like her husband” made me react with a simple smirk and nod of the head. Last year and the year before Brendan Cole has been the tedious one, this year, however I have found him funny, warming and a simple asset to the programme.

A final embarrassment came from Sir Bruce Forsyth. He is all very sweet, yet his tediously amateurish camera links are nothing but cringe worthy. In-fact a few second delay on Saturday night’s show due to him not hearing Tess was the worst yet.

Congratulations have to be awarded once more to the BBC for their efforts with this years series as it has simply been phenomenal. It needs a few tweaks in the smallest of forms… however nothing is perfect and aside from a few irritating personalities it is a joy to watch!

The best of luck to Harry Judd for this week’s finale!

Leona Lewis lost all appeal?

Leona performed on the X Factor final... you may have missed it due to sleeping!

 I once admired Leona for her perfect vocals on her debut single “Bleeding Love” and her terrific emotion on “Run” yet… it seemed all Leona was good at was covering songs. Run has been one of her most successful hits, yet let us not forget that the song is thanks to that of Snow Patrol. She was craving out for something original and interesting… just a few months ago she returned with a new sound, a dance sound and her single “Collide” just about managed to reach number 4 in the charts despite mass negativity and legal battles surrounding the track.

Over the weekend Leona returned to promote her 3 track EP entitled “Hurt” again all covers. Her third studio album was set to have been released already, however has been pushed back to March, Leona has quoted in saying it is due to her finding “new inspiration” however music professionals know it is quite simply because her record label don’t trust her in releasing a full album of club stompers!

Her single Hurt which she performed at Wembley was far from a club banger. In-fact it was that incredibly dull millions turned to Twitter and complained of the dreariness. Never have you been so bored watching a tediously boring performance. I in-fact closed my eyes and nearly went into a sudden depression it was THAT boring. Aside from widespread negativity of her performance, many were also inclined to comment on her new appearance… that of her new nose! Ex Winner Steve Brookstein even commented on it. It makes her look that difference it is severely noticeable and once again it seems another person was unable to appreciate the way she once looked. There was nothing wrong with her original conk! In-fact management have declined all claims she has had a nose job when it is transparent she has… what a mockery!

I think the hype surrounding Leona has finally disintegrated into nothingness. What was all the fuss about? You might say, however it seems she has lost all appeal and turned into just another puppet and robotic character “from the makers of Simon Cowell!” It looks like we shall have to rely on Alexandra Burke now…

Young Apprentice Winner Zara... well deserved!

 How throughly enjoyable Monday night’s Young Apprentice final truly was. As I discussed a couple of weeks ago, these youngsters certainly are not a reflection of every young one in the 16-17 age bracket, however how amazingly magnificent it was to watch. Zara was the one I predicted to win and indeed I was right! She came across as delightful, intelligent, articulate and quite seemingly just a very talented young woman whose future is already laid with bright stars. Never has there been such an intelligent and pleasant 16-year-old… what an admirable person she is! Lord Sugar seemed to like her from the start and her articulate conversations for that age where simply nothing short of amazing! Her competitor could simply not cut the mustard, despite stepping up his game in the latter stages. They where indeed a few heated rows with the final pair in the final board room meeting, yet it simply did not embarrass Zara one little bit. As an extremely worthy winner, she now has £25’000 courtesy of Alan Sugar. Not all at once mind, but in stages as and when Lord Sugar approves it… and I couldn’t think of anyone better for the money to go too!

I would wish her the best of luck for the future, but believe you me… she does not need the luck! Such a talent and her future is already embedded in success!

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FINALLY in the Christmas spirit & The best possible showbiz present of the week!

Christmas Carols can be heard in the distance, snow & sleet is beginning to fall around some parts of the UK, the anticipation is rising and christmas presents are being bought! I can now officially reveal that I am now IN the Christmas spirit! Gone are those moods of worry and reflection at just wondering to where on earth 2011 has gone, the long faces have disappeared and quite frankly bring on December 25th! It is apparent that I truly am in the christmas spirit as I have gone to the up most of all efforts to turn my website into something Santa’s finest of elves would be proud of. Other visual treats shall be apparent in my own humble abode by the end of the week as I have forced and persuaded my mother that my house shall turn into Santa’s grotto this coming Friday! When I say grotto… I mean just that. Never has there been such a small house which goes and turns into such a tremendous transformation to get in line with the festivities. I am gearing up to what is usually one of the most laborious days of the year! If only it was so simple to pack a few ornamental pleasures in boxes then replace them with the trees, snowmen and even robins… unfortunately however, dusting needs to be done, hovering and quite frankly it turns into a day of nothing other than DIY! I may be in the christmas spirit now, though do not be surprised if that so quickly changes come Friday evening.

Aside from striving to find motivation in order to participate in the most laborious day of the year (I shall be playing Christmas music whilst transforming the house though, I can assure you!) I cannot believe how much Christmas shopping I have got done. I walked and walked around the entire diameter of city centre Manchester last week in-order to seek some appropriate and somewhat elegant Christmas gifts and overall I thought I did a tremendous job! Other than being there from 11am right the way through until 9pm it was certainly taking “shop till you drop” to an entirely new level. Apart from picking up numerous bits, NEVER have I done as much online shopping in my life. My fingers are firmly glued to my mouse, due to me adding so much to my virtual basket… yet somewhat pleasing and immensely satisfying when a package arrives through your letterbox isn’t it? Not only that, but I have learnt some vitally important tips this year of how to find even more bargains through the use of price comparison websites… there truly is some bargains to be had out there if you know where to look! I have tracked down many deals and special offers and not only that I knew exactly what I was buying and who they where for! Never has that been the case for me in Christmas’s gone by. Now I simply just need to wait for each parcel to drop through the door and then apart from my own dear mother’s gifts I need to now attempt to bribe her into wrapping everything up for me! Why can’t I do it myself? Because I am seemingly the worst person at anything like that… far too arts and crafts for me! Along with the fact I want them to look decent in the wrapping paper, my mum is the best at finishing parcels off with lovely little ribbons and such.

I also seem unbelievably organised for such an occasion. For the first time in my life I have found it useful to write list after list and sticky note after sticky note. I have a week by week plan and quite frankly my only worry is just when my first Christmas dinner shall be!

By next week, I aim to have all the decorations up, three-quarters of my presents delivered, all of them wrapped as they come through the door and pretty much anything else which is to do with that overly large guy dropping through the chimney stack. Luckily, I don’t have a chimney stack so it looks like I shall have to leave the door open for him to just walk in… far simpler. Hopefully Greater Manchester Police won’t casually drive past my home and wonder why there is a man with a mask striving to enter by home ever so cautiously. Bring on the tins of roses, bring on the Celebrations, bring on the Turkey butties and bring on the overall fun of it all!

Are you prepared? Are you lagging behind this year? Plus, can you believe it is Christmas ALREADY? Answer my poll and show the world where you’re at in terms of Christmas prep!

My blog is ever so miniscule this week, owing to the fact that I have a rather busy, yet somewhat exciting week. A few possible exciting opportunities and I couldn’t want for anything more as 2011 comes to a natural conclusion. I shall keep you posted and there shall be a few more blogs before I take my (hopefully) well deserved Christmas break!

The best Christmas present from Adrian Chiles & Christine Bleakley!

Chiles & Bleakley leave the Daybreak studio for the final time.

Well I may have been doing a lot of Christmas buying this year, but I certainly haven’t been thinking about what presents I shall be receiving this year (I’m more for the giving!) yet, I have been given a good enough present which means all my delightful friends, family and acquaintances do not need to bother buying me anything… why? Adrian Chiles & Christine Bleakley have given me the best present any TV Critic could wish for, they have presented their FINAL Daybreak!! No more do us poor viewers have to put up with the rather gormless and sorry-looking Adrian morning after morning, where his face tells a thousand stories that he is just as bloody miserable for getting up in a morning as the rest of us are… and quite frankly we do not want down in the dumps faces morning after morning when we turn on our rather costly LCD Televisions! Then of course Christine Bleakley. The Wag, the woman who seems to be all smiley smiley Carol Smiley day after day for no transparent genuine reason whatsoever. The chemistry between the pair has been absolutely none existent since the shows pitiful launch just over a year ago. Albeit they seemingly had likeability during their BBC days, however, the Daybreak venture fell flat… tremendously flat and the ratings have portrayed this more than words could ever say. Never has a show been so critically slated, the warming thoughts of GMTV almost bring a tear to your eye in thinking that it could still be broadcasting today. The shocking couple has been nothing other than embarrassing. ITV have defended them, yet to simply no avail the deluded bosses at ITV have clearly lost all pride in being a likeable television network. After a year of complaints ITV have finally made the right decision in axing them from the disastrous breakfast show. The pairs final show was aired on Monday and  never have I felt so uncomfortable watching a television show. Adrian & Christine looked remarkably uncomfortable throughout the 2 1/2 hour show, Christine especially looking as if she simply just didn’t want to be there or even be bothered. The couple never announced it was their final show until a minute before the show came to an end and even the goodbyes where as cringeworthy as their presenting duties over the last year or so.

The pair ended with references to the fact that Adrian shall focus on his football presenting duties and his Sunday night show (which is actually a decent watch!) whilst Miss Bleakley shall be presenting Dancing on Ice.

Whilst I find Adrian Chiles can sometimes be rather amusing with his dry wit, Christine on the other hand comes across as nothing else other than “fake.” Do not feel sorry for her dismissal from the show as generous (or possibly deluded) ITV bosses have given her a £283,000 payout to help soften the blow! The fact that she has been given the role on Dancing on Ice leaves me simply bewildered. ITV are seemingly that disillusioned they cannot seem to realise the fact that the audience can simply not warm to her. The fact that audiences couldn’t stand waking up to the sight of her waving around her new engagement ring… why does that make them think we want to see her presenting Dancing on Ice? In all honesty, the fact they have sacked Jason Gardiner to only be replaced by the ghastly Louie Spence pretty much summarises the show in general.

The new presenters for Daybreak haven’t yet been confirmed but for god’s sake make it a good choice! How on earth they are going to try to rescue this ever so tacky brand I have no idea, but the fact that the original gruesome twosome are out… is the best present ITV could have awarded me!

Maybe things are looking up after all?


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Young Apprentice contestants not the AVERAGE for their age!, Desperate Scousewives… simply DESPERATE, Gary Barlow in Twitter row, Olly Murs annoyance, Danni Minogue coldness & The Saturdays flop with new album!

I start this weeks ramblings simply by saying that I am on a mission! A mission for something new, exciting, fresh,… even a challenge. I have suddenly come over all very ambitious over the last few days and whilst I’m in such a proactive state of mind I am acting on it before that passion may disintegrate into the comings and goings of the preparation for the christmas festivities! A few days this week I simply disconnected myself from everyone and had some time to think and reflect. There is so much negativity in this world it is unbearable. We of course this week have all been SHOCKED and SADDENED with the apparent suicide of football legend Gary Speed… something which was so unexpected and shocking to say the least. Him being in my thoughts and prayers this week, along with keeping in mind the times in my life where things have been incredibly low it really is time that we all were grateful for what we all have. I have changed my way of thinking on quite a few things, I have thought about my many strengths and I want to act on them! Things take time to workout and albeit I am probably impatient I shall hope this new-found positivity shall stick around for the duration. I’m on the lookout for opportunities and with all the media happenings in the North West right now… what better a time? I certainly am not going to let all my hard studying go to waste. I don’t want a simple job, maybe a little snobbery but just not what I want! I have strong ideas in my head and already I have acted upon this new-found passion and who knows where it shall lead… even this very blog is part of my future success, thus… I had better crack on!

Young Apprentice contestants simply not average!

The contestants for Young Apprentice 2011... but are they the norm?

Undoubtedly I am glued to this years Young Apprentice. The charming genuinity of it all is rather endearing to say the least. Ratings haven’t been a tremendous success, yet at the end of the day realistically one of these CHILDREN’S lives as a result of winning this contest shall change I’m sure for forever and a day. These young talents of this world are aged between 16-17 and their sheer confidence, passion, ambition and drive are absolutely outstanding and something to be admired. Most of them probably born with that proverbial silver spoon, I say that due to that stereotypical plumb seems to be apparent in some of the remaining contestants vocal chords. One who isn’t however, is that of 16 year-old Lizzie Magee. Born in a council house, in an average home with no overly impressive start in life whatsoever. A clever girl who is filled with ambition and promise. That being said she is coming across as overly negative and unlikable on the TV in comparison with 16 year-old Zara Brownless. Zara couldn’t be as different to that of Lizzie. Born with the silver spoon, terribly ambitious, amazingly intelligent and quite frankly somebody who shall clearly be an overwhelming success in years to come. If she doesn’t win the show it would be a travesty. That being said, I can say with the up most of confidence… these are no ordinary teenagers! Take me for instance. I have a rather decent selection of grades (No A*s mind!) I am extremely well-mannered, I have been brought up well and have got plenty of confidence, ambition and am quite vocally lead. Taking that on board I would simply not have a hell of a chance if I was on this show against this bunch of carefully selected youngsters. They are of some form of different calibre which is hard to classify. The problem is, these people haven’t just been randomly hand-picked from a bunch of average individuals in places such as Blackpool. This young bunch have all A*S, usually a privileged background and quite frankly severely different from the norm and could be categorised as the “private school type!” Not that I am jealous, not that I am even pining or craving for their intelligence… yet I am feeling somewhat conned. Without a doubt these people are clever and shall obviously be successful during their adult lives, however, their sheer confidence in knowing so and seemingly having the ability to absolutely anything and everything is something which does make me think at least that they are indeed well deserved of their success but I would never be able to have their business success. I am not lowering myself in terms of knowing what I am capable of by any means, the sheer fact is it simply makes you realise that there is a strong social class divide in today’s society. The likes of some people the average joe simply wouldn’t meet in their day-to-day lives. To be snobby and fairly jealous of it all you may brand these types as “snobby” yet I would sincerely give them a pat on the back… yet the problem is some of them THINK they are above the average person and thus makes them unlikable. Who would have thought life could be so biased and uncomfortably stereotyped? We all work, we all have bills to pay but unfortunately some people find it easier to do so. These youngsters shall be that type, the type where they not need worry about a thing. Not just financially, but in terms of any form of opportunity they are given. Do you really need all this snobby hot air and letters on a certificate to be an entrepreneur? NO! But this programme certainly makes you think so, especially with their age in mind. I feel that this programme could make everybody conscious of themselves and what they have actually achieved in their life and I for one do not think that is a good thing! Do I feel intimidated? POSSIBLY! and these are 16 – 17 year-olds. The fact that I have no mathematical talent or ability whatsoever seems a matter of life and death with these sorts of individuals and thus would be looked at nothing more than a failure! Saying that I would never want to do such a thing, but jolly good luck to all these young successful folk I say! Their ambition at least is something which can only be admired. (Zara to win!)

Desperate Scousewives simply… Desperate!

Desperate Scousewives live up to their title!

Reality TV is a genre which is something you either love or hate and of late it is something which TV channels are rather tackily far too filled up with. It started with The Only Way Is Essex, it set the UK alight… possible down to the aspect of it being a guilty pleasure. The likes of Amy Childs and Mark Wright have since become “stars” in their own right because of the shows popularity, yet whether it is because people are genuinely stunned by the stupidity of these people, it is as yet unknown. As a result of TOWIE’S success, we then had to suffer the delights of “Made in Chelsea” following a bunch of plumb voiced individuals who did nothing other than go on spending sprees and whatever else you can do in the posh suburbs and streets in Chelsea. At first it was deemed to be rather rubbish in comparison with the Essex crew, however, as the series progressed it has  got just as big a fan base. After that shows succession we then had “Geordie Shore” something of which has to be the worst of them all. This series follows a bunch of youths from Newcastle who do nothing other than wake up, eat, go clubbing and have sex… that’s it! To say it was embarrassing is an understatement, but in-fact I cannot criticise it too much as not only do I have the DVD but my jaw dropped that far when watching it I remained speechless. The latest show to join this rather common trend is none other than Desperate Scousewives!

A clever title it has to be said, however, I’m afraid that is where the shows intelligence starts and ends… rather so appallingly. This time we follow a bunch of none entities in Liverpool, four women and four blokes who can I’m afraid only be described as “strange” that due to the fake eyebrow technique one of the irritating individuals has set a trend with and I’m afraid other than winging over relationships, bleaching their hair and perfecting their appearance… not a lot goes on! Their isn’t a brain cell between either of the stars of the show and I have to say it is nothing other than unbearable to watch. There have been constant discussions as to whether or not these types of shows are real as the genre states… however with Desperate Scousewives it is nothing other than scripted and badly at that! The show started by stating that “some scenes may be setup for your entertainment” of which may be successful if any of the untalented twonks could act! Wooden acting, embarrassing stories and unlikable characters have to make this the biggest pile of tripe to EVER appear on our TV screens. I cannot understand the reasoning of anyone wanting to watch a bunch of idiots such as this for their own entertainment. I would not only want to watch paint dry as a preferable option, but to be subjected to such dross is nothing other than historical torture. The types of people there are in this world is just beyond unbelievable.

Desperate, idiotic and embarrassingly stupid are just a few short descriptions of what I think about this bunch of flapping liver birds. Never has Liverpool been so stereotypically subjected to such shame in its entire history. I only but hope TV companies leave off in bringing viewers these types of unrealistic, tacky and tripe filled wannabe soap operas because they are getting totally boring and unoriginal. One was enough and the new-found fake hungry Amy Childs is a fine example why these shows should be abolished. The reviews of the Desperado Scousewives so far has been nothing other than Negative and so maybe this well and truly is the end of seeing orange, scripted, boring and unintelligent individuals on our expensive television sets!

Gary Barlow in Twitter Row!

Gary Barlow loses more credibility by slamming ex pop star's vocals!

Since Gary Barlow joined the X Factor judging panel, I have previously not held back when it came to documenting my thoughts on him as a singer, judge and personality. His numerous unfair comments and criticisms have been unpopular with audiences and thus in my opinion and many more making him lose all credibility from his workings with Take That. I have previously said he is “obnoxious” and I’m afraid has got far too big for his over polished boots! This week, I am afraid to say he has done nothing other than confirm my comments about him.

Over the weekend singer Amelia Lily belted out a performance of the T’Pau 1987 hit “China in your hands” it was a rather good cover performance and after which Gary said he fondly remembered the song however preferred Amelia’s version due to he said it was the first time he had heard it sung “in tune”, his comments immediately shocked Kelly Rowland and the audience alike. Presenter Dermot O Dreary then snapped back saying “that wasn’t really necessary” Gary’s comments then prompted ex T’Pau lead singer Carol Decker to snap back on social networking site Twitter by tweeting Gary Barlow in a foul mouthed rant (unsurprisingly) saying:

“What’s your f*****g problem? I actually have perfect pitch.”

The fiery redhead also added that she “had to suffer a Take That concert for the sake of my kids this summer”.

Gary Barlow was then forced to apologise to Carol directly on Twitter by posting:

“Sincere apologies for my comment. There was no need.”

He also added, tongue in cheek: “And sorry you had to sit through TT show.The things we do for our kids!”

Carol, then seemingly being happy with Barlow’s reply responded:

“Thank you, was puzzled/hurt u said that on national tv. Progress was very good, kids had a great time.”

Earlier that night, Carol had called ITV2’S The Xtra Factor to speak to Gary directly about his comments, even though seemingly successful at the last moment she was then apparently axed from the show when she tweeted:

“They called me and then pulled it.”

I would usually congratulate Gary for apologising, however, I think it is clear that he was forced to apologise rather than doing it off his own accord. I can only safely say that this proves that he is nothing other than an arrogant little man who seemingly thinks he is above anybody and everybody. His credibility has hit rock bottom and I suspect he has lost numerous fans for his attitude to the shows contestants. The show is an absolute sham and people are clearly seeing sense, due to one again Strictly Come Dancing coming out on top in the ratings by millions. The X Factor final is set to be a “4 hour extravaganza” something of which could surely be condensed to half if not less than that time? Shambolic! I once again feel it appropriate to plug BBC’S The Voice which starts early next year on the BBC… Far superior and it hasn’t even started yet!

Olly Murs Annoyance!

Olly Murs... the most tedious on-screen personality?

I cannot express enough just how much singer and new-found TV presenter Olly Murs irritates me beyond belief. His personality rifles me, his on-screen persona infuriates me and his seemingly new-found talent of popping up on television here, there and everywhere is quite frankly making me want to tear my hair out. Never has there been such an irritating moron on the television. He was on the X Factor, he didn’t win and since then seems to have immediately turned into an instant success with 2 studio top-selling albums and by some unbelievable method managed to land himself the job of presenting The Xtra Factor alongside the equally as annoying Caroline Flack. He can’t sing, he just grins. He cannot present he just whines on and on. For some strange reason, however, people seem to like this irritating individual? Even the fact that he performed on X Factor with the Muppets made me feel like retching. The comments which really annoyed me was the sheer audacity of him saying that he has “proved critics wrong” about his ability at presenting. Just how exactly? I am sick of seeing downright thickos usually from the Essex area being turned into A-listers. The fact that Olly Murs is best friends with Jeff Brazier does not surprise me one little bit, in-fact they are both as bloody gormless as each other. Is it any wonder Westlife’s reason for splitting was due to the music industry changing so much? I’m certainly with them on that one! Even though I haven’t been a number 1 supporter of Westlife, even I can clearly identify that they can hold a note or two. Now, however, the industry is littered and cluttered with the likes of Olly Murs who have no longgevity whatsoever. It is no wonder that television is the hardest industry to get involved in. Simon Cowell could have given the Xtra Factor presenting role to a new talent, somebody fresh, giving someone new a star chance… but no, instead we have the fake Caroline Flack and Essex idiot Olly Murs. If I see him plug his album on another of my favourite television past times then I shall throw out my TV and burn it! How anyone could warm to such a stereotypical, fake human being is completely beyond me.

Dannii Minogue Coldness.

Dannii Minogue comes across "cold" in interviews... is she still living in the shadow of her far superior sister?

Dannii Minogue is an intriguing kind of soul. She has had a rather colourful life, of which she documented quite openly on the ghastly Piers Morgan programme. Posing for Playboy for money, an unsuccessful music career and having to deal with her sister’s illness, hardly the life in a bed of roses. I am doing everything I can to try to warm to Dannii, but just no matter how hard I try it seems as if I am simply flogging a dead horse. She appeared on the X Factor and admittedly my favourite judge possibly of all time. Her clear tension between the ghastly Sharon Osbourne was transparently apparent and it simply made Dannii out to be the judge to like. Since having to leave ITV’S show due to scheduling problems, she hasn’t just been sat at home in Australia with her new baby boy with partner Kris, oh no… she has been living up to her new-found fashion icon status by producing her own designer range. Consistently when against Cheryl Cole, Dannii always seemed to be the one who looked far more elegant and divine. The short hair cuts dramatically came back in fashion and you could possibly brand her as the nation’s sweetheart. She strived for a music career, yet even with 2 or 3 albums she just could not wallow in anywhere near as much success as her sister Kylie and thus up to now has taken a long hiatus from that kind of career. A job on Australia’s got talent has made her become a television success on the other side of the world, yet since leaving our X Factor seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Recently, however, speculation has increased that she is set to join next year’s Britain’s got talent judging panel and thus shall make a long-awaited return to the UK’S screens.

I am trying ever so much to like her but I’m afraid I just can’t. To me it seems she is always one step behind sister Kylie and her overwhelmingly successful music career and she has never really gotten out of being in the shadow. Last week she was interviewed on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and she seemed nothing other than unrelatable, unlikable and even the feeling of complete coldness from her. She didn’t seem interested, motivated and of course the fact that her little boy was at the other side of the world may not have helped but I just can’t help thinking that she would now be better off simply staying in Australia. She didn’t seem to have any form of personality worth making a fuss over and I cannot help but think she has been dramatically overrated.  Why would we want an Australian on Britain’s got talent anyway? It has to be said she is umpteen times better than the dismal “hoff” fellow… yet I feel I am still disapproving with the whole show. Actress Samantha Womack has been tipped to join the judging panel and although undoubtedly the most random choice ever, I can somehow seeing it working drastically with her… why not!

I think Dannii, however, should maybe just concentrate on her clearly successful fashion designing and being a mum. Leaving her superior singing sister to the music scene, leave her to be the likeable one and just do whatever it is you do best. Another unlikable fact is when someone has far too many fingers in too many pies, let’s hope Dannii doesn’t make that tremendous mistake throughout 2012.

The Saturdays flop with latest album “On Your Radar!”

Is it a case of "times up" for The Saturdays?

They are regularly dubbed as Britain’s biggest girl band and are just about to embark on their first large arena tour across the UK. The Saturdays at first sight seem to have made a success out of things and do have a solid fan base. Saying that, they came on the scene just as Girls Aloud decided to split up and since then have also been labelled as a “Poor man’s girls aloud” and since then have been living in that unfavourable black shadow.

They haven’t done to badly with all their singles bar one reaching the top 20 and all of their albums (up until last week) reaching the top 10. That in mind, however, they don’t seem to have progressed very much in their 3 years of existence. They have yet to experience a number one and despite on more than one occasion being at the top of the charts in the mid-weeks when it comes down to the official charts on Sunday it is the norm for them to have dropped 2 or 3 places in chart positions, thus being a case of so close yet so far. Their fan base is huge, yet it seems their music doesn’t appeal to anybody else. Their latest single “My Heart Takes Over” which was branded as the best Saturdays song to date and people guessed that it would be their first number one chart placement… soon to be disappointed however as just weeks ago it entered at a respectful yet ever so disappointing number of 15. Their latest album “On Your Radar” has been positively reviewed by most critics and in my opinion is one of their most solid albums (aside from their debut which they are still yet to beat) this latest album wholeheartedly deserved a top 10 chart placement… if not it would have been a musical travesty! People hoped, people believed… yet Sunday night people cringed when it was revealed that the album had flopped by charting at a highly embarrassing number of 23. Since then, at the moment the album is now out of the top 40 altogether.

Not only is this one of the most embarrassing things to happen to the “biggest girl bands” of present times, even their arena tour has failed to sell out and therefore… could this be the end for The Saturdays? I think it may indeed be! Another couple of singles maybe from the present album, yet if they fail to make an impact I fear them being heavily dropped from their record label. The Saturdays have had it tough the last few weeks with everybody’s least favourite member Frankie Sandford disappearing for “unconfirmed reasons” and entering rehab. The 4 remaining members went it alone and quite frankly didn’t seem to miss her much at all. The eldest member of the group Una Healey is pregnant with her first child and quite frankly the lack of impact their album has made in the charts it just makes me think exactly why they are bothering?

If they are somehow successful in making another album possibly towards the end of  next year, I think they really need to take time in considering what sound it is they want to go for instead of just rush releasing. The music industry is in an abysmal and laughable state and if they came back with something a lot less generic, they coud possibly get some high praise and recognition.

It would be a shame if they where indeed dropped, due to girl bands not being a regular fixture in our charts at the moment but I just cannot help feeling sorry for them. It shall be interesting to see what happens. One things for sure though, I certainly would not have liked to have seen their faces when they where informed of their chart position on Sunday evening!

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Adrian & Christine AXED from Daybreak, Strictly lacks “Soul” at Wembley, X Factor anger, I’m A Celebrity – Pat Sharp annoyance, Susan Boyle RUINS Children In Need & Paddy Doherty & Sally Bercow set for a life swap!

A slightly later public documentation of my life this week, yet a far greater one. Reflecting on last week’s events I am pleased to say they are firmly behind me and along with those involved, in-fact last week’s blog was typed only with my entire middle finger. This week could not be different! Full of the upcoming festive season and overly excited high spirits. Never has there been such a turnaround in a transition from one week to another. I hope the same can be said for anybody else reading this… I know of at least one regular reader of mine who hasn’t had the best of weeks either so… you know who you are, sending lots of virtual love and support. I’m extremely overjoyed to say that I have finally made a start on the Christmas shopping! For some strange reason, I know exactly what it is I’m buying everybody this year and thus makes the whole tedious process a lot easier! This week is apparently the biggest week for online shopping purchases (though if you are anything like me and take that on board… it is like Christmas everyday through our letterbox!) I have been adding numerous things to my virtual shopping basket and therefore missing any tedious queues in the high street, even though I probably shall miss a little of the hustle and bustle. Not to threat however, I am looking forward to heading over to Manchester’s Christmas Markets for 2011!

I always tend to find something of interest when exploring them and I am sure I shall find a few random presents for my loved one and close friends. I am saving up money at the moment so not only I can make sure I can get enough presents for others this December but also for myself next year. I have suddenly learnt the method of “saving” and it has been only recently where I have finally understood the advantage of doing so. I’m doing a jolly good job so far as well, maybe that is the reasoning behind the sudden smugness my mother seems to have picked up which is firmly upon my face at most moments… I shall probably never be able to save up for a house in the future (unless I get the job of my dreams of course) however at least I shall be able to keep myself firmly entertained. One thing I have noticed is no wonder all these musicians are well off! Record labels seem to be rush releasing things for stocking fillers at the moment and as I am an avid music listener and collector, I feel it only right in trying to keep up with the modern music scene. All very well, but jolly expensive! Now I couldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t saving now could I? Of course also helpful for little emergencies in life… I’m simply sitting financially comfortable and relaxed. I have to say I am rather impressed with some of my friends who are actually CANCELLING their nights out and booze fests in order to save up money for Christmas presents, such a surprise it was for me to see (especially seeing some doing so!) I don’t have that worry as I don’t buy alcohol but how jolly I was to see that some youth in this world put family before drinking! Even if it is only for the once in a year, annual festivities!

Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley AXED from ITV’S flop breakfast show Daybreak!

ITV'S Early Morning duo given the chop by bosses.

 Is this news of any surprise to you? Ever since Daybreak launched unbelievably over a year ago it has received nothing but negativity and criticism within the media. Is it any wonder? Certainly not! I myself reviewed Daybreak after its first show back in September last year which you can see [HERE]  and quite obviously it certainly isn’t a positive one. I myself have been one to strongly criticise the show since its launch, the public response to my reviews and comments have been ALL in agreement with me, whilst I have had responses from ITV Journalists who slammed my review… one Journalist of which I had a fully blown Twitter row with! I cannot understand how the ITV can be so delusional to believe that the show has been a success and progressed? It has been absolutely diabolical since its launch last year and it still is today. I can understand the likes of Jackie Kabler being bitter and defensive over the ITV Flop as she works for the ITV (Jackie being the journalist who somewhat strongly slammed my review… my response being where are you now Jackie? You must have been pretty dire yourself considering you didn’t join Daybreak after GMTV) the reality is ITV have become tacky, cheap and full of themselves over the last year and I simply do not know why. It seems due to the fact they have The X Factor they see themselves as being far more important in comparison to other broadcasters, unfortunately not as The X Factor this series has suffered from widespread criticism and a major slump in ratings. Their employment of Christine & Adrian from BBC’S The One Show to Daybreak has to be one of the most embarrassing decisions in Television history. Christine is smug and like the cat who got the cream every single morning. The trouble is with her quite simply is that she HAS all the basic assets and foundations for a TV presenter… she is able to read an autocue quite convincingly, she has the look and is actually quite an intelligent woman. The trouble is the public simply do not like her. She is completely out of her depth and comes across as blank, uninspiring and not believing what she is saying, thus makes her a little “plastic.” Adrian on the other hand is downright miserable, montoned and simply boring! The pair do simply not gel well together, whoever said they did needs a big shake because in terms of TV partnerships from start to finish it has been nothing other than laughable. I cannot understand ITV’S reasoning in employing Christine to take over from Holly Willoughby on next year’s Dancing on Ice. The show is successful and enjoyable and the on-screen partnership of Philip & Holly. Even though I do not like them personally… they work and most importantly GEL. Why on earth have they dragged Christine in from the salon to front the show when she is clearly so publically disliked? The people being ITV are quite clearly amateurs and have no idea what the public want.

Daybreak as a brand has been scarred and no matter what boss takes over the show from now on, he/she shall have a hell of a job in trying to rescue this sunk ship, to put it rather abruptly you cannot polish a turd. In this instance it seems the turd is unflushable. GMTV just worked, it may have looked a little tired and a little 90’s…, yet it was better than this comedy what we have from 6am every weekday morning at the moment. The content is nothing other than weak and seems to fall flat at every turn. There is not one presenter on the current line-up that is any good. Numerous rumours have been circulating to just who shall replace the fallen duo, with the recent being that ITV are looking for unknown faces to take up the duties. Quite frankly I think that is a good idea. Refresh the brand with new and unknown faces, a complete new slate. Do not drag in Fiona Phillips and such who have been there and done it. When Daybreak first started there was an excellent Irish woman called Grainne Seoige who did some presenting and reporting. She isn’t well known here in the UK, yet very much so in Ireland and what an excellent job she did! If they are on the lookout for somebody fresh then bring in her! Then again of course knowing the ITV I’m sure they shall bring in some bimbo straight from the University of Southampton or something.

When the announcement of Adrian & Christine’s axe came through, a source spoke to The Sun newspaper and said:

“It’s game over. ITV have tried everything to make the show work, but viewers are fed up with Adrian and Christine.

“The point of scrapping a well-liked brand like GMTV was to come up with something a lot better – but the opposite’s been true.”

A day later of when the news was announced Adrian spoke to the newspapers in regards to the axing being made public and said:

“We were assured we could go with our dignity intact. That’s obviously not happened.

“We were enjoying the show and we thought things were going well. We didn’t want to go.”

The 44-year-old added: “It was a bolt out of the blue and has come as a big blow to our careers that we’ve been dumped at this time.

“Dark forces have leaked it for their own ends and I am mightily unhappy about it.”

Shambles! The sooner they go the better. One thing which has been an obvious irritation is the fact of when the show launched they made such a great big deal about the studios placement and views of central London… yet they didn’t seem to realise that with the dark mornings it made the studio look like darkness and “unwelcoming” to viewers, since bosses finally realised, they filled the studio with fake walls and revolving blinds and completely obliterates the view altogether and thus ruins the studios unique placing entirely. A complete amateurish affair on every level.

BBC Breakfast beats Daybreak in the ratings day after day by millions, yet the show moves to Salford early next year and it shall either bring more viewers in or lose them quite considerably. The move shall coincide with Daybreak’s relaunch next year and it shall be interesting to see the results after both of the shows relaunch. GMTV should be brought back, a brand which everybody knew, loved and felt comfortable with in a morning. Daybreak has officially been the worst show in television history and the ITV continue to protest that the show has been an outright success… is it any wonder their programming has turned into a celebrity fest of reality shows?

Adrian Chiles shall be staying with the network to present his successful Sunday evening chat show and his Football programmes and although not interested in the latter, his Sunday show is actually quite entertaining (it must just be the mornings which make him a miserable sod!) Christine on the other hand is set to be presenting Dancing On Ice, however, recent rumours have suggested that she shall be moving to the US with her footballer fiancé Frank Lampard, I shall be the first one to wish her orevwa & farewell at the airport as honestly, the sooner she buggers off the happier the media world shall be!

Strictly Come Dancing lacks “Soul” at Wembley show!

Strictly Come Dancing ruined by Wembley arena "coldness!"

 How thoroughly disappointed I was with last weekend’s Strictly at Wembley arena. The advertising has done nothing but go on and big up the shows temporary studios and one-off special at Wembley and made it out to be the best thing in the shows history. Millions of viewers tuned in (Beating ITV’S X Factor quite severely) and albeit that very good and it INDEED being Strictly’s biggest ever show, it was nothing other than overhyped surroundings.

The focus on the dancing seemed to be way off this week due the celebrities having to maneuver around a dance floor which was miles bigger than the original at BBC studios and as a result where trying to transparently take advantage of the added space by doing their routines around the space rather than by technique. An obvious example is my favourite contestant Harry Judd. He is usually an excellent dancer with obvious improvement week in; week out… yet this week only came third on the leader board due to a disappointing routine and even coming third seemed a little bit over genuine. Why did it happen? Maybe down to nerves of course, due to the show being in-front of 6000 and odd people. Yet, for me it was purely down to the space and them trying to use it all and therefore falling flat on the basics of technique and movements. Harry’s marks seemed rather high for quite a basic performance, thus adding to speculation that the judging panel scores are quite biased. Alesha seems to be marking him high every week, possibly due to the fact that they are good friends off stage and where prior to the show probably down to them both being musicians. Len Goodman was once again critical of his partner Aliona and made it quite obvious that he could not stand her. The dancing aside, the acoustic where absolutely appalling. The usually wonderful orchestra could not be heard over the crowds, Tess & Bruce where having to shout in order to be heard and where missing their prompt queues and overall seemed to cheapen the show and takeaway its soul. The focus was constantly on the arena rather than the dancing and for me it seemed to take away the enjoyment of the programme. As far as the result, Russell was the correct one to go. He was indeed humorous, yet the competition shall be reaching its concluding stages soon and any comedic acts needed to be out of the picture so not to make a mockery of the competition.

Further annoyance was the fact that due to their Wembley base over the weekend it made it even more so apparent that Sunday night’s results show was pre-recorded Saturday evening. The ambiance may have indeed been good and Claudia’s jokes may once again have been as entertaining as ever, however, the results show lacked any form of intensity and seemed somewhat commercial. The fact of not being able to hear Tess most of the 2 evenings though was quite a delight to myself and am sure for most of the audience watching at home. The production seemed terrifyingly amateurish however, for such a high calibre programme. I hope there shall not be a repeat performance next year, yet I have a feeling they shall now embed it into every years series from here on in due to the viewing figures. I am still looking forward to the Blackpool show as that brings more ambiance and intensity to the proceedings than the ordinary BBC Ballroom shows. It may just be one of Strictly’s best ever line-up and series but their obvious attempts to make the show appeal to a more mass audience is falling somewhat flat on all attempts. I hope the BBC don’t mess around with the shows format too much more for next year as otherwise, the BBC may have a reversed smile if regular fans switch off!

X Factor Anger!

Has The X Factor turned into nothing but television mess?

For some strange reason over the weekend, I decided to watch The X Factor. I echo my previous claims that I cannot stand the show, the production, the ambiance, the judges (minus Kelly) and what the show is about. It seems many others are feeling that way also, owing to viewing figures it seems many are simply turning off. I CANNOT stand Dermot O Dreary, never have I seen such a cocky little so and so in my entire life. He brings out some underlying anger in me every time I seem his face, him poncing around in a suit and his somewhat dreadful efforts of trying to gel with anybody and everybody. The show seems to revolve more around the judges than the contestants. I simply don’t know why ITV haven’t rebranded it the “Gary Barlow Show!” he is absolutely delusional. He seemed somewhat astounded that his act Craig went off the show over that of Misha B… the difference being the latter could simply sing better than his act and boy did he look deflated. What an obnoxious man! His opinions are biased, his attitude stinks and as I said last week… his credibility has gone to zilch. The show has turned into some sort of psychological affair in showing how 4 judges of a reality show get along with each other. Tulisa has no visible talent what so ever and simply nobody knows who she is. The reaction to Misha B has been nothing other than bullying. Gary has penalised her performances numerous times, yet this is from the fella who thought Frankie Cocozza could sing! Misha CAN sing and with work and effort she may even have the longevity to sell records. That however, may fail if she hasn’t gone into a nervous wreck due to what I would consider bullying by the media! Her opening VT was criticised for being 2 minutes longer than anybody else owing to the fact she mentioned that her real birth mother had contacted a magazine to state that she wanted to make contact with her. Misha’s mentor Kelly Rowland was seen to be supporting her, due to Kelly herself recently only making contact with her real father. The media flocked to brand it a “sob-story” with people stating that it is a talent show NOT Trisha! It seems incredibly harsh to say such things considering she has a talent and it is actually a singing competition! Jeff Brazier annoyed me over on OKTV by stating that it is “more” than a singing competition, shut up Jeff! Clearly you are not valued for your brain cells or opinion so I would just shut up you annoying little man! The X Factor IS a Singing COMPETITION. It is a hybrid genre of both possibly documentary/competition but the fact of the matter is the programme has lost all foundation this time round and I don’t think anybody knows what the show is trying to be anymore. Nobody on the show as Cliff Richard said this week quite rightly that “anybody from the show shall NOT be a star” yet it is an instant key to fame and fortune. The reality is however it is NOT A REALITY SHOW! Anyone who says otherwise are just adding to the programme’s tacky synopsis. Misha B seems to have fallen victim to the media and it is rather transparent. Gary Barlow is being vindictive and idiotic, yet coming up smelling of roses due to his apparent personality (which to me seems none existent) and his charity work.

Shambolic! Is the word I would use to describe, such as I did to describe Daybreak. Funnily enough both shows are ITV and it shows like nothing else. The show ad contestants have got far too big for their boots, fellow contestant Marcus Collins has hit out at critics for criticism of him. The realty is pal you have put yourself out there to be metaphorically slaughtered and the fact you haven’t yet established that you are cr*p and just seen to be pound signs by Simon Cowell has not yet hit you! The show is an utter farce and I am only supported by the fact that the rest of the British public seem to be agreeing. Don’t get me started on the Xtra Factor! Bring on BBC’S “The Voice” which is set to launch in January next year… Maybe the BBC shall handle a SINGING COMPETITION a lot better? They did with Fame Academy anyway.

I’m a celebrity – Pat Sharp Annoyance!

Pat Sharp need to go back to the 90's?

I’m not watching the celebrity jungle escapades religiously this year, I am seemingly however, just unfortunate to catch certain glimpses. Not only this year to fans have to put up with the ghastly man that is Mark Wright who is nothing other than a walking Essex tan bed, they also have to put up with the shrieks and screams by the obnoxious one hit wonder and apparent singer Sinitta and also the groaning and moping created by MR Z-List Anthony Cotton.

All that aside, the foundations of previous years are more than apparent. The creepy crawlies, the raw Australian bush and the well written humorous prompts given to Ant & Dec which effectively ever so slightly changes them from TV presenters to presenting comedians. Freddie Star wasn’t in the jungle long enough to be iconic, yet maybe in a way he was… the reality is, however, we now have to contend with 90’s Funhouse reject Pat Sharp and what a nasty piece of work he is! The clips I have seen of him have all been purely argumentative ones and him seemingly lacking any form of group and team skills. Raising his voice at Sinitta, causing friction with Lorraine Chase and overall being nothing other than a 2 faced has been. Who on earth does he think he is? We all I’m sure remember the fun and frolics which Funhouse brought to our screens, yet it was ever such a long time ago and quite frankly now looks dated. What a ghastly man! I’m sure it isn’t just me that wishes he would bugger off back into the 90’s decade where he belongs; he can take his mullet as well!

Susan Boyle RUINS Children In Need!

Susan Boyle sounds flat on BBC'S Children In Need.

As predicted, I certainly enjoyed this year’s Children in Need celebrations. The Entertainment was top quality, West End musicals did their thing, Soap Operas showed they can do more than produce naff storylines, the sincere messages of what the night was about came through, Daniel Craig pleased ever so elegantly to the cameras, Fearne Cotton’s presenting was shockingly rather good & the Music was…

TERRIBLE! Minus Steps who absolutely rocked the BBC studios and all feedback to their melody of 3 classic hits has been phenomenal, they really are sounding better than ever! The Saturdays gave a decent, yet lacking performance; however, Susan Boyle was the WORST live act I have ever seen in Children In Need History. Susan destroyed the reputation of Depeche Mode’s hit “Enjoy the Silence” and quite frankly mute and silence was certainly what was needed. On the same night X Factor judge Tulisa performed this year’s official single for Children In Need along with other artists who make up “The Collective” and unfortunately Tulisa’s microphone was broken throughout the duration of her performance, thus not able to hear her sing a note… just the audience screaming for more. Not that I am bothered in allowing my ears to survive from suffering Tulisa’s vocals, yet quite honesty it shall have been immensely better than Susan Boyle’s unbelievably dire effort.  Such a shame that Susan wasn’t given Tulisa’s microphone because in-fact she did not reach a SINGLE right note which she should have. I have never rated Tulisa as a singer and quite frankly that performance showed that she is nothing other than overhyped rubbish with her unique selling point purely that she is a little bit strange… singing wise, diabolical!  Another fine example that Britain’s Got Talent overhyped her apparent “angel like” voice when really she is nothing special and probably if it wasn’t down to her unnatural looks of being a singing sensation she probably wouldn’t have got through round 1, how she has had worldwide success, however, I have no idea!

The rest of the show was entertaining and typical of the Pudsey Bear fest evening. Sir Terry Wogan made the show is own as ever and it is great that the BBC now only use his talents once a year… I for one think he is something to look forward too! Even in these hard financial times, the charity raised more money than last year! It just gives to prove that we are rather generous when it comes to money and giving and of course Children In Need money stays in the UK. Such a fantastic cause and worthwhile donating… even if only a few pence! Well done to all involved.

Paddy Doherty & Sally Bercow to swap lives for Channel 5!

Speaker's wife & Traveller to swap lives!

What a great programme concept this is from the ever improving Channel 5. Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow is set to live with Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star & Celebrity Big Brother contestant’s Paddy Doherty’s family, whilst Paddy shall be living Sally’s life. The pair developed a strong friendship whilst in Celebrity Big Brother early this year and the documentary is set to show how each of them react when both of their worlds and lives collide.

The political activist will take on domestic duties and live among Doherty’s large family of children and grandchildren.

In the second week of the challenge, Bercow will be able to set rules and challenges for Doherty including a cleaning rota and the task of cooking a meal for his family.

When Paddy Met Sally explores the unlikeliest of celebrity friendships in a unique and entertaining setting,” said Initial creative director Nick Samwell-Smith.

“When two very different worlds collide, viewers can expect conflict, debate and a whole lot of fun. Whatever happens, after two weeks living in each other’s pockets, their lives will never be quite the same again.”

Like a 21st century Wife swap, I’m sure this shall be a rather interesting affair! I’m quite a fan of Miss Bercow and I think she gets a constant negative reaction from the British press. I shall be watching this show with interest and even though they did lower themselves by going into the Big Brother humble abode, without a shadow of a doubt it shall be a very interesting show to at the very least… observe!

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Strictly Come Dancing’s Prerecorded live results show ruining the concept? X Factor loses its spark, The Jungle returns but should there be a title change? Big Brother ENDS… but on a high? & Pudsey Bear returns for Children In Need!

Here I am once more with my next public documentation, it must be blog time! What a week! Personally and in TV terms. Events personally this week have been nothing other than “sour”, yet I can say without fail that people who were once in my life shall no longer be and quite frankly I’m sticking up 2 virtual fingers to those in reference! I shall not expand further owing to the fact that they simply make my foot itch! On a far more interesting and important note, has anybody noticed the sudden surge of Christmas adverts which seemed to creep up during this weekend’s prime time TV shows? all of a sudden realisation kicked in that it is indeed just a simple matter of WEEKS before the festive season! I’m on the lookout for those dodgy stalls which are setup on the high-street offering mulled wine at shocking prices! Not that I drink, but I do find it incredibly unbelievable how the utter thieves are allowed to get away with charging god knows how much for a mere class of red year after year. There is a slight sense of festive spirit in me, however, after seeing the Coca Cola advert for the first time… just one of those things which immediately makes me think I should be grabbing the woolly blanket and having a hot chocolate! 

Television not only seems to be taking over the lives of us critics in recent weeks… but us all! It seems we are uncontrollably glued to our screens at the weekends to see just who has danced for the last time and who has sung their last note… not only that but now we have the jungle to contend with. I have to say it all seems to be getting rather predictable all round. I don’t feel a thrill or a buzz of excitement as I once did. I’m a major fan of BBC’S Strictly, even though it is one of the best lineups in years, I am still feeling unsatisfied, even when Bruce does his closing “keep dancing” routine. Is it really necessary that these TV companies have to keep recycling the same shows year after year? Are there any fresh ideas out there? Or generally, has the Reality TV genre had its day? Maybe I shall have a change of heart early next year when BBC’S “The Voice” launches? Even I am excited for that one.

Strictly’s Prerecorded Results show ruining the concept?

Strictly Come Dancing 2011 has so far poved a ratings winner for the BBC...

 This years Strictly has been as genuine, entertaining and as positive as previous years. This years line-up has been praised by bookies and the public alike for being one of the best bunch of the series’ history. Despite my minor fears that there is just “something” lacking, I don’t think I have ever been as addicted to the show as I am now. Saturday night’s shows are filled with 100% Entertainment. Something quite sincere about it. Bruce Forsyth is still bringing a little smile to our evenings and even a cringe or two. The humour these days doesn’t seem to come from his rather embarrassing jokes, but his clear on-screen presentation of being overly amateurish and cringe worthy. Tess Daly being no better, thinking you are every bodies best friend on the illusion that you are purely Northern and from Bolton is just beyond irritating and incredibly fake. That being said it all comes together quite nicely. The annoying interruptions by arrogant professional dancer Brendan Cole, the cheesy VT’S between dances and the over dramatised judging panel! Len Goodman’s attitude this week was somewhat out-of-order I thought and despite the term “Silly Sod” not really breaching Ofcom guidelines it did make me feel somewhat uncomfortable and seemed to be rather out-of-order. Everybody is still asking the question “Just why is Alesha on the panel?” apart from her obvious good looks, her comments do seem to have improved in the sense of being less robotic, but I do feel they are still lacking any form of purpose. Gripes aside, it’s fantastic! The reasoning it is far more superior to that of ITV’S Singing competition is quite rightly because there is no negativity surrounding it. The most controversial thing facing Strictly (Aside from Len’s outburst) is whether or not Russell Grant should be on the show or not! Family evening viewing at its best. Some raunchy performances may be a little full on for children but who cares! What I do care about, however, generally the point which is making Strictly sink down quite rapidly in my estimation is due to Sunday night’s result show NOT being LIVE!!  

I cannot understand the reasoning of it being prerecorded? The show used to be live, yet for the last few years have opted to record the show on Saturday nights. That’s all very nice, yet WITHOUT FAIL some idiotic member of the audience decides to tweet the result, thus gets round Twitter like wildfire every week and therefore ruins the point of even bothering to watch the results show. Surely the BBC are missing a trick here? The fact it isn’t live takes away some genuinity from the show due to their pretending that they are live on Sunday night… purely down to the fact that Tess and the judges change their frocks, Bruce disappears and Claudia turns up is not even enough to prove its Live. The audience are clearly the same as they were the night before and I honestly think it makes a mockery of the competition. Surely it cannot be overly expensive to do the results as and when they happen the night after? The X Factor manage to do it and besides, if the Strictly phone voting lines were open longer… the BBC would make even more cash from it! 

Despite the BBC treating us like nursery children and despite the show being prerecorded the Sunday results show is spot on! Light hearted, not taken too seriously & just general perfect Sunday night TV. Claudia Winkleman is an absolute gem! She does not get enough recognition with her presenting, she at least deserves her own show or something… instead of just being plonked in a late night slot to host a film show. Not only does she bring a much-needed laugh to the show, fun and some genuineness… her presenting style is unique and engaging. I think it may be the fact that she doesn’t take herself seriously at all, but whatever it is… it works! Why aren’t the BBC utilising her talents? Such a shame that she had to give up her stint on It Takes Two due to her pregnancy, because I’m afraid Zoe Ball just doesn’t cut the mustard! 

The BBC have an excellent show on their hands and the fact they are broadcasting from Wembley arena next week, at least gives you hope that they are prepared to go all out in making the show bigger and better. Before its return next year, however, I do think that before the shows 2012 offerings the BBC just need to give it a little bit of a shake-up… maybe a slight change in the rules format? Or some form of twist? Without of course turning the show into just another cheap and tatty show… but just something which keeps the show fresh, new and even more engaging for viewers. They are clearly doing something right by beating The X Factor quite considerably a few weeks ago and I have no doubt in my mind that it will happen again before the series is out, I’m still pining however for Bruce’s presenting resignation then Anton Du Beke can takeover… it MUST happen sooner or later for goodness sake!

Has The X Factor lost its spark?

The X Factor this year has received a general negative response from the public...

 I always worry when doing an X Factor based story as quite frankly I’m sure regular readers know my thoughts on the show! That being said of course, it is a very well put together and well produced television! Singing competition, however, far from it! That being said I’m unsure what genre the show is trying to be these days… recently seemingly a Docusoap! The show has been bathed in criticism and drama over the last couple of weeks. Frankie Cocozza single handedly has somehow managed not only to completely embarrass himself and drag the shows reputation down with him but also the way Gary Barlow has handled the saga has left many questioning his place on the show and losing all credibility he once had. Simon Cowell is said to be in “despair” and has supposedly said that this year’s installment is “lacking in something.” I couldn’t agree more, yet more criticism hit the show after Frankie Cocozza was dramatically “axed” or “quit” when they then opted to bring back one of the 4 initial contestants rather than, either “The Risk” or “Johnny Robinson” who both left the show the previous week. Many have criticised and many have turned off.  Then to add further salt to the wounds, this weeks show got off to a pitiful start when the show was filled with technical difficulties and therefore had to start 15 minutes later than anticipated, apparently due to transmission problems. That’s not all… the show was then accused of fixing the phone votes to ensure contestant Amelia Lily returned due to STV (which is part of the ITV network in Scotland) publishing an article that she had got through despite the phone voting lines still being open. Quite frankly it has been a disaster from start to finish and I’m sure Simon Cowell has had enough of the ongoing problems when he is trying to focus on the US incarnation of the show (which is also not performing as well as expected… yet HAS been commissioned for a second series) overall has the show had its day?

Despite having an obvious dislike to the show, my impartial answer really IS that the show HAS indeed had its day. The reality is there is only a certain amount of people who have the potential to become successful recording artists, the rest are purely delusional. The show has to survive on the mere percentage of folk that actually have musician potential. Louis Walsh’s weekly dose of  “you shall be a star” has lost all meaning and quite frankly has become tremendously tedious. The show this year has shown that shows of this type have a strict use by date and this one seems to have gone off months ago. Simon Cowell has lost numerous amounts of credibility for this years show and has been nothing other than a dramatic failure. Gary Barlow was dragged in as the main judge yet has somehow managed to just come across as a monotoned idiot. The public seem to have fallen OUT of love with the show… possibly down to the severe judging panel change, however, Kelly Rowland is the only saving grace… yet I cannot understand why she has lowered herself to be part of such a commercial mess… though of course she shall sell more records in the UK because of it. Dermot O Leary seems to have become more smug than ever… to a point were without of course condoning violence, you really do feel like punching him in the chops! What is there actually to like about this failing monstrosity of a programme?

Louis Walsh has started speculation that he shall not be returning next year and I am highly doubtful as to whether Kelly shall also. The show I feel really is on its last feet and quite honestly isn’t pleasant to watch. All this in mind, it may be important to remember that ITV are of the up most push overs when it comes to Simon Cowell. What Simon says, goes! Red or Black to use a fine example. Without a doubt I imagine The X Factor returning next year, the addicted people who have no life shall of course probably be watching… but us far more intelligent people I’m sure shall see that if it does return next year it will have long outstayed its welcome and hopefully it should reflect in terms of audience share. Then again of course, Simon does value his reputation and I’m sure if he does revive the show once more, then a major revamp and shakeup is in the pipeline. If he has any sense, however, and not of course all money… he SHOULD give the show a break for at least 3 years. Realistically, however, unlikely! 

We shall all remain intrigued until the final I’m sure… but I have a feeling the public are no longer on the shows side and I wholeheartedly believe that any plans of this years show dominating the Christmas charts is firmly out of the window! The Wombles are releasing their classic “Wombling Merry Christmas” this time round and I have a feeling if that got to number 1 that may just send Simon Cowell to the edge. Bound to happen? Possibly! Wouldn’t it be hilarious? This could possibly be a momentous occasion where a Reality TV show no longer rules people’s musical minds and when that is set in stone and confirmed, the music industry shall be forever grateful! Who fancies an ACTUAL Christmas song being number 1 this year? Rather than some amateur and ever so tacky song cover!


“I’m a Celebrity” returns… but should the show have a name change?

I'm a celebrity get me out of here... but are they celebrities worth bothering about?

 I imagine your upcoming fortnight shall be taken up by Snakes, Spiders and all sorts of creepy crawlies! It’s that time of year again where a bunch of none entities (sorry I mean Celebrities) enter the Aussie bush to become laughing stocks as they take part in numerous trials and challenges! Of course the bunch of Z-listers are not just shoved in the middle of the jungle and left to their own devices… they are in-fact surrounded by many people in the background to ensure safety in-case they are confronted by any poisonous spiders or snakes, along with of course security… so in-fact you could just call it a “TV Set” in the bush! It ruins all meaning when you think about it doesn’t it?

This years contestants are as follows (along with my opinion of course:)

Antony Cotton – 

“Actor” in Coronation Street (and not a very good one at that… along with having a flop chat show… rather naff!)

Crissy Rock – 

Most famous for her role in Benidorm, lived a rather colourful life… she has experienced an abusive relationship, self harm, drug overdose and attempted suicide! (my personal favourite… she does at the very least bring some comedy to the show!)

Dougie Poynter – 

My least favourite member of boy band Mcfly, not long out of rehab after a relationship failure… apparently he shall struggle to live without sex for 2 weeks… looking like that, there is a chance for us all!

Fatima Whitbread – 

Talented Olympian, yet famous for nothing else… other than HER looks of course…

Freddie Star – 

Apparent comedian and a little bit “Weird” at the time of writing this he has been taken to hospital owing to an allergic reaction… he may not be returning to the show (thank the lord!) a fine example of an idiot! 

Jessica-Jane Clement –

Famous for GLAMOUR modelling and being a “TV Presenter” (it isn’t known what she has actually presented) plus she has a double barrel name which looks a little chavvy doesn’t it?

Lorraine Chase – 

Decent actress and looking good for her age! (she has lovely hair as well…) enough said!

Mark Wright –

Famous for being a talentless twirp from “The Only Way Is Essex” no brain cells, no talent… all fake tan and white teeth, ghastly man!

Stefanie Powers –

80’s sensation and actress to admire. Since her “Hart to Hart” fame, however she hasn’t really done much…

Willie Carson OBE – 

Legendary horse racer… yet somewhat incredibly tedious!

Overall, I certainly wouldn’t call them celebrities? in-fact the line-up seems to get worse by the year. That being said, however, the show has somewhat of a charm to it which is appealing to the mass. I’m not really a fan of Ant & Dec, however, this is their best programme in which the front due to the jokes! Of course not written themselves, but they do have a good way of putting them across to viewers! I cannot help feeling though that the format is somewhat drooping in tiredness? The sheer thought of seeing a group of “celebrities” being thrown into the Australian bush with fish guts and the like doesn’t seem as appealing as it has done in previous years. The launch show was the exact same to what it has been since the programme started back in 2002 and I feel as if it needed just something, anything to give the show a new lease of life. Of course at first hand there doesn’t seem much the producers can do to change the programme’s premise but again funnily enough this is ANOTHER ITV show which I feel has had its day. Of course they were never going to get anybody of celebrity status importance, however, they needed something… and that something just isn’t apparent with this years installment. I may be watching… then again I may be not. I shall give ITV a thumbs up for introducing Laura Whitmore as the presenter for I’m a celebrity get me out of here now! She has previously been the face of MTV, yet won’t be recognisable to many… how pleasant it is to see somebody relatively new, presenting a high-profile show on the ITV! We of course all expected Holly Willoughby to turn up, but we were all unbelievably shocked to see the network not choosing a well-known personality, credit where it’s due!

Big Brother 2011 ends… but was it on a high?

Big Brother came to a conclusion last week... did it end on a positive?

Controversial from the start, mixed reviews throughout and Channel 5’s axing of the live feed… Big Brother hasn’t hand the easiest of rides over the last few months since Channel 5 brought back the leading Reality TV show to our screens. Bets were placed on the winner and if I was a gambling man I certainly would have put a high amount on Alex taking away the prize money. Not the case, however,  as it was the most UNEXPECTED person of the lot to eventually end up taking away the £50’000 winning total… that being Aaron Allard-Morgan. Never has there been such a shocked reaction to a winner of a television show. So much so in-fact that when Aaron was announced to be the series winner he was given the largest boo the series had throughout. Walking through the doors as the winner he was greeted to pantomime hisses and disapproval of his winning title… some audience members even shouting “fix!” What a shocking result it truly was! That being said, at first I was stunned and absolutely fuming with the result… yet after much thought, I am extremely happy he won. He played the game to perfection, he may have not been his true self on the show… yet he played the game! The favourite to win was Blonde bimbo Alex, though of course once you have seen one you have seen them all! Despite it being such a shocker and more than likely lots of money being lost with the surprising revelation, the audience boos were absolutely appalling. They may not have approved, yet be gracious at the very least! Since his dramatic winning exit he has been in the papers claiming he thought somebody would come on stage to attack him! Needless to say he was surrounded by security upon his exit from the main doors. He has stated he shall be spending the majority of his winnings on his young son… so I say good luck to him… a worthy winner! Overall, Channel 5 did a fantastic job of bringing the show back to full glory on what realistically is a channel with not the best of reputation’s. Apparent, however, is the fact that Channel 5 didn’t seem to be taking viewers comments on board, which left a lot of discrepancies when compared to the Channel 4 days… and not all good ones! Hardcore fans are demanding the return of the live feed, so it shall be interesting to see whether or not Channel 5 take that on board before its return for the celebrity version in January. If not, I can see there shall be a severe decline in audience figures, thus it could be a second goodbye we say goodbye to the television gem. 




Pudsey Bear returns for Children In Need 2011!

Pudsey bear returns for the 2011 annual fund-raiser!

 How much I am looking forward to this week’s annual Children In Need BBC fundraising evening! My christmas countdown begins with Halloween, Bonfire Night followed by Children In Need…  then I really know Christmas is just round the corner! Prepare for a fun-filled evening of news readers making a right idiot of themselves, Soap Opera casts dressing in frocks and prancing around to a musical song, TV show specials and of course amateurish on-screen presentation which just adds to the fun of it all. Along with musical performances of which I know this year sees STEPS (I have managed to perfect the Tragedy dance moves) which is incredibly exciting for all concerned.  Tess Daly, Fearne Cotton & Alesha Dixon shall be holding the fort along with of course SIR Terry Wogan. Vanessa Feltz shall be doing what she does best for BBC Radio London and quite frankly is a pure and simple night of Entertainment. Pudsey Bear and his girlfriend Blush shall be present (Pudsey STILL hasn’t got that eye looked at has he?) I shall be wearing my Pudsey badges and cuddling my Pudsey and Blush bears whilst watching and quite frankly year after year I watch from start to finish! Never have I been so tired afterwards, but somehow pleasantly fulfilled. One problem… I have never liked the animated Pudsey bear as much as the other one… he looks like he has had plastic surgery for goodness sake… surely having an eye bandage is bad enough?


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Nancy Dell’Olio Lives up to “Deluded” Expectations, Gary Barlow in Public Backlash, Big Brother gone too far? Downton Abbey comes to an end but SHALL return next year, Four in a bed” the best show on Channel 4? Boyband “Blue” to return next year & Showing support for Melanie C!

Halloween over, Bonfire Night and now I just await BBC’S Children In Need to be over with and then I know in my own mind that the next event to wait for is that big one known as “Christmas!” not long to go now and the Advent Calendars have hit the shops already! As I have a week or 2 to wait until the yellow bear with the eye patch comes on-screen I shall reflect and indulge in the Bonfire night just gone. Slightly overrated I’m sure you shall agree, luckily, however, I live near a local football team ground of which holds an annual display, so I am able to stand at my front door and watch the fireworks quite clearly (without paying!) it was alright, nothing to fuss about and of course when you have seen one firework I think I can say with much confidence that you shall have seen them all! The only problem with standing at my front door was missing the general ambiance. Black peas and Potato hash is served, which of course I missed out on.. although any form of event seems to be the excuse to stuff your face. For that reason, quite frankly I reflected and thought that my participation of eating a Toffee Apple in the evening was highly commendable! Isn’t it funny that I do not eat Apples any other time of the year? unless they are coated in chocolate and with hundreds and thousands! Decent overall but highly overrated! 

Nancy Dell’Olio – Definition of “Deluded!”

Nancy Dell'Olio claims she was "One of the best" in the Strictly come dancing competition!

Never have I been so astonished by such a woman in all my life. For my column on my local community site Atherton Online this week, I was forced to refer too her… this was the piece:

Wasn’t Strictly’s Nancy Dell’Olio unbelievably terrible? Never have I been so astonished by a woman who at first glance seems to be dominant, independent & forcefully confident … yet on the dance floor is nothing more than an inelegant, hard-footed & rather unfeminine! 
I was uncontrollably glued to her weekly does of embarrassing & unsightly performances and just could not believe her rhythmatic movements were flat, unappealing & cringe worthy to the extreme. Far from graceful & certainly no Swan Lake potential! Poor old Nancy had the figure, the strong mind & focused, yet no matter how much she tried her performances always seemed to end up something of which only can be compared to the likes of a pantomime dame. 
The only other trouble was poor old Nancy believed she was the next Ginger Rogers… no matter how much she failed to impress she believed she was best… therefore living up to her “Nancy Delusional” media status. All that in mind, I am somewhat in awe… her far from elegant, unladylike ballroom behaviour may have indeed scarred me for life. I cannot get vulgar images of herself and Sven out of my scarred mind… how on earth did she disrobe sensuously & sensually for poor old Sven? 

Despite being a “walking disaster” as the judges labelled her… give the girl a medal for her confidence and her head permanently being held high upon her very sharp shoulders… one of a kind who I’m sure we shall never see the likes of ever again!

I stand by those comments like never before. In-fact my opinion has worsened of her. Just days after doing that piece. Nancy claims that “Alesha was jealous of her” on Strictly and hence why she thinks Alesha made the comments she did about her routine… those comments of which poor deluded Nancy is to be taking legal action over! Not only that, Nancy claims she was “one of the best” in the dance competition. 

This woman just is unreal isn’t she? so much so we are aghast by her claims, quotations, thoughts and dramatically wrong impression of herself. Absolutely ghastly and her professional dance partner Anton Du Beke even agrees by slamming her publicly at a charity awards ceremony during the week. Unliked by her fellow contestants, diva like behaviour and quite frankly rude. Is this appropriate behaviour by a woman of such maturity & intelligence? Hopefully we should all be spared from future embarrassment as lets hope she quite frankly buggers off back where she came from… I mean surely if she brands herself the most famous italian “after” Sophia Loren… then she won’t have a problem making a career… out of not much at all?

Gary Barlow facing Public Backlash?

Gary Barlow angered fans as judge on X Factor?

 I don’t know about anyone else… but I just cannot stand Gary Barlow. He was merely “passable” in Take That, though credit were credit is due he is an amazing songwriter. His personal and on-screen personality on ITV’S singing talent show though, is nothing other than “acted” & “uninspiring.” He is sat in Simon Cowell’s chair, the on-screen personal is undoubtedly similar and his highly irritating monotone of a Manchester accent is ear bleeding at best. When he first joined the show I was intrigued and surprised. Surprised as I wouldn’t have thought after Take That’s reunion success he would have put that reputation on the table for all to see, with a possibility of becoming exposed. Everybody loved him and were excited to see him judge others… after all he knows what he’s talking about, or so we thought! Has he just been unfortunate enough to draw the short straw to manage the category which just so happens to have the obnoxious and utterly vile Frankie Coccozza in it? or has he simply got too big for his boots in thinking that in his own words “Frankie shall be a star?”

I ask the question to just how on earth he could be a star when the public’s perception of young Frankie is absolute mud? Seemingly 99.9% of people think he is dreadful and should have gone weeks ago… “a star?” certainly not! It does expose the show for what it is though, something of which he has said all along and that is that the X Factor is FAR from being a “singing competition” in-fact nothing else than cheap & tacky mindless and mind numbing dull “Entertainment!” The weekend’s show saw controversy occur on the judging panel when there was mass criticism of Fankie’s performance and Gary Barlow completely ignored and blocked the judges by just branding him a “star.”

I am inclined to think that poor MR Barlow has got far too big for his Mancunian boots! since Take That’s amazingly successful Progress Tour… he has got as bad as Simon Cowell by somewhat thinking that he “owns” the music industry. If MR Barlow doesn’t get his own way or if people don’t agree with him he seems to get in nothing else other than a strop. Moody, face ache and his attitude to Johnny Robinson was uncalled for and in my opinion showed his true colours. A case of success gone to his oversized head? I think so! let me bring Gary Barlow down a peg or two… would this be a good time to mention his solo career? or lack of I’m afraid! his 2 solo album attempts were a flop and quite frankly were an embarrassment to the music industry! Everytime that is mentioned when being interview he doesn’t like to be reminded does he? Clearly, he has no salability on his lonesome.. he needs other blokes around him to become a “success” it seems. 

I think there has been a mass change of opinion of Gary. Is he coming across well? I think not! He seems influenced over Simon Cowell’s legacy and coming across as the “tough judge” yet it seems somewhat faked and forced. He seemingly has the personality of a pea yet the writing talents of something credible. Maybe he should just stick to lyric writing? I have a feeling if he doesn’t take off his Rose tinted glasses and start to relate to the public soon… another Take That album may not “Progress” them to the next stage they may think…

Big Brother gone too far?

Have Big Brother gone too far?

 When Big Brother returned unexpectedly to screens earlier this year many were in despair, many protested, but yet many of us were overjoyed and shocked that it was a reality. Channel 5 have brought a new lease of life to the proceedings and regained a long-lost following of old and new fans of Big Brother. Brian Dowling hosts the main show whilst Emma Willis hosts the spin-off “Bit on the side.” One of the contestants Aaron has been constantly criticised on the spin-off for “playing the game” by the studio audience along with Emma Willis who has been remaining far from impartial throughout. Last week saw ex glamour model Nicola McLean guest on the show and branded Aaron similar to an “abusive husband!” something of which has been picked up on by masses of people branded it “offensive” and “out-of-order” thus, calling for a major apology to be broadcast by Channel 5 for her comments. Nothing was mentioned by the show the day after and therefore people are now trying to boycott the final. 

It was downright stupid of Nicola to compare a housemate to such a thing. No wonder Charities who deal with such disgusting people in real life have branded her comments “disgusting”, then again of course what more do you expect from a person of this calibre? I am shocked by Emma Willis for not publicly apologising and instead brushing past the issue. Channel 5 although improved since Richard Desmond’s takeover still seemingly could not give a Four X about their viewers. They do not respond to criticism, complaints or even suggestions. As long as Richard Desmond is happy and satisfied, seemingly they just resume in their own sweet way. I applaud those that have signed the petition and call for Channel 5 myself to apologise for the comments which were made. They lost respect for ditching Big Brother’s live feed and if people are attempting to boycott the show then is it worth even bringing the show back next year? Think carefully Channel 5, I have a feeling you are playing with fire… when the general public consensus of your channel and programming is nothing other than “showbiz, cheap tat telly!”

Downton Abbey recommissioned for third series! 

Most successful TV drama to return next year!

 How overjoyed I am to see that Downton Abbey has been confirmed to be returning to our screens next year for its third respective series. It is unbelievable to think that such a basic concept has become one of the most successful TV Dramas of all time… fact! incredibly well acted, accurate perceptions and representations and in my opinion deserves to win every award it is nominated for.

I was on BBC Radio 5 discussing the show when it returned for the launch of its second series and this week I shall be on BBC Midlands reviewing the shows finale and my opinions on its third series commission. This is the type of show which our screens have been pining out for, for so long. Sheer quality and perfection. No amateur acting, wooden storylines or clichéd characters. It is also nice to see a show which hasn’t necessarily been filled with over used actors (such as Max Beesley) never have I been so engaged to a show second by second. The portrayed moments of yesterday’s Britain are of the up most accurate and charming.  

It is unsurprising and was entirely expected that the show would return for a third series. This second offering has received just a miniscule amount of criticism when being compared to the last series, however I would deem that to be unjustified and for people to not set certain expectations of television shows, as you may end up being purely disappointed… don’t over analyse TV shows, they are Entertainment for goodness sake! I would however, warn ITV now to consider the next series to be the shows last. Why? Do not allow the show to reduce in quality, do not allow it to overrun and past its sell-by date and do not give the complainers something further to winge about! The show has achieved an overwhelming amount of success and has gained recognition from around the world. Why spoil that? Don’t give a chance for the show to go downhill, all shows have a lifespan and with a gem such as this one… you do not want to ruin it! It has been seen so many times before for years and years and when it happens, the entire shows reputation is in mud. If ITV have brains behind their network then hopefully they have already considered that possibility… I hope so! 

Do another series by all means. Entertain us, make us laugh… but then allow the show to go with pride, why not get the writers to start on a new project? Do the show proud ITV because with this one… you have a gem in your hands!

“Four in a Bed” the best show on Channel 4?

Channel 4's flagship show to bring a smile!

 Never did I think the good old English Bed & Breakfast’s could have been so entertaining. Channel 4 had the initial success of “Come dine with me” yet with far too many episodes and series of it have turned it into nothing other than a disappointing yawn fest! They may still be showing it, however “Four in a Bed” currently beats that of Come Dine on every level! What a fabulous little programme it is and how immensely fascinating. I seem to have a habit of having a look at all the B&B’S which participate in the show on Trip Advisor for myself to try to get an accurate angle to what the B&B’s are actually like in the real world (as some contestants of the show are seemingly game playing!) A simple format which is appealing on every level. in-fact a much better phenomenon than Come dine with me ever was! This week saw a gorgeous B&B which was a former courthouse… perfect as a picture with a charming host, yet the fellow contestants seemed to do nothing other than nit pick and criticise. One competitor being a right common woman from Summerset who saw fit to allow dogs in every room of what effectively is her home and smokers in her bedrooms (I thought that was illegal with it being a public place?) what a ghastly woman! the charming host of the courthouse whose name escapes me was remarkably graceful and kept her head held high with the unfair amount of negativity she received. I’m not entirely sure of the shows viewing figures but certainly one I recommend and in-fact as Channel 4 seems to have gone down the proverbial of late, this show is their best effort (Aside from Educating Essex) in a long overdue while!

Congrats to Channel 4, who said Reality TV was dead?

Boyband Blue to return next year! 

Boyband Blue to return in 2012 with new album! (Picture Copyright to the Daily Mail)

 “One Love” “All Rise” & “Too Close” that’s just 3 of the hit singles British Boy band Blue have released in their careers. 3 Albums and then the inevitable split happened. All the lads were rather quiet after disbanding aside from Lee having a decent effort at a solo career and Duncan being rather successful in the west end. Turn the clock forward to this year and the delightful Blue returned to our hearts and minds as not through our choice but of the BBC’S it was decided that they shall represent Britain in the 2011 Eurovision song contest with the rather tacky comeback offering of  “I Can.”

The rest of the world was underwhelmed with the return, no more than this very country which welcomed Blued back to the charts by enabling “I Can” to enter the charts at 16. Better than their last few album singles before they disbanded… yes still underwhelming all the same. Blue unfortunately also failed to set Eurovision alight by managing to get to 11th place overall (even though beating previous years quite a lot) the ghastly duo Jedward who were representing Island in the competition however, managed to get 8th position in Eurovision, thous beating Blue by 3.

After the what was deemed to be “Failed” reunion, we thought that was it. The last of the once ever so admired group of lads who made a mark in the music industry. Since, idiotic member of the group Lee has made a fool of himself in the newspaper on numerous occasions and the rest have been considerably quiet. Until now it seems!

Blue this week revealed that they have been working with the 21st century “must have” producer Red One for their new upcoming fourth album which they hope to be released in the first quarter of 2012. Despite being humiliated at Eurovision at least are showing some sign that their upcoming offering shall have a sound which will fit nicely into today’s music scene. 

Personally, I can’t stand most of them… the most obnoxious bunch who had egg on their faces after the disasterous Eurovision efforts, it shall be interesting to see how another band from yesteryear, however, manage to “modernise” themselves into the music industry today… personally I think we could do without yet more commercial tripe in the X Factor dominated music industry… yet who am I to say as just a mere buyer of music?

Melanie C returns with second single “Weak” from new album!

Melanie C's new single "Weak" available to buy now!

Melanie C is one of those women who does simply not get the recognition she deserves! An ex Spice Girl… yet in recent times is showing she has more “Girl Power” than ever before. Her new album “The Sea” has been met with undue amounts of praise across Europe and despite advertising here in the UK only managed to enter the charts at a mere 45. Adele has been given the most attention in the music industry this year, yet with her songs being dramatically overplayed has lost all sense of genuinity. Melanie is back with single 2 from the album entitled “Weak” and the song is far from what the title suggests. Melanie’s impressive vocals are clear and apparent throughout… with numerous amounts of emotion coming through on every line. The song is powerful, endearing and the production and quality of the song is second to none. This lady has to be one of the most underrated women of the music industry today. People need to delete their thoughts of her Spice Girls days and realise that this woman is a solo artist in her own right! “Weak” makes you think, gets your attention and overall needs to be a number 1! unfortunately, that shall not be the case. Lack of radio airplay (aside from BBC Radio 2 who have A LISTED the track) no other stations seem to be playing this quality record. Melanie seems to be lucky with this song and has been given a few Television promotional opportunities, however the mass music buying market are just missing her completely and not realising that her new offering is the song they really should be downloading over the likes of JLS! despite this, I’m sure Mel won’t be complaining! her career in Europe is stronger than it has ever been and quite frankly she can be proud of what she has achieved with this album, despite no recognition! call it a hidden gem! The song shall probably fail to chart… which is such a shame though at least you cannot brand her for being far too “commercial!”

Keep that music coming Melanie… this is the definition of perfection!

Watch the video to Melanie’s single “Weak” [HERE]

“Weak” can now be downloaded on iTunes or via limited edition CD Single. 

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Back with a bang and a spook or two… Strictly beats X Factor in ratings war, Jonathan Ross gets a second chance, Gavin Henson finds the “love of his live”, Impressed by Hollyoaks & Steps Reunion proves a success!

I feel somewhat out of my comfort zone this week and that is simply even after just one week of not blogging! that being said I am back with a vengeance! a week out was just what I needed, a chance to re-energize my brain to find a new way of thinking and some new-found motivation! I can announce that I found whatever I was indeed looking for and I am ready to return to my writing commitments! that being said I may change my day of blogging to possibly Monday’s, not quite sure yet… what I am sure of is that it is Halloween and I’m afraid at 18 years of age I feel you could remove 10 years off my life and you would see that I am just as excited as I was when I was indeed 8 years old. The house is decorated, the spookables are out in force and quite frankly am ready for a little bit of eating junk & watching a scary movie or 2. Albeit an American force which has crept its way into the country, I have noticed that this year so many more people are seemingly getting into the spirit of things by covering their house frontage in cotton wool, skulls and generally going Halloween galore. Maybe it is just for the kids… though surely the adult generation can get in the spirit by just having a buffet and a movie? that being said, I would hate the whole affair to simply turn into a pi*s up! I can visualise many a common person spending their night down the local and over indulging in a pint or 3. In regards to Children, how many Trick or Treaters do you get per year? are you one of those that fails to answer the door at all costs? even take your doorbell of its sticky hinge and hide it inside… so no one dare approach your front door? I have noticed that over the last few years though, the amount of Trick or Treaters in my area anyway has actually decreased year upon year. I love the idea of the little children going around the neighbours and the streets with their mum and dads, collecting a big jar full of sweets… though it can be a dangerous game for obvious reasons if the likes of teenagers are getting in on the act. Maybe there should be a time limit for when people should stop trick or treating, say 8pm? then anybody who came afterwards you didn’t need to answer too or know they were possible troublemakers. It is a shame that such innocent fun can in some cases result in somebody’s windows being covered in egg yolks. Even though I shall not be dressing up or trick or treating, I have my large bag of treats and if any child knocks on my door it shall be a pleasure to share. I am already shuddering at the thought of that classic Halloween film theme tune. Americans may indeed be a world apart from us Brits, yet I encourage the Halloween festivities for kids and a get together for Adults… possibly even a spooky walk? either way just get into the spirit of it all, the blood, the guts & the gore of all kinds. Just one last thing for me to say:

Strictly Beats X Factor in Saturday Ratings Battle!

Strictly wins the big night ratings battle!

 Simon Cowell I can imagine quaking in his boots at this very moment… not because he has seen a ghost, but because FINALLY Strictly Come Dancing beat X Factor in the ratings on Saturday night… and by quite a considerable amount! Strictly at its peak managed 10.16 Million which is (42.7%) and The X Factor managed 9.59 Million (38.8%) is this a message in disguise for Simon Cowell? my guess, indeed it might be! I was unfortunate enough to watch the weekend’s live show this week (which was the first I have seen since the series began) and what a dire show it truly is! I still cannot understand how they have the audacity to classify this trash as a “singing competition!” far from it… “Freak Show” would be more apt I would have thought. This year even more than previous seems solely focused on the contestants themselves and their tragic personal lives which are common and makes them downright none entities. Frankie Cocozza and “Kitty?” what a bunch of idiots! quite frankly if we have to suffer seeing anymore of both of their body parts it shall well and truly blow Strictly’s Halloween special out of the water! The Johnny Robinson fella… decent voice yet hasn’t got the salability to be able to sell millions upon millions of records and lets be honest, would he even be in the show if he wasn’t an ex drag queen? Alexandra was dragged in as a guest judge at the last-minute and admittedly I think she did a good job, unfortunately the general public consensus doesn’t seem to agree with me as throughout the show, Alexandra trended on Twitter and certainly not for positive reasons! that aside, I missed Kelly… nice woman and talented, Tulisa on the other hand… ghastly woman to say the least & talent… none existent! As I do not have one positive thing to say about the show I shall move onto Strictly, what a show it was! Halloween galore. The dancers were dressed in amazingly detailed spooktacular costumes whilst the studio and even graphics were transformed to really do Halloween justice to the considerable amount of viewers who were watching. The show really did flow together well and now I am even a fan of Nancy delusional… which is indeed scary in itself! I do feel some of the twists and effects which the professional dancers tried to incorporate into their routines sometimes took away the focus from the dancing itself, but keeping into the spirit of things… the show really did make an effort, a little ostentatious at times but visual perfection. My only gripe and I mean only is that of Bruce Forsyth. I would go as far to say that this was one of the worst shows for his jokes which seemed to fall flat at every turn. His camera links were amateur and quite frankly I feel has lost all professionalism and in a way hinders the show in becoming perfect. My suggestion? lets hope for the future of Strictly Come Dancing that Bruce hangs up his old, worn and battered shoes at the end of this series because quite frankly in parts he was an overall embarrassment. Tess Daly at least keeps proceedings to a standard yet nothing compared to Claudia who brings dry humour along with her, for Sunday night’s superior results offering. My solution would be for Anton du Beke to replace Bruce as a presenter and present alongside Tess. My only other complaint is the Sunday’s results show… why act to pretend it is live when it is recorded later on, on Saturday night’s? or why not just be live on Sunday’s for gods sake? why on earth Television shows of this calibre have to spill into Sundays I have no idea. Overall this is an excellent result for the BBC and just goes to prove my previous theory that people really are losing interest with the fakeness and falseness which engulfs ITV’S X Factor, week in and week out. The big X seems on its last legs whilst there seems to be a new found energy surrounding Strictly and when the BBC launch The Voice early next year I think bosses shall be extremely surprised with its popularity. Maybe Simon should just call it quits? at least his domination of the music industry would be at an end… and for that reason lord, we would all be truly grateful, so would the music industry!

Jonathan Ross gets second chance at ITV!

Jonathan Ross shall be returning to ITV next year!

 ITV have awarded Jonathan Ross a second series of his rather disappointing revamped chat show since he was forced from the BBC last year. 

“Both ITV and ­Jonathan were worried it might not work after he moved from the BBC but it has been a massive hit,” a source revealed.
“Paul O’Grady’s show hasn’t worked as well for ITV so they want to keep Jonathan on board to give the BBC’s Graham Norton a run for his money.”

I totally respect Jonathan as a broadcaster, he interviews guests with a general interest and is good at what he does. His antics over ont he BBC however with the phone scandal made him look to be nothing other than a complete idiot. I personally cannot abide him… yet if there is a celebrity on his show who I am a fan of I am easily talked into watching. Cannot stand him as a man but as a broadcaster, a simple perfectionist. His Friday night show on the BBC were quite 

re-nowned for its high-profile guests and unique ambiance, yet I’m afraid this ITV effort other than one of the best TV studios I have seen really didn’t cut the mustard. The guests minus Lady Gaga have been rather dull and there just has been a certain spark or two missing in translation. Graham Norton’s show seems to have overshadowed Jonathan’s in terms of guests and even Alan Carr has had more interesting offerings. I cannot understand the reasoning behind Paul O Grady’s failing efforts. I wasn’t a big fan of the second series of his show and felt that quite obviously with his standard of guests and overall proceedings… ITV were somewhat abandoning ties with the show including advertising it. Paul really didn’t recreate the magic his tea time show used to produce and left everyone feeling rather disappointed. I cannot understand Paul going back to ITV in the first place and in-fact Paul lost some of my personal credibility the way he treated Channel 4 when they were forced to reduce budget and he wouldn’t accept a budget cut on his own show. If he was that much of a talented broadcaster you would have thought Paul could have created a similar standard show on a measly budget. desperation comes to mind into why Paul took ITV’S offer but I feel it has somewhat comeback to haunt him in that he actually did make the wrong decision in leaving Channel 4 when he did. If ITV really want to make a success with Jonathan Ross then they need to budget properly, don’t give him Z-list actors or naff chefs (Jamie Oliver) give him the proper Hollywood A-listers! give Graham Norton a run for his money because at the moment it seems the only serious chat-show worth watching for guest credibility is that of Graham Norton and I’m sure Jonathan doesn’t like that statistic fact!

Gavin Henson finds the “Love of his life” in The Bachelor!

Gavin Henson is now spoken for! he finds the "Love of his Life" on Reality TV show The Bachelor!

 What do we think about when we hear the name “Gavin Henson”? Rugby Player? professional sportsman? talented? or do we think of the more obvious describing words such as “dim?” “dull?” “thick?” “boring?” with far too much spray tan! I’m sure you’re all agreeing with the latter because that’s all Gavin proved about himself in his reality TV series “The Bachelor.” The aim of the game was a bunch of girls (in most cases glamour models) who had to fight for the heart of Gavin by competing in numerous challenges and passing umpteen tasks… if Gavin liked the girl he gave them a red rose and that symbolised they were through to the next round and if not they took the walk of shame into the back of a taxi… though I’m sure in hindsight the unlucky losers shall probably be thinking that they were the winners overall after realisation set in that he is as dull as dishwater. Well last week was the grand finale and Gavin crowned model and loudmouth Carianne Barrow to be his girlfriend and winner of the Channel 5 show.

Speaking to Barrow on the show he said: 

“I’ve been looking for a long-term relationship. Someone I can give 100% to and will get that back… Carianne, you’re the one.
“I feel so lucky to have found you, you’re so unique. Please give me the opportunity to make you feel special. Let me be your best friend and give me the opportunity to make you happy for the rest of you life.”

The new couple then professed their love for each other, with Barrow telling him: “I want to be with you forever.” 

How intensely sickening it was! the funny thing about it all is however that MR Henson believes that this new-found romance is a genuine one! He was against girls at first who did Glamour modelling… and guess what this extremely classy Carianne Barrow has done glamour modeling herself and I have already seen numerous interviews of her in magazines cashing in on just how “great” she feels to be with Gavin. What a load of tripe! I have never seen a show so staged in my entire life. It seemed even more scripted than the  ghastly Only way is Essex! never has there been so much awkwardness and fake tension in a TV programme. A remarkable way for Carianne to make some hard earned cash though, so a big thumbs up to her! I wholeheartedly believe however that the producers told Gavin who to choose from the start and if not then Gavin certainly chose Carianne with the intention in knowing that she certainly wasn’t interested in a “serious relationship” because last… it shall not! Entertainment value however, the show was second to none. Decent ratings for Channel 5 as well, bringing in 1.34 million viewers for the finale. Good luck to Gavin I say, the format was entirely false but incredible entertainment value. Even though Gavin doesn’t seemingly have a bad bone in his body he seems to be the ultimate definition of a “push over” and “deluded” shall he be spending the rest of his life with Carianne Barrow?  certainly not… but as long as he THINKS it then I’m sure all is well in the world. Well done on Channel 5 for bringing the format to the UK, a success… is what I deem it to be!

Impressed by Hollyoaks!

In the past I have slated Hollyoaks and its cast for being nothing else than an “amateur drama group” I would like to right here and now apologise to the Chester based crew and commend them on some fantastic storylines over the past 2 weeks.

I was recommended by a friend to watch Hollyoaks… in-fact if I refused he threatened calling quits on our friendship, what could I possibly say to get out of it? anyway with major expressions of unhappiness quite obviously present upon my face I wasn’t looking forward to 24 minutes or so of amateur acting, embarrassing storylines and quite frankly wasting my life away… how wrong I was! I was immediately thrown into the middle of a storyline of a wedding being abandoned on the altar by a bride who had been cheating on her husband to be’s dad!!!!! drama!! numerous punch ups, shouting and convincing acting made the storyline and show to be nothing else other than gripping! not only that but now we are in the middle of another storyline which concludes on Halloween were some unfortunate soul has to try to solve a riddle to just whom is being held captive under the bridge, tied up and gagged by some mad rapist… if she doesn’t he will kill her! it is all very exciting and I’m easily a push over for any TV show which celebrates Halloween in any way, shape or form. Not only that, I am also enjoying playing “actor spotting” and counting just how many cast members previously appeared in the Police drama “The Bill” in all seriousness however, there is some great acting and the scriptwriters are quite frankly putting Coronation Street to shame. The only problem is some of the actors are only fit for the yearly Hollyoaks topless calendars… all body and no talent! but don’t let some glamour model wannabes and brain cell struggling male members of the cast put you off from watching this “Teen Soap” I’m hooked after 2 weeks and I truly think that some recognition is needed. Well done to all at Channel 4! get rid of the riff raff who are just there for looks alone and then possibly you can work towards ensuring the show loses its stereotype! Who would think it has been broadcasting in the same time-slot everyday of my life and I have slaughtered it all this time? 

Steps Reunion proves a successful one!

Steps Reunion... the most successful reunion since Take That?

 I am still absolutely addicted to Steps’s Ultimate Collection album. Never have I been so in awe of a band to this extent. The Tragedy signature hand movements are quite confidently coming into my everyday life where I cannot resist along with the song itself being on a continuous replay throughout ever day of the last week or so! I have watched all of their reunion interviews on shows such as OK!TV and Loose Women this week and quite frankly they look happier as a band than they ever did the first time round… probably down to finally sorting out all the little issues which engulfed the band all those 10 years ago.  Isn’t Clare Richards just a Darling? bless her! You cannot help but smile when you see her performing the classic stonking tunes in the most perfect of ways, yet somewhat struggling with the dance moves (of which she admits herself she does) and therefore putting in not much effort at all… but somewhat charming and it all fits in together! The only issue would be Lisa-Scott lee who comes across as nothing other than obnoxious when interviewed, quite clearly it is a shame she won’t just disappear to Dubai full-time and not come back. I am in such awe that I even want concert tickets. I am seemingly not the only one to have fallen for them as most tickets have sold out, their reunion is proving to be extremely popular and the album even reached number 1! what more could we all want? I say, some new material!!! they have been asked about it many times and I have a rather excited feeling that next year we may be all lucky enough to hear some new tunes and melodies… which shall be extremely interesting indeed. Not to everybody’s taste I’m sure, but I for one am as pleased as punch! even now as I type I am whistling away to some of their classic ditty’s which are playing in the background. I want to meet them!!! can I be the 6th member? I may be ever so slightly verging on the obsessive but how lovely it is to see them all back together performing on stage… SINGING LIVE might I add! good luck to them all I say!

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“Celebrity” Coach Trip & Come Dine… TV at its finest, STV AXE Chat Show The Hour after just a MONTH!, Sarah Harding checks into Rehab, Dancing on Ice 2012… need Defrosting?, Big Brother proves rating HIT for Channel 5 & Saddened as actress Betty Driver dies aged 91.

Well a far better week this time round… hopefully you are all sharing in my joy. I put all the thanks to my hair stylist Kyle… why? because finally I have had all the Black hair chopped out of my head! I feel as if the black colour was certainly putting a black shadow on my life, especially over the last week , although then again that could be because I missed an appointment! I am enjoying my natural Brown colour for the next 5 weeks, after which the Dulux chart is then mine to explore, to which colour I go for next… as long as it isn’t a fluorescent or Neon shade, it SHOULD be fine! 

My Hair shade aside, I am feeling somewhat creative and excited at the moment. I have been offered quite a few new writing opportunities to get my teeth into which has been yet more great experience for my journalism practice… as of course practice does indeed make perfect. I seem to be filled with inspiration, ambition and general positivity at the moment and just what more could you want when you are a young and ambitious? I feel as if I certainly shall not be wasting the rest of what is left of 2011, though I do wish Christmas would hurry up so we can get all of the commercial tripe out-of-the-way! I am dreading seeing those Christmas advertisements on TV (The sofa “specialist” ones have already started I’m afraid!) Staying on the topics of advertisements, how bloody annoying are they? I’m sick of seeing that damn Ariva one! no wonder people have been complaining about the adverts taking over Downton Abbey… all I can say is thank the technological gods for Sky+. Another random irritation is Lorraine Kelly, why on earth is she never presenting her own chat show in a morning? Quite frankly ITV should take into consideration as to whether or not she is worth that extortionate high pay packet!

This Week, I have become even MORE of a technology addict. Why? IOS 5 software release for my iPad! though I do find it funny how they seem to have turned into some form of fashion accessory. Maybe the software was slightly overhyped by Apple, though you have to admit to yourselves Apple are int heir own category when it comes to revolutionary and advanced tech! The iPhone 4S was released this week and I have mine on order so I of course am feeling like a little child at Christmas once again, cannot wait! Rather that though than being one of the geeky morons who queued outside the Apple store’s over night… get a life!!!!

Celebrity Coach Trip & Come Dine… TV at its best!


 Congratulations to Channel 4 who this week have completely refreshed my afternoons! Celebrity Coach Trip & Celebrity Come Dine With Me, could you want for anything more? of course the title states “Celebrity” though I’m afraid the word has no substance and meaning in both of these programmes instances. Z- List at the best I’m afraid yet somewhat addictive and moreish! Never have I been glued to two programmes such as these every single day of the week. If I had to choose a favourite, Celebrity Come Dine With Me would slightly pinch Coach Trip to the post… for the simple reason that Pete Burns is an absolute legendary Television personality… he simply does not give a Four X about what anybody thinks about him in any way, shape or form and that is something which has to be admired. Celebrity Coach Trip has only annoyed me in the sense that EX Big Brother contestant Brian Belo is involved and to say that he is as thick as two short planks would be an absolute understatement and in-fact even gives his brain cells more credibility than they should have. Brian is annoying to the point that you would struggle to not want to resort to violence if you where unfortunate enough to be in his company! Chantelle Houghton is over on Come Dine With Me and even though she is completely DIM (an example being that she didn’t know what to whip cream with, nor knew what the device of a whisk was or what you do with it… eventually calling it a “Whipper”) she may be incredibly thick, she is somewhat sweet, innocent and with a heart of gold.

Michael Barrymore is involved in Coach Trip and all I can say is there is just something about him which doesn’t seem right… ever so slightly weird I’m afraid! I find it amazing how at one time he was such a well-loved and well-known personality and now after his career certainly taking a downward spiral nobody can seemingly be able to stand him! my mum has read Michael’s ex wife’s autobiography and she claimed that it was extremely revealing… Michael being described as nothing other than a “violent alcoholic” though of course we all have problems, I just feel extremely uncomfortable every time he comes on-screen. He fell of a horse as last week’s episode concluded and seemed rather shook up, even resorting in him having a panic attack… shall see how that pans out next week!

Other passengers includes EX Model and professional slapper Emma B! don’t worry I hadn’t heard of her either, she is partnered with Lizzie Cundy who completely got up my nose right from the start by branding herself a “TV Presenter” what on earth has she presented? NOTHING! which makes her a liar I’m afraid and yet another none entity and wannabe… it really does make you think that there is far too many people like that these days… you only have to look at the bunch of morons in The Only Way Is Essex as a leading example. Lembit Opik turned up with Alex Best who were actually surprisingly quiet and not half as irritating as the others… for that reason however, they just really didn’t seem to fit into the group and as a result where the first pair to be voted off on Day 3, which was sad all round… though when the day after it was revealed they were being replaced by John McCririck & his wife “Booby” I’m sure all viewers put their heads in their hands because who ever keeps letting this fat, arrogant and simply bigoted man on TV is completely deluded… I have never seen such a disgusting man in all my life, his wife must be as bad to actually want to live with the moron!

I shall continue to watch Coach Trip over the next week and urge all you readers to do the same! Celebrity Come Dine has actually ended now (the version with the contestants as pictures has anyway) I cannot stand Dart’s enthusiast Bobby George. A typical male to the extreme with a bigoted attitude, thinking that all men must “drink pints” to be a MAN! most basically wanting to tell him to bugger off and get in the 21st century. I thought it was quite interesting though that considering he declared those views from the outset he got on surprising well with Pete Burns, despite branding him “peculiar” Pineapple Dance Studio’s Andrew Stone didn’t do himself any favours and came across to be rather self-indulgent and there was constant tension between himself and Bobby towards the end of the competition, despite them having quite a decent relationship to begin with, which was quite strange… finally Cleo Rocos, nice woman, nice flat, nice hair but yet the WORST name dropper I have ever known or seen, to a point of unbelievable! yet somewhat charming. Overall television at its finest. Cringeworthy, even embarrassing at times… but completely entertaining! Channel 4 just need to find out the definition of a true celebrity, however I can’t see anyone other than Z Listers being interested in such shows! 

Celebrity Coach Trip resumes throughout the next week on Channel 4 at 5pm. 

STV AXE The Hour! 

Michelle Mcmanus & Tim Cowan AXED after just a month!

Just 2, TWO!! minor weeks ago I told you just how shocked I was with STV’S refreshed chat show “The Hour” since it returned with a new visual look, a new primetime slot of 8pm and indeed a new presenter to join ex Pop Idol star Michelle Mcmanus. Since the rebrand the show has received widespread criticism due to new presenter Tam Cowan’s presenting ability (or lack of) his on-screen chemistry with Michelle and interview style. Fans of the show have bombarded the Facebook page with complaints about the newly revamped show along with remarks about Tim Cowan, however STV chose to ignore the comments. This week STV announced that The Hour had sensationally been axed after just 4 weeks of the new format, therefore becoming one of the most unsuccessful shows of all time.

The show originally aired at a 5pm slot with Michelle and Stephen Jardine, however back in June Stephen announced he was to quit to set up a public relations company and thus the show took a break until it returned a month ago. Since the shows relaunch it has been attracting audiences of purely a mere 92,000.  The show at 8pm was scheduled against Scotland’s leading soap opera River City which attracts around 426,000 on a weekly basis, giving The Hour no chance of winning in the ratings. Rumours are circulating that STV axed the show so not to face further embarrassment of the plummet in ratings to try to protect the brand of “STV” which in recent years people’s general consensus is that it has gone down the proverbial.

Michelle Mcmanus has really proved herself as a television presenter since joining the show back in its “glory days” in its old 5pm slot. Michelle and Stephen had a fantastic on-screen chemistry, however it just seems that all the good days of the show has now been completely forgotten about and been ruined by intolerable bosses at STV… speaking to the Daily Express when asking as to whether or not Michelle would remain with STV a spokeswoman stated they had no future plans to utilise her talents, adding: “All we can say at the moment is that The Hour will not be returning in its current form.”

 Elizabeth Partyka, Deputy Director of Channels at STV, said: “We have confirmed today that The Hour will not be continuing for the time being on STV. 

“Television is all about risks and experimenting with programming and schedules.

“On this occasion, the show is not delivering the ratings that we expect. We are delighted with the performance of other STV shows, including Scotland’s Greatest Album, and we will be confirming plans for our 2012 programming later this year.”

Since the high-profile axe of the magazine show, presenter Tam Cowan BLASTED STV Chiefs for cancelling the show just 4 weeks after hiring him. He also denied accusations that he failed to bond with co-host Michelle McManus because of his past jokes about her weight. Tam instead blamed the decision to put the show on at the same time as Scottish soap River City with a tiny budget.

Speaking to the Scottish Daily Record he said:

“I’m gutted but STV never really gave it a chance. “It’s very relevant this week with the Scotland football boss Craig Levein being backed by the SFA. “He barely had a foot in the door and people were calling for his scalp. “Why would you put up two Scottish-produced shows against each other? “Even The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing agree not to clash. “River City had its dark moments but the BBC backed it and now it’s doing well. “I really want to pay tribute to the people behind the scenes who worked on the show. I’m really choked for them.”

Tam admitted people working on the show had been devastated, many bursting into tears when the news was broken yesterday afternoon.

Michelle wasn’t at the meeting because she is in Ireland and is due to sing at the wedding of the show’s producer Tom Cara today.

Tam said: “I feel gutted for Michelle because I know she loved doing the show.

“After a bit of a rocky start, me and Michelle had really hit it off and were really enjoying each other’s company and enjoying being in during the day and doing the show at night. “There was no frostiness behind the scenes. Honestly. “Frostiness sounds like we’ve never met before but four weeks before I even knew I was going to be on the show, we were out for dinner.

“Claims we didn’t get on are a load of rubbish.”

Tam has been on BBC Radio Scotland for 16 years with Off The Ball, a columnist with the Record for 13 years and had his own BBC Scotland TV show, Offside, for seven years.

He admitted: “It is a kick in the stones. The Hour only lasting four weeks.

“But I have faith in my ability. The show would have got better. Cliff Richard and Mel C were pencilled in as guests. “But STV were trying for a peak-time show with an off-peak budget.”

I commend Tam for defending the show and admitting that the show was on a budget and actually telling STV chief’s they effectively axed the show when Jardine left. I cannot defend him in any other way after his comments about Michelle Mcmanus’s weight, his none existent presenting skills & the fact that to put no finer point on it… he was utter cr*p! It is Michelle I feel sorry for, she put her heart and soul into the show and for it to be axed on such a high-profile basis it is a real slap in the face for her. STV seem unable to identify exactly what makes a “home-made production” they are spending all the money in the wrong places and quite frankly making ITV look like a decent network! I said just a few weeks ago how DIRE the programme was compared to what it once was and although I am not surprised with the axing… I am VERY surprised it has happened four weeks into the show’s run. Let us all hope that Tam Cowan doesn’t make his way onto any other prime time shows at ANY point within his “career” though I feel his already lacking career shall have now evaporated into nothingness!

Sarah Harding checks into Rehab!

Sarah Harding Checks into Rehab after splitting with partner Tom Crane (Pictured)

Ex Girls Aloud star, actress and current party goer (she doesn’t have any talent other than able to get wasted every week) Sarah Harding has gone into rehab! It was revealed last week that she had split from her partner Tom Crane and as a result she was “Struggling” and finding it “hard to cope” in order to force Sarah to get professional help her Girls Aloud band mates stated that she needs to get professional help or else she would be excluded by the bands Tenth anniversary celebrations next year.

A source told the Sunday Mirror:

‘They want these to be their best shows yet to make sure they come back with a bang and are coming up with some huge ideas. ‘But as preparations started to get underway, the girls realised that, because of her party lifestyle, Sarah was unlikely to be in a fit shape to do it.’

She apparently checked into the rehabilitation centre in an attempt to show she is serious about going on tour with the rest of her band next year. The Sunday Mirror’s source also added:

‘The girls are fully supporting her and are saying they will be with her every step of the way.’

Sarah is hoping that after her spell in rehab she can attempt to save her relationship with Tom. Reports also surfaced earlier in the week that her partner Tom had been involved in a vehicle accident due to all the “Stress” it was causing him. 

All these celebrities and especially Sarah Harding have NO IDEA as to what stress is. The problem is too much money! since leaving Girls Aloud about 25 years ago (seems that long) all she has done is acted in one Television Drama and had one minor film role. Other than that she has just been partying and being sick outside clubs… that is the mentality of this girl! how can somebody go into a rehab because of a relationship split? it isn’t as if they have been going out for years upon years, nor has she got depression… I can see her playing the depression card when she leaves though and getting some money for selling her story. She just cannot handle life! simple. I just wonder if it is me being completely oblivious to the world, but if the likes of Sarah Harding can be rushed into rehab over a miniscule relationship failure… with all the cr*p I have endured over the past 18 years of my so far short life, it does make me wonder how on earth this woman would have handled some of my life scenario’s? delusional people and specifically celebrities who are seemingly able to be rushed to rehab for the smallest of things need to honestly get a grip for goodness sake! She can’t sing nor can she act. Once again another prime example of today’s celebrity culture, hardly a role model for young girls is she? no wonder this world is filled with problems and problematic people! oh dear… just burnt my mouth on a cup of tea… think I need to check into rehab!

Dancing on Ice 2012… need Defrosting?

Dancing on Ice 2012... Rumours circulate for lineup.

 A number of celebrities are rumoured to be taking part in next years Dancing on Ice after a group of celebrities were spotted rehearsing at an ice rink in Berkshire.

Sugababes singer Heidi Range, actress Jennifer Ellison and Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter (Theresa McQueen) have all been spotted training with professional skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

Coronation Street‘s Andy Whyment, who plays Kirk Sutherland, will reportedly join fellow soap stars Laila Morse – EastEnders‘ Mo Harris – and Emmerdale‘s Matthew Wolfenden (David Metcalfe) in the ITV1 competition.
Jude Law’s ex Sadie Frost, exercise guru Rosemary Conley and former Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere will also take to the ice when the series returns in January, according to The People.

Completing the rumoured lineup are footballer Ian Walker and current female British number one alpine ski racer Chemmy Alcott.

A source told the paper: “The ­contestants were trying not to be seen. Emmerdale‘s Matthew wore a Halloween mask. They were really focused on their rehearsals.”

Of course these are rumours so who true they are, if there is some truth in them however as it does seem quite coincidental… how naff! Yet another bunch of dreary actors, failed television presenters and basically none entities! There just isn’t any originality with this type of programming anymore and it just makes me wonder as to exactly when we are just all going to stop watching these tripe based shows? of course you could say that I watch Strictly… though that is one of the big successful ones, so even if we were just left with 2 of this genre of shows, we may not be in as bad a situation… but to have such a vast amount of them like what we have at the moment is just on the verge of ridiculous and I can say with much certainty that other countries such as Australia aren’t as bothered by celebrities as we are… quite frankly it is just ridiculous! I just want my Eastenders actors to ACT… not put their career on hold and just faff on an ice rink. Nor can I stand Holly & Phil, obnoxious! I would axe it if I had the chance though the majority of people seemed to be sucked into the whole “craze” just HOW LONG can these shows go on for? is X Factor going to be here in say… 5 years time?

Big Brother roves ratings HIT for Channel 5! 

Big Brother proving a WINNER for Channel 5!

How pleased I am to see Big Brother performing so well for Channel 5. Friday night’s main show drew in 6.9% of the viewing audience, whilst later on in the evening the main eviction show brought 10.4% of the audience followed by Bit on the side which landed 6.9% respectively. 

This is far more viewers than what the Channel used to pull in and quite frankly I think they are doing a great job. Yes I am a fan of Big Brother and you may indeed say it is full of complete idiots and ghastly people… that may be, however it is a fantastic observational show and just one of those programmes that needs no brain power to watch what so ever. Brian Dowling is doing a decent job of hosting (could be better) but I am extremely impressed with Big Brother’s Bit on the Side presenter at the weekend Alice Levine. She also stands in for regular host Emma Willis when unavailable. Alice is a NEW, upcoming presenter with a very dry sense of humour and it seems to work wonders for the show. It is 100% likely that Big Brother shall be returning next year and WHEN it does I really feel Alice should present the main show, she would bring the show upmarket a little bit and not make it as tacky… Channel 5 take note!

admittedly however, that does not change the fact that the show is filled with deluded none entities. A prime example is last week’s evicted housemate Aden. He had a relationship with a girl in there and he is a naive 19-year-old and became infatuated with this Rebekah… who has proved herself to be an absolute bitch! they confirmed on the eviction show on Friday night that they were an item and now he is all over the papers saying it shall be a long-term relationship and he wants to MARRY HER!!!! what a bloody idiot, in-fact they will be lucky to make it a month together… publicly of course. Then when they split… what shall happen then? a magazine deal, detailing how stressed and heartbroken they are! predictable and tedious beyond belief. Although let us face the brutal reality these are the types of people who fills Britain in modern times! we shall be lucky to see the year 2020!

Actress Betty Driver Dies Aged 91.


 How saddened I was to hear of the death of Coronation Street’s long serving actress Betty Driver. Betty played barmaid and Hot pot extraordinaire Betty Williams for a total of 42 years.

Known for her Hot pot and her witty remarks she was one of the Street’s best-loved and cherished character… and of course actress! 

Barbara Knox, who plays Rita Sullivan, added a touching tribute saying: “I have lost a very dear friend and the Street has lost a very great character, a professional to her fingertips – she will be greatly missed.”

It is touching also to think that we shan’t be seeing her on our screens anymore, although hopefully ITV shall compose some form of tribute. Here’s to the woman who made everybody crave a good old Hot pot! R.I.P BETTY XX

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Edwina leaves ballroom, Paul McCartney Marries AGAIN, Steps Reunion… a Tragedy?, Helen Flanagan suffering Panic Attacks & The Simpsons… SAVED!

Another week passes us all by and I cannot deny I am filled with joy! “Stressed” is a word which simply does not describe my week of activities enough. I am feeling as if I want this upcoming week to just revolve around me. I demand quiet, silence and time for me to reflect on what I simply want too. I wouldn’t consider myself a selfish person and my busy week just behind me just confirms that mindset… however I AM getting increasingly sick of certain individuals not respecting MY decisions and not understanding that I want MY space and I would quite happily hardly speak a word for a week. I am the kind of person that likes to keep myself to myself. Not that I am unsociable but I just like my own space and I feel that is a rarity these days? do others not understand that us quiet folk enjoy our own surroundings, own company and own independence? People seem to think I am being rude, uncooperative or even downright awkward for me simply opting to want my own peace, quite and tranquility. My creative times come when I have my own company and you know what? I downright enjoy it a lot more than in most cases having to be entirely false and socialise with morons, at the best of times. I can quite happily pop my earphones in and disappear into a better world. When I read a book, I am one of those that just disappears into the novel and the fantasy it brings along with it… these days however I don’t read as much as I would like owing to the fact that I seem to be wanted and needed left, right and centre! I for one am standing my ground. If I want to be quiet, I shall. If I want my own space, I shall. If I don’t want to speak, I shall not! I can be gobby when needs be, but underneath I cannot be bothered with forced socialising when I am simply not interested. If I wish to converse, I shall. If not… is it really too much to ask that I am left alone with a good old Northern Brew, my iPad and a gritty drama?

Edwina Currie first to leave Strictly.

Edwina Currie becomes first to leave Strictly 2011!

I still cannot believe that Edwina is the first out of this years lineup to leave Strictly 2011. Albeit she wasn’t the best dancer, I felt as if she was proving a point to the British public. A point which showed her genuineness, attempting to make the maturer woman proud and of course trying to lose her “Battle axe” cold woman stereotype. The first week viewers where treated to the delight of seeing her red knickers! that of which I’m sure made John Major tune in. I am a fan of the old girl… her enthusiasm was visible, her playful behaviour with professional dance partnerVincent and she just made the show that little bit interesting. No, Edwina certainly wasn’t the best dancer, yet I felt like being up against Audley Harrison I would have quite confidently placed bets that he would have been given the title as the first to go. disappointed? yes! though there is something quite charming in wondering whether or not she will continue to practice becoming the next Ballet wannabe. I have been quite disappointed by Lulu’s efforts at dancing as she has previously made out that she is able to bust out a move or two, unfortunately not! I am surprised by Jason Donovan… he seems a natural, yet somehow I just cannot warm to him. I shall continue to support my favourites One Show presenter Alex Jones for the Ladies & Boy band Mcfly’s drummer Harry Judd for the lads! though losing Edwina, I feel as though the show has just lost a certain spark and it is only week 2! quite frankly if we all have to gaze upon Russell Grant bumbling across the dance floor once more I think we shall all have to take some form of nausea medication, bring on the Cha Cha Cha’s!

Paul McCartney weds AGAIN!


Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell tie the knot!

I am struggling as to whether or not I want to congratulate 69-year-old Paul McCartney for wedding 51-year-old Nancy Shevell over the weekend. The pair tied the knot in the US and apparently with only two dozen guests, it was quite a private affair. The day of the marriage it would have also been John Lennon’s Birthday.

As much as I feel I should, I’m afraid I won’t be congratulating the old dog! I’m sick of these OAP’S getting off with younger women, in this case it isn’t the worst of examples but marriages of this sort  just seem to have “money” written all over them. Paul these days, seems to keep relatively quiet in the media sector, yet every time I do see him plastered all over the Newspapers it seems that he is either getting Married, Divorced or in the middle of some controversial scandal… e.g. phone hacking. We all know the disastrous relationship that was MR McCartney and Heather Mills! Maybe he would earn my respect if he keeps this relationship behind closed doors & not having her on his shoulders at every photo opportunity. Without being disrespectful she looks a little like Mutton at the tender age of 51 and I cannot be bothered with another desperate old hag on the lookout for fame and fortune… though of course the latter she now has. Paul was in one of the world’s most respected bands and I cannot help thinking that every time his face appears in the Newspaper, he ruins The Beatles long-lasting legacy and reputation. I’m hoping this is the last time he drags someone down the aisle and quite frankly stays out of the papers, though I cannot help thinking Paul McCartney is a bit of a fame hogger himself?

Steps Reunion… a Tragedy?

Ultimate Cheesy Pop Group Steps are Together AGAIN! but is it really a Tragedy?

I am thoroughly enjoying the Steps Reunion documentary on Sky Living. For all, who have been unfortunate enough to miss the show it has been a roller coaster of emotion! The documentary follows cheesy pop group Steps! (I’m sure you all remember them) With quite a few hit singles and some of my favourites being, “Tragedy, Stomp & 5678” are all songs which go down in music memory of being the ultimate cheesy songs, yet funnily enough somewhat enjoyable to the ear! The new reunion documentary follows members Claire, Lisa, Lee, H & Faye (Pictured above) as they reunite for the first time in 10 years since their extremely bitter split. When the group did split 10 years ago it was made out to be a unanimous decision and certainly an amicable one. Far from the truth! the show reveals the hidden revelation of how band members H & Claire dramatically quit the band just hours before their final arena tour in Manchester. Not only did they have to perform the biggest concert of their career just hours after the revelation, but the show also goes into details about the band members rocky relationships with each other, member H’s relationship with the band’s manager and also how apparent favouritism with member Claire led to her apparent dominating of the lead vocals. The show made all members get together and discuss the past to try to resolve any remaining problems (of which there are many!) and follows them as they reunite with preparation for a reunion tour and an ultimate greatest hits album!

When I was a child it was mostly S Club 7 that were my cup of tea in terms of cheesy pop groups yet of course I was aware of Steps and I would like to declare that I believe it certainly is NOT a tragedy that they are reuniting! What can be better than attempting to try to learn the dance routine to the classic “5678” or even you try to listen to the Step’s far superior version of the Bee Gee’s original “Tragedy!” without doing the head and hand movement! I shall even admit that I cried a tear or two when I watched the first show and the split did seem incredibly & genuinely bitter! maybe not helped by 2 of the members H & Claire who got together as a duo just months after Steps announced their split. All the members are coming across as genuine, however Lisa Scott Lee is coming across as rather vile and I found it hugely entertaining when she referred to her solo career. As of course all you music fans shall know… it was an absolute flop! Lee is coming across as a bit of an arrogant individual (probably due to him now being involved in the fitness industry) Faye is coming across as a little plastic, H is coming across to be slightly irritating and Claire is the only one who is coming across to be totally genuine & indeed can actually SING! Steps never sang live in their entire career yet it didn’t seem to affect them. Claire’s confidence seems to be lacking down to her weight issues… but what really shocked me is when I saw member H’s house!!! BEAUTIFUL a Welsh, countryside mansion in the middle of nowhere, I would just like to know how on earth he has managed to afford such a place? then we saw Lisa’s property in some sunny foreign country, sipping cocktails alongside her own pool! i think most members of society have missed something, if they can only afford a standard 2 up 2 down for doing a 9-5 office job!

I am very much looking forward to the show progressing and to see how the reunion tour pans out. There isn’t any other band out there like them and nor has there ever been! Here’s hoping that they do put the past behind them and would I come across as too much of a hardcore fan if I begged for some possible new material? *hangs head in shame!*

Helen Flanagan Suffering from “Panic Attacks”

Helen Flanagan Has Panic Attacks on Corrie Set!

Just weeks ago I referred to just how much I am sick of seeing Helen Flanagan in the papers, more so for her private life rather than her acting ability! this week it has been revealed that Helen has been having panic attacks onset and outside of work, due to apparent stress and hard-working schedules. The latest revelation is that when her contract ends in March, she may not renew and is considering QUITTING the Manchester Soap Opera if these attacks continue. The 21-year-old has been in the soap opera since being nine years old, playing Rosie Webster who has turned into quite a madam on the Manchester cobbles! Back in August, Flanagan worried fans by running of set in tears mid way shooting a demanding modelling scene. Speaking to the Daily Mail, a source said:

‘It’s no secret Helen has been struggling recently. She’s been working hard and the stress has got to her.’Experiencing those panic attacks has really shaken her up badly. “She has said she doesn’t want to renew her contract. Corrie may have to face up to The Street without Rosie Webster.’

Just weeks ago, Helen spoke out about the reported attacks saying:

‘Anyone who has ever suffered from them knows they are very scary. ‘I did have one at work and everyone was very understanding but I didn’t know what might have caused it. ‘I am trying to work out what triggers them so that I can start to deal with them and move forward. ‘But I am starting to realise that they are more common than people think and that there are ways of dealing with them.’

I completely and utterly sympathise with Helen over her panic attacks. Albeit I haven’t ever suffered from one, I know many who have and they can be dreadful. I just cannot stop thinking that everything what comes out of her mouth and her actions are that for pure fame purposes. If these panic attacks are causing her so much distress then she of course needs to get professional help as a priority, that does not mean however that the rest of the public need to hear every single detail about it. It would not surprise me if BBC Three gave her, her own programme discussing Panic Attacks at this rate. She is with a highly paid footballer boyfriend and quite frankly, her quoting that she could leave the soap in March just seems somewhat convenient. Her having a highly paid footballing boyfriend seems to me the reason behind her quitting if that is indeed what she will do, if not all this is simply publicity! Through her past front page antics she hardly seems the most sincere of people, she took a major three-month break not long back, she got a dramatic haircut and she was all over the papers for that simple, vein reason… need I go on? I send her my best wishes and hope that she gets the helps she needs in order to cope and manage the panic attacks… yet if we keep hearing about it, it all comes across as fake and fame seeking… such a shame these so-called “celebrities” cannot keep their personal matters, PERSONAL without feeling the need at having to publicly document each setback in their lives!

The Simpsons… SAVED!

The Simpons, SAVED after actors take pay cut.

How filled with sheer joy I was when it was revealed that after a Nerve-racking 2 day battle it was revealed that America’s and indeed the world’s best Sitcom shall be saved from the dreaded chop! The future of the show was in jeopardy as the Fox network in America had said that the show could not continue in the current “pay structure” and if the show was to survive then the voice actors would have to be forced to take a pay cut. After 2 grueling long, tense days… it was revealed that the actors who provide the voices for the well-loved characters had come to an undisclosed financial revolution and the show would resume for at least another 2 series, which makes it the shows 24th and 25th series overall.

The shows actors have stated that they are “excited” over the shows renewal and future series  and that they are seeing it as a “new beginning!”

I am so happy to see that the discussions seemed to take place in an orderly manner. The show is literally America’s most long running sitcom, due to its launch back in 1989 and since then there has been over 488 episodes. The idea that Fox could axe such an iconic programme is utterly unbearable to think of! There is nothing I like more than sitting back grabbing one of the box sets from my ever-growing DVD shelf and choosing an episode at random and each time enjoying Homer and Bart’s antics seeing what they get up to! Then of course somewhat sympathising with long-suffering wife and mother Marge as she tries to keep a sane state of mind and it just seems to portray a typical family right down to the finest detail and despite it being American the boundaries are the same to every other country and household and I think that is what makes it one of the world’s most talked about and most successful shows of all time! To think at one time I despised the show is now out of the question! All of the released box sets lay pride of place on my shelf and it is just one of those shows which instantly puts you in a positive state of mind… and for a show to do that at every single watch just proves that there is something special about it and proves as to why it has had such long-lasting longevity.

Yes, some people may say that it has dipped in quality over the last few years with the storylines not being as gripping or appealing and maybe even lost its charm somewhat… but us die-hard fans strongly disagree! yes, all shows have their bad episodes but the fact remains the world’s most well-loved cartoon family are here to stay and it seems the sudden threat over the show’s future has only inspired the shows actors and writers even further. So, in review this may have all been a positive thing for the show as if the writers are more passionate than ever then I’m sure that will come across ever so well on-screen. The actors have taken a pay cut no problem it seems and that tells me that there is a real buzz STILL about the show and to lose it would be a certain tragedy, which doesn’t bear thinking about!

Long live The Simpsons!!!

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Katie Price Splits AGAIN, Kerry Katona on the hunt for a man… watch out men of Britain! Lucien Laviscount- definition of irritating, Celebrity Picture Pandemonium & Strictly 2011… what’s not to like?

Another week passes us all by, not only that but a new month is here… October! all very well of course but it is just such a shame that this new month has brought some uncomfortable, hot and sweaty weather along with it. What a horrible experience it has been trying to cool myself off and to try to stay in a sane state of mind. I was forced to abandon all plans of a day out on Saturday to my own father’s, why? this dreadful, blazing weather forced me indoors, in my bedroom of which just seemed to be boiling up in temperature by the minute… how frustrating! Luckily I had 3 bottles of only the finest Bitter Lemon in the fridge & just a few good old Northern sups of it managed to at least cool my nerve for a few minutes. The reality is, getting cool is simply not easy, you can hardly join your Birds Eye Fish fingers and sit in the freezer can you? not only that but the uncomfortable way this dire weather makes you feel doesn’t do much for your own mood. Temperatures are high and temper’s are low! I had many arguments with my mother this week, simply not because we have suddenly adopted a sudden hatred of each other, but quite simply due to both of us not being able to cope with this weather and it putting a strain on our relationship… clearly in need of a cold flannel on the brow. My mum is just as much unable to cope with the soaring temperatures as much as me and we seem to be both unfortunate enough to live in a house, where the temperature seems to increase as the day concludes… what a situation! My Saturday was spent simply in my bedroom feeling unbelievably uncomfortable all day and sweating by the second… this is October for goodness sake! what surprises me further more is where the hell has all the people gone who used to constantly bang on about Global Warming? hardly anybody has refereed to it this week! turn the clock back 3 or 4 years and it was the phrase and topic on most people’s lips. I can only hope that in the deep, dark months of December and January winter is here… with effect! if we are being forced sunshine in what should be an autumnal month, then I simply demand major cold spells and blizzards for the winter! I cannot wait to get myself wrapped in one of my thick knit jumpers, bring on the frost bite!

Katie Price Splits… AGAIN!

The Loved up couple... now split!

The utterly unbearable Katie Price has split with her model boyfriend aged 33 Leandro Pena. The wannabe glamour puss apparently ended their 7 month relationship after the language barrier with Argentinian Leandro had become “unbearable.”  The couple had apparently had some “heartfelt and frank” discussions this week before the final decision was made about their future. Speaking to the Daily Mirror a source said:

“It’s over. The truth is Leandro was homesick and felt isolated being in the UK without any of his friends or family.

“He also wasn’t working at all and was just under Katie’s feet as she ­carried on with her life and career.

“He decided it would be a good idea to return to Argentina and see his family, and try to get work. She agreed it was probably for the best.

“He doesn’t speak good English, she’s been busy on book and magazine ­signings across the country and he’s bored out of his mind. It’s sad – but it was for the best that he goes home.”

The couple have apparently been constantly bickering over the last few weeks and the relationship has now concluded. This comes after just days ago Leandro quoted, “She’s the woman I love and want to protect and care for.”

The couple had apparently been relying on the use of Google Translate in order to help them understand what each other was saying through text messages, clearly hardly grounds for a relationship! 

What a complete travesty this must be for the bitch in high heels! I mean when we think of Katie Price, I think we all simply use and think of the word “slapper” nothing else to her, simple. Albeit she has a good business head on her in a sense of all her merchandise being best sellers and her money-making and scheming from all her numerous life experiences has made her a millionaire, so for that good on her I say! the reality is though… am I surprised about this revelation of her relationship ending? certainly not! Leandro was just one addition of many in Katie Price’s life and to be honest I can’t see him being missed! He was apparently “sick of living in Katie’s shadow” of course it was Katie’s idea to keep their relationship away from the public eye but underneath we all knew it was still simmering in falseness and was certainly not a true definition of a “loving relationship!” At the end of the day we can all prepare ourselves to see numerous interviews in both print and media from the “thing” herself, telling us all how she truly feels about this latest unfortunate mishap in her long media led life. Leandro has finally buggered off so at least for that we can all be truly grateful… I mean for goodness sake, she just seemed to drag him round on a lead… seemingly obliterating and ignoring his somewhat lacking in substance, personality. We cannot forget where Ms Price (AKA Jordan) originally met him. Elton John’s OSCAR’S party as one of the male models. For a start that worries me, I mean for goodness sake he certainly wouldn’t have just been invited there by chance, bear in mind it was indeed Elton’s party… can you see my conclusion? a simple case of 1+1 equaling 2. Katie Price has a new show coming up later this month on Sky Living so from a media and business perspective this split is an absolute travesty. It certainly shall have unsettled her a bit, though knowing good old Katie Price I’m sure she will tart herself up and move on in no time. What does concern me however is the quick turnaround in how she can introduce yet another man in her life and allow him to get comfortable and allow these men to build up relationship’s with her many children. The Alex Reid fiasco ended in total abruptness… quicker than it started in-fact and now Leandro is also out of the children’s lives. Of course Alex Reid never sees her children, only the father, Peter Andre… but just how stressful and difficult must that be for her kids? What a vile woman! she looks at everything as a business and with any of these unfortunate male souls which she seems to continually drag into her sad little life, all of them don’t seem to have any substance or longevity. Another important fact I think is that if one of her male puppets seem at any point to be getting more publicity than her, she resents them for that and therefore turns nasty… what can you do with a nasty piece of work such as that? I wish Katie luck with her money-making as that really does seem to be an area she is good at, but in terms of being a decent human being she is far from it… her ways and means are extremely manipulating and quite frankly I warn the male public now, there certainly cannot be anymore stupid males on this god forsaken earth that would get involved with her romantically surely? I guess we all shall bid farewell to Leandro… maybe on his trip back to Argentina he picked up a personality… I doubt it of course, though at least all this shall save Ms Price from faffing with the Google Translator!

Kerry Katona on Man Hunt!

Kerry Katona as she took part in Celebrity Big Brother 2011

 Men of Britain beware… not only is Katie “Slapper” Price single and probably on the lookout for another victim of the male variety anytime, but so is Kerry “Coke” Tona! Kerry has been making the most of modern technology by doing some online dating. Last Friday she apparently went on a date after using a fake identity on the leading dating website, her date picked her up at Warrington Rail Station, then they went to a hotel in Warrington to chat about sweet nothings!

The People newspaper quotes Kerry as saying, “I’m sick of being single. I’m not going to meet a man sitting in my bedroom so why shouldn’t I date online?”

A source warned however, “Stuart seemed lovely but Kerry could have been picking up anyone. Internet dating is all the rage but Kerry needs to stick to the rules. She should have met him, particularly on date one, in a public place not in her car.
“It’s just so sad. She is just so desperate to find love and will do anything, even if that means risking her safety, to find it. Her friends and family are worried because she’s so vulnerable and open to falling for yet another unsuitable man who could bring her life crashing round her ears.”

Kerry hasn’t long since got divorced from her dreadful, trouble making ex Mark Croft and already seems to be desperate to get back on the relationship market. As with Katie Price she has introduced a string of men to her poor children and I can only imagine just how much confusion and upset her once solid family have been through due to Kerry’s failing roundabout lifestyle. She flirted in The Celebrity Big Brother house with teenager Lucien Laviscount (whom I refer to in the next story) and quite frankly embarrassed herself considering she is a thirty odd year old mother! She continues to stress to the nation that she “loves her kids” and that she is in a “new place” after her not to long ago battle with drugs of all sorts… yet I cannot help thinking all these positive vibrations she is feeling and believing have a certain lifespan. She seems a woman who is very easily led and struggles to cope with the stresses of daily life and in all honesty it would not surprised me if she fell back into the dark cloud of depression and drugs. Of course I hope this doesn’t happen because at the end of the day she is a mother to children and if they were to see her slip back into those dark days, that would be an extremely sad affair, but just I simply cannot get it out of my head that it shall happen sooner rather than later. Her recent breakup with her management team was a huge disappointment as they cleaned her up and gave her numerous chances, including her appearance on Dancing on Ice… it did give the public a different perspective of her, however I do hope that she has a decent support network around her to get her through the latter parts of this year, leading into next. Due to the fact her mother is hardly an award-winning parent (not that many parents are of course) but for Kerry to have a failure of a mother around her as she does… I can’t still help but think that the light is certainly dimming at the end of this long tunnel. I wish her the best of luck, but she really must learn how indeed she gets perceived within the media sector! 

Lucien Laviscount – Definition: Irritating!

Lucien Laviscount... suddenly everywhere within the press!

 I am absolutely sick of seeing the irritating teenager Lucien Laviscount plastered all over the showbiz magazines. Every week he is rumoured to be in one relationship to another, one revelation after another, his top off at every opportunity and him just being a general irritant. The latest apparent goings on in his life is that he is dating Topshop billionaire Sir Phillip Green’s daughter & Made in Chelsea “star” Chloe Green. Lucien was also setting the rumour mill alight due to him apparently having a relationship with Kerry Katona, after spending his duration in the house flirting with the ex Popstar. After his appearance in the Celebrity Big Brother revival show on Channel 5 it seems that Lucien has sorted himself out with a decent PR Manager because the rate that he has been appearing in numerous magazines is beyond ridiculous. I would brand him more irritating than the likes of the regular media hoggers because he comes across as so sweet and innocent with many credentials which makes him a man… yet underneath he is far from it, with the credentials of not only a bloody idiot bus completely unmasucline in every way… why? because he seemed to somewhat blub his way throughout his Big Brother experience and couldn’t seem to handle the most basic of pressures. The reality of him being basically and apparently a decent looking lad does not hide the fact of him being a moron of the first order, no matter how many times he finds it acceptable to remove his top that shan’t change! I cannot be doing with these wannabe actors and actresses suddenly thinking they are A list superstars. Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan would be another deluded example. Lucien has had a 5 minute role in Corrie and a main role in the BBC School drama Waterloo Road and even to further confirm he quoted himself as saying that acting is all about looks rather than actual talent, so clearly he shot himself in the foot there and self admitted that to put no finer point on it that his acting is somewhat cr*p. I can only but hope these talent searches don’t give him a chance to embarrass himself any further by giving him an acting role, though with ITV’S further recent dire decisions… it wouldn’t surprise me if he turned up in Downton Abbey, next series! 

Celebrity Picture Pandemonium!

Scarlett Johansson, the main Hollywood face involved with the FBI!

 I’m quite frankly sick of hearing about the Hollywood phone hacking and the fact that an anonymous group have managed to get hold of X rated pictures of numerous celebrities off their smartphones. Hollywood celeb Scarlett Johansson is the name everyone is hearing about at the moment due to her calling in the FBI over the revelation. Other celebrities caught up in the scandal include stars such as Justin Timberlake. These goings on apparently have nothing to do with News International who of course is the organisation that owned the News Of The World and whom were in the centre of the hacking scandal here in the UK just a few months ago, even though it has turned out similar things have been happening in the US, this is an anonymous group who have somehow gained access to big name celebrities handsets. Pictures have been posted online of stars such as Justin Timberlake & Scarlett Johansson in the nude after they were on their phones and now in the hands of hackers.

What I can’t understand is, just what the hell are these big name celebrities doing with pictures of this nature and sort on their phones? & basically carrying them around with them? Other than being completely careless is this a thing of the norm these days to carry around effectively nude pictures of yourself? what a society! I hardly have any pictures on my mobile and if I did, rest be assured they certainly wouldn’t be nude ones. In all honesty I can only brand it disgusting! For normal Jeremy Kyle types it may just be acceptable as that is what you would more than likely expect from that stereotype… but Hollywood A-listers really should know better, clearly they don’t and for that reason I couldn’t give a FOUR X! quite frankly it would be their own fault if all the pictures circulated on the internet, it might teach them all to use their brains! Who on earth would want to view them anyway? revolting! is there anybody with half a brain in this world anymore?

Strictly Come Dancing 2011… Officially the best lineup!

The lineup for this years Strictly!

 Finally… an innocent enjoyment! 2 Shows in and already I am glued to this years installment of Strictly Come Dancing. This years contestants (pictured) already seem to be putting on a great show which i think shall safely go down in Strictly history as the best yet! The show launched with a double night extravaganza on Friday night and Saturday night… though I have to say Saturday’s bunch of dancers had the edge on Friday’s offerings. I am already backing Mcfly’s Harry Judd as my favourite Male, whilst possibly Lulu as my favourite Female. I would have probably labelled One Show presenter Alex Jones as my favourite, however her professional dancing partner James Jordan is absolutely obnoxious! his attitude is totally repulsive with his manners somewhat lacking and quite frankly far too full of his self-importance. I was extremely surprised on Friday Night as singer Lulu is partnered with Brendon Cole, who has a reputation of being confrontational with controversial judge Craig Revel-Horwood however, despite coming last with a mere 17 points in Saturday nights show, he didn’t challenge Craig at all when he slammed their routine to the floor! it was Saturday night when the drama came after Alex Jones performed, her obnoxious partner James Jordan got into a full-blown row with James Jordan who made himself look nothing less than a blumbering idiot, despite pantomime behaviour from the audience. The show seemed to flow together quite nicely, I was rather surprised that Tess Daly didn’t seem as irritating as usual, however I’m afraid the same couldn’t be said for Bruce Forsyth… who struggled his way through the broadcast, once again showing that the sooner he retires the better. Claudia Winkleman was missed during the plugging for the spin-off show It Takes Two, as of course down to her recent baby joy Zoe Ball has taken over for this series… which does seems somewhat a random choice, due to her lack of experience in recent years, however at least grateful that it isn’t another BBC overused personality. The final mention HAS to go to Itallian wannabe Nancy Dell’Olio or of course as we all prefer to call her… Nancy DELUSIONAL! indeed this week she once again proved how delusional she is, I have never seen such an overly demanding old hag before in my life… what an irritating little woman she is. Not only does she look like mutton dressed as MUTTON, she seemed to be under the impression that she was some sort of important A list celebrity superstar… whereas in-fact she is just an Italian nobody who slept with Sven Goran Eriksson. I mean for goodness sake, she is apparently overly demanding backstage and not very well liked… is it any wonder? I feel sorry for Anton Du Beke who has seemingly drawn the short straw for yet another year. The routine was a complete disaster, however, Nancy had a major wardrobe malfunction which saw her ostentatious dress somewhat falling to pieces on the dance floor causing her too nearly trip over it more than once, with Anton having to shove it aside and just try to carry on as normal. Albeit not fair, it was the joke of the night and rather coincidental that it was on delusional Nancy’s performance. Something of which she shall try to forget in a hurry I’m sure. Overall it was a fantastic show, with all of the contestants personalities shining through during their performances. Nothing much has changed with the format, yet this year just seems to be a lot fresher than the last. I shall certainly be watching the series until the finish, what I shan’t be doing however is watching the X Factor AT ALL… though of course regular readers of mine know that already!

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X Factor USA Launches to mixed reaction… is it time talent search shows came to an end? Coronation Street Declines Further, SHOCKED at Scottish Magazine Show “The Hour”, Bleakley Ruining ITV, Britney Spears Angers MP’S & Saddened as Wonderland get dropped!

What a week! No time to eat, drink, sleep or even breathe I’m afraid! Although it is a good thing to be busy I am simply craving for either a duvet or DVD day. Nothing better than being sat back in your reclining chair, munching away on some highly fattening biscuit and sipping Bitter Lemon from a straw. I have very much enjoyed being involved in helping out with some independent charities this week, I am involved with a scheme which is supporting an array of different things but mainly a charity to help people who have been victim to brutal random attacks on our own British streets, such a wonderful thing I am privileged to be helping in and the organisation are making it ever so fun as well… I believe that the charities are going to be getting some television promotion over the next few weeks… and with over £65,00 raised so far, hopefully the Great British Public shan’t be holding back in coming forward in terms of helping out! 

I feel if I do say so myself that my writing for my weekly column over on Atherton Online is somewhat getting better by the week. Not just myself saying that might I add. A few idiotic individuals always criticise of course, but that sort of attitude I take with a pinch of salt and it makes it all seem like a professional newspaper website! Clearly some less educated people in this world do not know the definition of the word “opinion” but I thank you all for the support with my weekly bits, pieces and written additions. I also feel that due to my purely normal upbringing and declining the chance to snatch a place at WESTMINSTER University some people get the feeling that I am not articulate, clever or indeed have the ability to become a success in my opted and chosen field… let me tell you all, oh I certainly am! I have been praised enough by industry professionals to know that I have ways with words, talent etc… it is all about opportunities! allow me to take this opportunity to say never underestimate anybody, especially not me. Just who needs to be born with the proverbial silver spoon to have a life which is successful? I shall be the prime example that you can achieve anything with damn hard work, ambition and with a positive mindset. Bring it on I say!

I am currently feeding my sudden addiction of feeling that I MUST buy new clothes, boots… full sets of attire! needless to say with the risk of sounding a little snobby, I’m not one for cheap brands… if I’m putting my hand in my virtual bank balance then the clothes or the shoes must be top quality… cannot abide cheap tat clothes which rip after the first wash, then suddenly adopting a stereotype. Don’t get me wrong I never have and shall never give a FOUR X about anyone else’s opinion of what I’m wearing but I just feel clothes are one of those things were in this modern crazy little world you get looked and judged upon… with that mindset I like to portray a classy, upcoming young man with what I choose to wear! Plus due to my sudden increase in clothing of all kinds and sorts it has given me a chance to dive under my bed and sort out all my coats which are folded ever so neatly in little boxes. Nothing like the feel of new and QUALITY clothing. At my own risk of becoming like a woman who hoards shoes or handbags, I seem to be hoarding boots, coats and cardigans at the moment! needless to say I have no wardrobe space remaining, though as with us all we are seemingly able to create space from nowhere for things which we REALLY want! Here’s hoping for many more clothes to come plus I am making friends with the same couriers that seem to keep appearing at my front door with my boxes and all sorts… now the only stress remaining is choosing the right colour… why do they have to give basic colours such as Green or Grey stupid names and shades other than that of what they actually are? it makes the whole process entirely more tedious than it should be! to think… I used to DETEST clothes buying!

X Factor USA Launches to “Mixed” response and just 12 Million Viewers! Is it time for talent search shows to end?

The X Factor USA Launches to a dire 12 Million viewers.

It seems like forever doesn’t it since we began to start hearing about Simon Cowell’s big ideas for his X Factor brand to move to the US. Every day more or less for the last 4 months X Factor USA has been in the papers whether that have been down to “crisis talks” backstage or simply as I see it publicity stunts. The X Factor finally launched on Fox over in America this week and despite millions of pounds being invested into the show, tons of promotion and some big names on the judging lineup the show only averaged just under 12 million viewers. Due to all the publicity and such Fox Television and Simon himself was hoping for well over 20 million tuning in… unfortunately 12  million is nowhere near 20! As much as I am trying to be impartial in terms of the show itself, I’m afraid I can simply say that the show is utter cr*p! we have seen it ALL before… these programmes are now REALLY beginning to get on my proverbial candle wick. The American television setup is of course completely different to that of the UK, Americans seem to like their shows being a little ostentatious and film like… The X Factor USA promo certainly reflected that. As I have said before though, you cannot just throw millions upon millions at a Television show and then expect it to be an instant hit, it just simply does not work like that! all be it the American audience is also a different ball game as they may take a month or so to get “excited” over the show… but the fact is again the American’s have American IDOL, something of which I actually don’t mind. The show setup is good and in all honesty improved by ten last series when Simon Cowell vacated the show to concentrate on the X Factor brand. All be it America is a huge sized place but they only need just the one show of this type and genre. I cannot wait for the day when all these types of programmes get taken off our poor TV Listings, I say that because of course everything ends eventually and shows like these have a certain limited date before they get old and simply tedious… something of which has now happened to the UK version, the same with Britain’s got Talent. Australia is a prime example, they have the X Factor brand in their country yet the ratings have been diabolical. It simply does not appeal to the Australian audience, which tells me they clearly have good viewing habits! 

The reaction to X Factor USA by American well respected critics has been mixed to say to the least. Some credit though has to go to Cheryl Cole, she held her own and did a decent job, Nicole Scherzinger of course took over her role which was handled on the show by the use of the following quote… “A new county and a different judge” seemingly avoiding any questions as to just what indeed happened to Cheryl Cole. Critics in America have actually praised her and have actually branded Nicole a downgrade from Cheryl. The Cheryl issue in my opinion looked thought out and planned, through no fault of Cheryl’s but I just feel she was used and then tossed away by Simon Cowell and Fox network bosses and in-fact I would go as far to say disgusting. In terms of viewers X Factor USA was actually beaten by TWO other programmes to rub more salt into Cowell’s wounds. Overall I think I can safely say it was a fail! the UK version is still bringing in the viewers but I have to say I now feel that Simon’s rein on Television in every country is limited and coming to an end! something of which I am truly grateful for… it may be safe to switch on the Television on Saturday night’s again. Ohhh I forgot to mention Welsh presenter Steve Jones who landed the gig to present X Factor USA… critics have branded him “surplus to requirements” he didn’t seem to do too much and just blended into the background which isn’t good is it? It shall be interesting to see how the show does over the next couple of weeks but it has been known many times that if shows do not perform how they should, especially with millions invested they shall pull it off the air! could this happen to the X factor USA? I wonder where Simon can take his dominating TV show too next? Outer Mongolia maybe?

I have to say I think all talent shows such as these are coming to a stage where they need to end sooner or later, whether it be down due to declining popularity first or simply down to lack of talent! most of the shows tend to be focusing on the judging panel more than the contestants these days anyway… all be it the X Factor is technically a fantastic Television Show, in terms of it being a talent contest however there is just simply no connection, I can only hope I’m afraid that this kick in Simon Cowell’s shins over his American Show is the first steps for these shows to simply fade away… they are ruining TV, especially when the likes of Downton Abbey is broadcasting!

Coronation Street no longer a British institution?

Antony Cotton signs another 12 months contract to stay on the cobbles!

Coronation Street was once a British Institution, something to look forward to on a weekly basis, acting at its finest… such a shame these days it differs on all those. These days rather than soap opera it is comedy, instead of talented acting it is amateur idiotic fame Hungary individuals and instead of intelligent, addictive story lines it is simply atrocious, laughable and unbelievable plot lines. 

Katherine Kelly of whom played bad girl Becky McDonald, recently announced she was quitting the show at the end of the year due to being offered opportunities in the West End & albeit she isn’t a bad actor, towards the latter year of her 6 year reign I feel that the shoddy story lines really let her down because they were completely laughable and totally unrealistic. More bad news for Corrie fans of which are declining by the weeks it seems, actor Antony Cotton who plays the stereotypical gay idiot has just been offered and signed a new 12 months contract with a promise from producers that he shall be the face of some new upcoming major story lines.

The reason producers have offered him major storylines is apparently because he was on the verge of quitting to also join the West End… Cotton told The Sunday Mirror:

“I have signed a new deal and I’m really pleased. I love working on Coronation Street, it’s the best job in the world.”

A Coronation Street source additionally added:

“He is one of the best-loved characters on the Street and it would be a duller place without him.”

Clearly producers on the now somewhat dirty cobbles are totally deluded he is certainly NOT one of the “best-loved characters” his character is clichéd and stereotyped beyond belief, Antony cannot act at all & quite frankly is a bloody joke to this much once loved continuing soap! all be it all soap operas are depressing as hell usually, but with decent acting you can emotionally relate to on-screen situations and experience the thrills and spills with the characters. In the case of Antony Cotton however he completely ruins the show with his OTT behavior and abysmal acting and by past interviews he doesn’t seem the nicest person ever as I’m afraid he doesn’t take criticism well! I’m sure fellow cast member Kym Marsh shall open her trap in regards to this as she usually struggles to keep her gob shut at the best of times… though how she can justify this acting mess on the nation’s once best-loved soap opera? I shall be very intrigued to see!


STV’S Magazine show “The Hour” turns Sour!

Michelle McManus & Tam Cowan launch a New Hour which is best left forgotten...

I have never been as shocked in regards to a television programme as I was last week. STV which is Scotland’s version of ITV have a One Show type programme which used to broadcast every weekday called “The Hour” if you do some retuning to your sky boxes you are able to pick the channel up or indeed you can watch online. The show has been broadcasting for well over a year and one of the hosts being ex Pop Idol contestant and well-loved Scottish personality Michelle McManus. The show was quite charming and actually very well put together, main host with Michelle, Stephen Jardine was very popular with audiences and quite frankly made a great on-screen pairing. Things have changed however as The Hour ended a couple of months ago as Jardine announced he was quitting the show to launch and start his own production company, therefore bosses at STV opting to end the show for a few months then return with a new on air look.

That time has come as last week Saw The Hour returned to Scottish screens with a new on-screen look, studio, new time, new presenter and studio. The show now only airs on a weekly basis in a primetime 8pm hour slot and along with Michelle McManus is new presenter Scottish personality Tam Cowan. I have to say I have never seen such a cringe worthy, terrible, unprofessional and just generally TERRIBLE show in my entire life, they have ruined a once popular, charming little show with something which has to go down as one of the worst shows of all time. The guests were Z-List, the gags were embarrassing and the camera shots were diabolical. A mere 92,000 people tuned into the WORST relaunched show of all time and watched embarrassing events unfold.

Tam Cowan who is popular for his Scottish radio show has previously used Michelle McManus as the BUT of his jokes due to her weight problems previously slamming her in his column and radio show, with lines such as the following:

“Now that XL has gone out of business, where’s Michelle McManus going to buy her knickers?”

“I was watching The Hour while eating my dinner last night — and Michelle McManus stole one of my chips.”

“I remember hearing how the school bully stole Michelle McManus’s dinner money and bought himself a Ford Escort.”

“An Indian man just spent two full years standing up — it’s believed he was taking Michelle’s order in the Shish Mahal.”

An STV insider since the show relaunched last week has said:

Michelle was “extremely sensitive” about her weight, adding: “Things might appear to be chummy on camera, but backstage it is very frosty.”


What a vile little man Tam Cowan is, an unfunny slime ball I think it would be fair to say. The rather amusing thing is, is that apparently MR Vile has experienced weight problems himself and quite frankly I cannot understand why Michelle has stuck around and appeared desperate to stay with the show if it meant appearing alongside this fat little so and so. Unfunny, rude and simply vile! is it any wonder this show has hit the mud?

Since the shows embarrassing return people have been on the official Facebook page for the programme slamming the show with quotes such as the following:

“Oh my God! I have never seen such horrendous TV in all my life! Embarrassing, tacky and cheap. Sort it out STV.”

“Watched the first five minutes. Tam was as cardboard as week-old toast.”

“Bye-bye The Hour, you gave us lots of fun when it was Michelle and Stephen, why did you have to wreck our teatime, STV?”

Other comments began to pour onto the Facebook page with the admin team simply skimming past them and not replying. This has to be one of the most shambolic programmes I have ever seen and to think it was once such great viewing!

For all those that haven’t got a clue what “The Hour” actually is… give the newly relaunched new show a watch, you MUST! for all the WRONG reasons!




Stars in their Eyes set to return with Bleakley taking over! 

Bleakley looking like the Cat that got the cream!

Tonight Matthew I’m going to be…

remember that famous line? Stars in their Eyes of course, who can forget the likes of Matthew Kelly and the doors which could cause Asthma Attacks to the most healthiest of individuals. Then of course Cat Deeley took over for a few years and actually didn’t do a bad job. ITV axed the programme sensationally back in 2006 and since then due to its 16 year run has gone down as one of the finest shows on ITV. 

The ITV Network are now wanting to bring back the show in a reworked fashion, changing the title to that of “Guess The Star” which shall go along the lines of unidentified celebrities performing disguised as their favourite artist… leaving the audience to guess exactly who they are. The show may only be in development stages at the moment but it actually doesn’t sound a bad idea, though maybe I would have preferred it being everyday civilians than yet another celebrity based format… however there have been worser ideas.

Bad news however is that as much as I like the idea I shall NOT be watching it… why?

Christine Bleakley is set to be presenting. Yes that woman who presents that Breakfast show which nobody watches, the one who looks like “The cat who got the cream”… Daybreak, that’s it! believe it or not she is being paid in access of 4 million to present that sham, clearly only to pay for her wedding as it certainly isn’t because of her talent! I am sick of her popping up on numerous ITV shows and ruining my simple enjoyment off little past time programmes. I can imagine myself not being in a small minority that can’t stand her… maybe ITV should go back to the drawing board?

Popstar Britney Spears being a real life “Criminal?”

Britney Spears to be running around London with Gun in her upcoming music video for "Criminal!"

Britney Spears is getting ready to release her new single “Criminal” and due to her being here in the UK for her Femme Fatale tour has opted to film the music video for the single in London, specifically Stoke Newington. For those that haven’t heard the song… what does “Criminal” as a title suggest? somebody who is committing crimes of course! Britney released a preview of her new video and it sees the popstar with a gun (of the toy kind of course) going into a shop and holding staff at gunpoint whilst raiding then fleeing the store. Personally, not a problem with it as that is what the title suggests so she couldn’t do a video narrative about anything else really. MP’S however have hit out at Britney, due to Stoke Newington recently being affected by the London Riots. 

Hackney Council spoke to London Tonight and said:

“In this case we did not agree that a replica gun could be used at Stoke Newington Town Hall and we are disappointed… We will be raising this matter with the production company.” 

Councillor Ian Rathbone added:

“I think she should apologise and make a sizeable donation to a Hackney charity that deals with young people… for the rudeness and damage she’s done to this community”.

All in all I think it is just unfortunate that “Criminal” happens to be the next single and also she is in London. She clearly would be doing a similar style video just as much if she was in the likes of L.A and at the end of the day it is a music video. Okay, yes I can see people’s points that it will give the wrong impression and all to the younger generation but I think quite frankly that it has all been blown out of proportion. The riots are now a distant negative memory but bare in mind this music video shall be available to view around the world and people in the likes of Japan shan’t be thinking about the London Riots when watching it. I cannot really see a resolution to this if I’m honest but I do think that the MP’S are over reacting. At the end of the day she could hardly do a video about Dolphins when it is a song called “Criminal” for goodness sake. Clearly local shops and such have approved it for letting them close the area whilst she films so I would simply consider all this to be purely unfortunate. I think Hackney Council should get a grip and move on in all honesty, Manchester have put the rioting behind them and everybody else should follow, no point dwelling… I suppose this is an argument which doesn’t have an answer… what do you think?

Irish Girlband Wonderland DROPPED by Record Label!

The Irish 5 piece dropped unexpectedly by their label.

How Saddened I was to see that Irish 5 piece girlband Wonderland have been DROPPED from their label. Releasing their debut album just months ago which made top 10 here in the UK along with 3 singles which charted at various numbers… the band have been dropped. The band were managed by Louis Walsh and Westlife member Kian Egan who happens to be married to one of the members Jodie Albert. Speaking on the 19th September to Evening Harold in Ireland, band member Sharon Condon said:

“I plan to launch a solo career”, despite Walsh and Egan’s attempts to keep Wonderland together. The singer opined the group “cannot continue as they do not have the dancers or the production to succeed” She also referred to band member Jodi Albert and her pregnancy stating,Albert’s pregnancy would have made things more difficult for the band, “If you look at Una Healy now from The Saturdays, she’s fine because they are an established band, but we weren’t. At the end of the day, I don’t really know the reason we were dropped, maybe our music just wasn’t good enough, but I think there was more to it than that.”

She then went onto say that she thought “Wonderland were not what people were looking for as they tried to be something different with their sound and style.”

I have to say I am saddened by this as the girls could actually sing LIVE, unlike The Saturdays, though I am rather disappointed in band member for Sharon for her above comments as she doesn’t really seem bothered and has basically come across in a way that she never thought much of the band in the first place. The music industry is a fickle place I guess, but I really thought they were something new, fresh but ORIGINAL… clearly I’m no Louis Walsh but good luck to the girls I’m sure music shall return to their lives in some way soon.

Do watch the video to their debut single “Not a love Song” a nice little ditty which got them a slight chunk of recognition!


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Radio debut leaves me craving more… but how did I do?, Downton Abbey returns with a touch of class, BBC Chairman states England needs “More Women On TV”, Jesse Wallace Saga drags on & Ratings Struggle for Big Brother!

This week, I joined BBC Radio 5 for a discussion on ITV'S flagship drama... "Downton Abbey"

Well, this week has taken proactive to an entirely new level of which I never knew existed! I’m 18 years of age and this week I have been in my own bubble, living the dream! Last week I revealed that I had been “spotted” on social networking site Twitter for my apparent “Full on opinions” and a BBC Producer deemed me suitable to appear on one of the networks biggest radio stations, that of course being BBC Radio 5 live. Living within the media bubble is something of which I aspire to do, it’s a hard industry to get into and in-fact arguably the toughest in terms of competition. You need to be able to stand out, not be a wallflower and say what’s on your mind, be noticed. I cannot abide all these university leaving, naive individuals who think they are automatically given a place in the media industry just because they have a degree in it. I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that! If being in the media industry is what they desire, then you have to stand out as a person and be known… not, just shoving a piece of paper in front of anyone and everyone of a high calibre who wears a suit and expect to be employed purely because you did a 3 year course. I simply do not agree with Media degrees, they are a complete and utter waste of time and the “real” media industry is an entirely different ball game to that of what you simply study. All be it I want a slice of the journalism industry as well, that in itself is a different kettle of fish from that of Media… despite them having similar basics. My writing is something personal,  I’m sure all journalists and author’s think the same despite them being two totally different styles and types. The media game however is all about that certain individual and what they can do in themselves… not how many degrees they have because simply if their personality is inappropriate or none existent then they aren’t going to be employed by the likes of BBC or Global radio to use an example. Why study what is effectively a waste of time? Through good sources I am led to believe that radio stations do NOT ask for qualifications… they simply just want to know whether you can do the job or not! if you have a degree in media yet cannot do the basic practical media needs then simply go back out through the revolving door, because a piece of paper stating your qualifications shall not give you a natural ability or passion. Why do I want to be in the media bubble? well, I believe I have what it takes, have the personality, a natural passion and willing to learn… the latter especially I believe is something which lacks in a lot of the young wannabes these days that want to be famous. I had my radio debut this week and quite frankly I have learnt MORE things in that 3 hour real life experience than I ever did on my media college course. You simply could not learn what I have from a college, a university who state they are “media experts” , you need to be thrown in at the deep end, the thrill of a “live” event were anything could go wrong… and just see the technicalities in front of you and learn how everything is put together. I have now had that what I consider to be “first step” into the industry and surroundings of the terrifying world of media and I am extremely excited with what I hope to be a successful career within the same surroundings. 

How did it go? I hear you ask… well I don’t want to document every detail publicly, though I am extremely happy. Ideally, I would have liked more time. It was just slightly unfortunate that I turned up on the night that Question Time was in Manchester and therefore everything was running behind schedule (though at least I got to mingle with some MP’S.) Was it what I was expecting? NO! in-fact the furthest from what I had in mind. If I could give one word to describe it would have to be “Casual” I was expecting, large desks, a big complex and a big team of people… in reality however it was 3 producers, Tony and the co-presenter and 4 laptops! amazingly just that can create a mainstream BBC Radio station. I sat on the surprisingly small oval table with the sound blocking headphones, admittedly not being able to hear much other than a slight voice which was a rather snobby little woman who didn’t like Downton Abbey (of which I was defending) due to her branding it all about “class of viewers!” of course ridiculous, which I managed to say so. I believe from what other’s have said I put some very good points across, though I could have been a bit more forward in terms of my responses, however as I was expecting two-way headphones (so I could hear myself speak) I didn’t really know when appropriate to talk, Tony Livesey (presenter)  though was absoloutely fantastic and gave me plenty of verbal guidance and mouthed to me that I could speak when I wanted too. All be it I didn’t have an in-depth chin wag with Tony, he gave me the thumbs up and seal of approval after I had finished which at the very least made me feel I had done a decent job & at least I didn’t swear!!! even though I don’t tend to swear or shout many profanities during my everyday life, I had visions of doing it due to a few sneaking nerves! 

Overall, I fully enjoyed. I now know what to expect and I do hope to be asked again. I know how to handle the broadcast in terms of being “casual” next time and to simply speak whether I can hear myself or not! no need for manners! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at BBC Manchester for the wonderful, life experience. I now only hope that the surroundings can be part of my future and I can build up my desired dream within that over sized building! They shall be moving to Media City in just a matter of weeks, even more excitement. For now, I shall grasp hold of any further upcoming opportunities and prove that as my Twitter name suggests… I am the Media Myster!

Downton Abbey returns and brings a touch of class to your Television proceedings!

Downton Abbey, The Costume Drama which takes you to the times of yesteryear!

This week sees the return of the Costume/Period drama, which not only hit the nation by storm with its first series, but won numerous awards, the acting is phenomenal and the show is that well produced it really does take you to that faithful Downton estate as though you are actually there with the characters. The casting is remarkable, the likes of Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton turn the show into a historically accurate and a fun piece of television which makes for great relaxing viewing. 

For my radio experience this week as stated last week, my discussion topic was whether this amazingly well written show is over hyped or not? my response to that is categorically not!  Prior to being on Radio 5, I opted to watch the first episode of series 1 again and it had the same effect on me second time round as it did the first… it took me to Downton, my head and thoughts left me, all the worry and I was transported to better times of yesteryear. 

Television is supposed to make you forget about all your life’s irritating little problems and help enable you to relax. Forget commercial reality shows, game shows and over dramatic and over produced American dramas. Downton is an example of how ALL shows should be made, viewers taken into the fantasy and feel as if you are a fly on the wall of real events. Period dramas tend to be hit and miss usually, whether that be down to how previous decade’s are portrayed,the character casting or even the general acting ability… quite frankly Downton Abbey comes up trumps on all 3 of these. BBC’S remake of Upstairs Downstairs received mixed reactions, whilst Downton showed how to make a successful costume drama series. I probably don’t fit the general target demographics audience at 18 years old, though as I said on Radio 5… I would much prefer to sit down to this, than wtach a bunch of idiotic 20 year old’s on T4.  British Television at its best, is it any wonder it is now a success worldwide? if you haven’t seen the first series yet, BUY the DVD! if you have watched it…watch again, alongside the new series which starts this week! 

BBC Chairman wants MORE Women on TV!

BBC Chairman states there should be more women on TV like Fiona Bruce.

I do not detest Fiona Bruce by any means… I am just not a fan of anything she tends to present, e.g. the bland BBC News and the over hyped Antiques Roadshow which I think has far surpassed its “use by” date. BBC’S Chairman Lord Chris Patten has revealed that he thinks there should be more Women on the TV.

Speaking to the observer Patten said: 

“We should have more mature women on radio and television. I’m 67, for heaven’s sake, and I’m married to a charming and beautiful 66-year-old, and I would be delighted if she was the face of anything on television.”

Patten then went onto using Fiona Bruce as a prime example to the likes of women he would ideally like to see more of on the TV by saying:

“I saw her programme on royal palaces, which she wrote as well as presented. I thought she was terrific. But there should be more.”

I for one personally have the exact opposite opinion and am quite surprised he thinks there should be more female presenters on the screen. I for one feel there is a shortage of Male presenters… I am struggling to name many primetime shows which have Male presenters other than the overused Ant & Dec who are getting increasingly tedious by the day. The BBC always seem to put their foot in it when it comes to Female presenters. Complaints either questioning whether they have made the right choice for certain women fronting shows or some form of ageism row… the prime example being Miriam O’Reilly. Women presenters dominate daytime TV with the likes of Loose Women, the property shows and that one who calls herself a “financial expert” yet got herself in debt… Lorne Spicer? why on earth do we need more? maybe get rid of some of the DIRE ones we have at the moment, to name 2… Christine Bleakley & that Andrea woman from Loose Women. I am a massive fan of Julia Bradbury though, maybe use her more rather than just Countryfile? or bring her back to Watchdog, because Anne Robinson seems to be struggling more & more by the week fronting the damn programme on a weekly basis. The likes of Dermot O DREARY are giving us wannabe male TV personalities a bad name, I say bring in the new & of course… talented. 

The BBC Chairman is entitled to his opinion and I’m entitled too disagree… though he is the chairman and I’m just a mere viewer and we all know that the BBC couldn’t give a FOUR X about us, unless we don’t pay our TV Licences that is!

Jesse Wallace Saga Drags On.

All Smiles... Jesse Wallace & Vince Morse at TV awards.

Dirty Love Rat Vince Morse has said that Jesse Wallace and him are going to meet soon, in an attempt to rekindle their once all smile relationship. The pair split up publicly last month when Jesse DUMPED him on the day of her wedding… turning her real life into a Kat Slater storyline. Jesse found out that Vince had sent his ex an X Rated picture of her on the day of their wedding, resulting in the big affair being cancelled at the last-minute. Just last week Vince appeared on ITV’S This Morning pleading Jesse to speak to him and apologised in front of the nation.

Not only is Vince a prime example of a sleaze bag, but why on earth would you send an ex partner an XXX rated picture of your present partner… surely if you must do such a thing it would be of yourself? he’s clearly as thick as two planks as well as being an utter moron. Jesse (real name Karen, which I didn’t know!) did the right thing in dumping him and I can only hope that she isn’t as bloody stupid as she looks and seems in real life just as much as she does on-screen. She doesn’t seem to differentiate a lot from her on-screen counterpart when I have seen her on chat shows, which leads me to think that she as just as common and the whole cheap affair shall start once over. I can only hope she doesn’t become another love blind victim because as us all sane people know, Leopards do not change their spots and Jesse (or Karen) deserves a lot more than being with a sleaze ball of the first order… luckily she’s busy with Eastenders at the moment so hopefully some time to think things through will make her see sense and not live her life through Rose Coloured Glasses! 

Big Brother Facing Slow Decline?

Big Brother ratings SLUMP as Civilian Version Interest declines.

Well after a successful Celebrity run which saw Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s star Paddy Doherty take the crown for the first series on Channel 5 and of course Richard Desmond’s channel spending millions on getting the right’s to Big Brother they I’m sure were hoping for an out and out success story. Well, it didn’t start bad, the first edition of the Celebrity version pulled in record viewers for Channel 5, after which although declined… remained steady at around 12% of viewers on a daily basis. The civilian version is now here, a bunch of now 13 under thirties whose hormones are everywhere and partying on the mind 24/7! The ratings have seen a slight slump, with now each episode averaging 8.5% which although amazing for Channel 5 IS a major decline in interest, though should keep Desmond happy enough… I shall also say I am 100% certain it shall be returning next year. Saturday’s edition of the show however pulled in a dire 5.8% making Channel 5 trail behind the opposition in a full day’s ratings.

The trouble is, Big Brother is Marmite… it has a strong, solid fan base which is strong enough to keep the show going and clearly in existence, though there is some snobbery from journalists &  indeed the general public who think it is television garbage… that therefore ruling some other’s opinion’s and perception of the show, which I find a shame. I am continuing to watch and just hope ratings don’t decline further, Channel 5 have really risen to the challenge of late and I can only but hope all their money spent doesn’t get wasted… give it a chance!

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Another week lived… opportunities are knocking, Strictly 2011… best lineup in years?, Simon Cowell in the Black, Jonathan Ross Show better first time round? & All Hail Pamela Anderson!

Have I enjoyed this week? I hear you ask. Half and half. Professionally it has been outstanding, new-found confidence, new inspirations and new opportunities a knocking. Personally however… slightly drab!

Despite my personal life this week lacking some form of substance and interest… other than the norm of sleeping and eating, this week I was “spotted” on Social Networking site Twitter for my opinions and not sitting on that damn sharp fence! I shan’t giveaway too much right now, so you shall have to keep checking my twitter profile:


for details as this upcoming week goes on, however I shall be appearing on BBC Radio 5 Live this Thursday, joining late night host Tony Livesey for a debate and discussion on ITV’S award-winning success that is Downton Abbey. I am very much looking forward too it and who knows this may be my first step into my desired choice of having work in the media.

I always type up my weekly blogs on Sundays and the Television schedules for Sunday evenings never fails to annoy me. The stereotypical Sunday night programming is that of Downton Abbey, Heartbeat or some other countrified drama, but simply why? Cooking programming fills up Sunday afternoons (though I am partial to a weekly dose of BBC’S Something for the Weekend… mainly for Louise Redknapp!) also, suddenly Television channels seem to be putting mainstream film premiers, new drama’s etc ALL on Sunday nights. Strictly Come Dancing will once again have their results shows on Sundays and why? surely they should just do it over Friday’s and Saturday’s. I’m sick of how Sunday night’s have been turned into Television network’s delight. Surely all these new programmes which are usually broadcast at around 9/10pm would bring in more viewers if they were allocated a time slot on a different day? remember people do tend to work on Monday morning’s! due to Television networks opting to put new shows on Sunday’s e.g. Downton Abbey then they immediately get put into a “Sunday night category” whatever that is… I think the likes of period drama’s should be experimented and put on during the week and it may even bring in a more diverse audience rather than the stereotype of just elderly people who supposedly are the only ones that watch Sunday night programming. The likes of Strictly & X Factor I wouldn’t classify as suitable for Sunday night’s nor would I classify anymore stereotypical programming from yesteryear. 

What sort of programming do you like to enjoy on Sunday’s? can you notice a difference in programming from day-to-day? or should Sunday’s stick to a particular genre and audience considering Sunday’s are supposed to be “religious?” 

do let me know by either commenting below, send me a tweet or email:


I haven’t yet seen Appropriate Adult on ITV, the drama exploring the case of Fred West. It has had a divided mix of reviews, not necessarily down to the acting within the programme or the portraying of the characters involved, but whether or not this drama should have actually been allowed to be made. Opinions have been mixed and real relatives of Fred & Rosemary have spoken out with upset at the programme being made. Victims also, clearly branding the show “uncomfortable viewing”

now of course there is that faithful saying of an Off Button, however in this situation I wouldn’t deem it entirely appropriate to say that to one of the victims of the disgusting pair. The reality is, the West’s are part of British History and in years and decades to come people shall refer back to them with memories which shall instantly turn into pure hatred. The reality is again though they ARE British history, simple. What I would put to you all however is that in my opinion I think the drama has been written and created far too soon. We aren’t talking a long period of time to when this was first made public knowledge and so 2011 I consider it far to early to in effect dramatise what happened.

I feel that the television production company have disrespected relatives and victims to make “Appropriate Adult” at this time in living history. This is despite many petitions against the drama being made and them clearly all being ignored. I and nor can anyone else imagine how people close to this case must be feeling about this televised drama and can only send my and I’m sure all of our best wishes of support.

Effectively however, the drama has been made. It is broadcasting for all to see and I think due to their not being anything what can be done at this stage of stopping it from being broadcast I think it is something which I shall be watching with strong emotion throughout. I admit to Pre ordering the DVD and as soon as it arrives through the Letter Box I shall be watching. I do not see that as me being disrespectful in any way, but simply interested… of course if it is a true depiction of events. I wasn’t really in existence when this all took place and so therefore for people like me it is the equivalent of a History Lesson… something which is important and relevant in British history.

It may have been made too soon, but it’s here. If people don’t watch it due to them not agreeing with it then that’s fine but that does not stop others wanting some form of insight into events. I believe it is extremely well acted and I say congratulations to all who acted the emotional scenes within the show & I’m sure during creation the writers and actors made the show with all respect meant for all relatives and victims.

Please do get in contact once again with your opinions on the drama which has divided opinion across the country.

The New Loose Women Logo 2011.

I would just like to say how impressed I am with Carol Voderman on the new look Loose Women. I watched Monday with bated breath however I was soon glued! The new studio is a bit of an eye sour, along with the logo and table however Carol just seemed to add something which wasn’t there before. Denise Welch ruined proceedings though with numerous references to her sex life though of course what else can you expect from a woman like that? Sally Lindsay also added her welcome Northern charm to the show from Tuesday. Maybe Loose Women is on the up after all? though of course why they sacked Kate over Andrea I shall never know.

Strictly Come Dancing 2011… best lineup so far?

Strictly Come Dancing 2011.

I very much enjoyed watching the premiere of this years Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night & seeing exactly whom gets partnered with whom! I think the launch show is something which has been a welcome addition to the series since they started it last year. What I was most happy with this year was that long-standing professional Strictly dancer Anton du Beke wasn’t partnered with one of the competition “jokes” e.g. Edwina Currie. I honestly think this time round we have a solid lineup which blows the previous 2/3 series out of the water. The likes of Lulu & Edwina alone are bringing some sophistication to the proceedings. There are 3 people however who I simply cannot abide, Waterloo Road actress Chelsea Healey who has admitted to having a boob job for the “fun of it” who is simply in the game for a relationship. Daybreak presenter and ex tennis player Dan Lobb who couldn’t be more fake if he tried… but the real annoyance is that of Nancy Dell’olio or as us media lovers call her… Nancy DELUSIONAL. Her claim to fame is nothing other than sleeping with Sven Goran Eriksson of which I’m sure wasn’t a pleasurable experience. Other than that, fantastic! Mcfly’s drummer Harry Judd, Impressionist Rory Bremner & TV presenter Alex Jones are among my favorites and I really think this shall be a show to watch. Of course the usual irritations that are Bruce Forsyth & Tess Daily lead the show… of a fashion, whilst I was very pleased to see Alesha Dixon back on the panel after her music career went down the proverbial. I was also disappointed to find out that Saturday’s show actually WASN’T live and was filmed a few days earlier… but I am looking forward to the official launch in just 3 weeks time, I shall certainly be tuning in!

 Simon Cowell in The Black?

Red Or Black... The FLOP show on ITV.

So… did you choose Red or Black? would you have been a millionaire? of course if you were a serial killer you still would have won the million pounds, don’t you find that ever so wrong? What a nasty little man Nathan Hageman is, he may very well have “paid the price” in prison I’m sure… along with a flat screen TV and a milkshake, but quite frankly he should NOT have been allowed to win and take home the Million pounds as he did. He did a crime, yes he did the time, but he still did the crime and quite frankly that should affect the rest of his life and wave the right of him being able to win money by means such as Red or Black. 

How happy and thrilled I am to see Simon Cowell in the black and have a failure in his hands. The ratings have been absolutely diabolical. The fact is OK the final 10 minutes of the second show are mildly entertaining, but the fact is… you simply cannot create a 2 hour show with time filling drivel whilst we await the final 10 minutes, it just simply doesn’t work. The show lost over 3 million viewers since its first show and quite frankly I would bet Red or Black that the show shan’t be returning. Dull format, over hyped, money spent on all the wrong things, yawn material, irritating presenters & criminal contestants! Simon Cowell has a failure on his hands! maybe this shall bring him down a peg or two eh? here’s hoping!

Johnathan Ross better first time round?

The Johnathan Ross Show on ITV.

This week I thought I would give the second episode of Johnathan Ross’s new show a go. How I regret it! as much as I love Alan Carr (the reason I watched) and The Saturdays in small doses, the show was just cringe from start to finish and I made sure I turned it off half way through. I don’t know what it is about him but I just can’t stand him. Fake, deluded and annoying are just a few descriptive words I shall associate him with. He was axed from the BBC for a reason, his behavior and quite frankly I just cannot contemplate what it is ITV love about him so much? obnoxious! he has had a flop ITV show already and in all honesty I think this shall follow suit. Viewers have abandoned ship after just a week but of course you don’t watch a chat show if you don’t like the guests! The only positive I can find is that the studio is probably one of the best I have seen, polished, professional and looks like some money has actually been spent on it, such a shame it is wasted on Jonathan Ross. His good old BBC days weren’t all that bad in terms of his guests when he hadhis Friday night show, but this just doesn’t seem adequate as The Saturdays are hardly A-list!  maybe a TV network one of these days may allow some new talent to come in and shine?

All Hail Pamela Anderson!



Pamela Anderson enters The Big Brother House.

Well Big Brother returned to Channel 5 with the Celebrity version of which ended this week by seeing Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s star Paddy Doherty take the crown. Just 24 hours later on Friday evening the Civilian version started with 14 “wannabes” or “hopefuls” who every single one of them are craving for undivided attention and fame. The 14 hopefuls are all under the age of 30 and all extremely stereotyped to a point of pure disbelief. Forget the wannabe’s though because along with 14 nobodies we have all been treated to the one and only Pamela Anderson. Famous for Baywatch and not a lot else other than her frontage yet somehow pleasing to see. She shan’t be in the house for the duration and even has her own bedroom but quite frankly is unmissable entertainment… possibly for all the wrong reasons. Her aim is to pick her favourites and decide who goes up for Eviction first. Already bitching has taken place and it is simply just everything you would expect from Big Brother and a lot, lot more. The ratings are doing decent for Channel 5 but I just wish that the regular series hadn’t started straight after the celebrity version… slight bit too much, especially when considering the characters who are in there. That said, simply entertaining and what more could you want from a show of this sort? the housemates although not a reflection on NORMAL people are entertaining but it’s all about Pamela Anderson who I’m sure is working all hard to show that there is a lot more too her than a pair of …. All Hail Pamela Anderson!


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New found Energy… NOT thanks to Energy DRINKS!, Radio 1 shake up – Kay & Cox to face axe?, Red or Black receives mixed reviews, Big Brother Bomb Scare, Gavin Henson’s The Bachelor Heats Up & The Biggest week for Music in 2011 so far!

Well this week I shall start by asking how everybody reading this is? good? bad? 

Hopefully the higher proportion of people who answered that non rhetorical question are indeed well and sharing my alertness and good energy vibes! I really have had a good week this time round. 

Starting off with a good reception to my column of which I write every Wednesday for Atherton Online, since then I seemed to have been drenched in positivity, around me and aimed at me! what more could I ask for? The only negative is my once again lack of sleep. To a point I have been lucky if I have scraped 10 hours sleep in 4 days. That was Saturday through to Wednesday, since then however I seem to have made some progress and as I write this in the comfort of my dad’s bedroom (which looks like an office) I am feeling highly alert, full of energy, proverbial beans (Heinz of course) and no bread! I say that because I have dramatically cut down my bread intake over the last 7 days after simply realising that it is “stodgy” and saps all energy with one simply chomp. Despite me being a fan of bread whether it be toasted or otherwise I suddenly thought that I was eating that little bit too much so simply cut it out! maybe that is the reason behind my sudden Energy burst?

What it is certainly NOT down too is Lucozade & Energy Drinks! something of which I have worryingly become addicted too alongside bread. Lucozade simply doesn’t give me energy, purely satisfaction & enjoyment… “energy” though… certainly not! due to this I thought it would be a good idea to indulge in a “high-end” energy drink called “Rock Star” I say high-end because it is over £3 for a can. I had my first experience with one just over  a week a go and suffered a severe headache afterwards (maybe down to me reading the label) but as I seemingly didn’t learn my lesson the first time around, I thought I would give it a second chance. So I did. I took a few sips, read the label on the side of the can which stated “Diabetes DO NOT DRINK… could resort possible coma” I am not diabetic but have some sort of sugar illness (not on medication for it so I’ m clearly expected to manage it myself rather than my delightful doctor) so instantly I began to worry, but yet I sipped more. Another 30 minutes later I suddenly felt extremely ill and HAD to go to bed. I woke up the following morning STILL feeling the effects of “Rock Star” and by “effects” I certainly again do NOT mean Energy.

Why is this type of stuff allowed on the supermarket shelves for goodness sake? something of which is 100% Sugar and with god knows how much caffeine in it. I demand a petition to be set up to get these drinks disposed of. I’m just a mere civilian, but if anybody would be happy to help me in a petition then please do get in contact… I have a feeling that these are drank by children and are simply making them hyperactive and I dread to think of the long-lasting effects. 

I shall NOT be buying ROCK STAR drinks again nor a similar drink called “Relentless” I advise all readers to do the same… unless of course you fancy a diabetic coma or something to entertain you throughout the night. Lucozade on the other hand I SHALL continue to buy… why? well it doesn’t bloody work but at least the Orange flavor tastes nice!

I would like to say how much again I admire Sally Bercow. She has started writing a new column alongside Matthew Wright for The Daily Star Sunday DESPITE being once again criticised by members of the House of Commons, Or “Snobs” as she labels them.In her column also she slams all the media for stating that her marriage to the House of commons speaker John Bercow is “in crisis.”

I think Sally as I said in my column last week is somebody people should aspire too. Why should she be limited to doing certain things purely because she is married to a silly man who shouts “Order!” She is her own person, she has her own life, her own ambitions and quite frankly can do whatever the hell she likes! She wants to b